What is the best way to set up a Travel Altar

I love the idea of a travel altar. I have to take a work trip next month and have a couple of trips planned over the summer and was wondering how I would work it! How exactly do you decide what to take in it with you?


I hope you don’t mind that I made your question its own topic for visibility & replies maybe being more in-depth.

We have a few discussions about this topic in the forum. From small wooden boxes to an altoids tin, it’s possible & all you need is what you think you would use away from home.

  • candle
  • matches/lighter
  • crystals
  • common herbs that you use
  • whatever would make you feel comfortable on the go for a quick something in whatever size you would need. So keep in mind where you will keep it & use it. You could use a small box if you were keeping it in your glove box or an altoids tin type container for your purse.

It’s really all up to you. But for more inspiration:

Making a Travel Altar
What is the best way to set up a Travel Altar

There are some starter posts, but there are more within the forum & other members may have some ideas that they currently use.

I personally do not have a travel altar. So I can’t give you any other tips than I already have. I hope they help!


@Siofra_Strega i don’t mind at all! Thank you for doing that . I also appreciate all the links and tips. Thank you!!!


Great question, @rachel21! :blush: Siofra already gave some great advice, so just wanted to pop in and agree with what she said that it is really is all up to you- there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to travel altars, as there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to witchcraft! :sparkles:

My best advice is to take a moment to look back on what you usually do in your everyday practice and examine the things you do most. Can you make these spells/rituals/routines portable somehow?

For me, I don’t have a set kit for my practice per say but I do have containers of favorite herbal teas and herbal medicines :herb:. I’ve also started traveling with small flicker tealight candles and they are amazing :candle:. I also bring my crystal jewelry and a few small good luck tokens and charms (like the Travel Protection Pouch) placed throughout my bags :baggage_claim:- and that’s basically it!

Take a look at the things that are most important to you- you can make a fancy box or simply add them wherever they fit into your luggage. No right or wrong way to go about it so long as it works for you :grinning:

Good luck and blessed travels, Rachel! :sparkles:


Hi Rachel.
I have a Altoid box. I painted it, inside and out. You can then put your chosen Sigil on the top, or image. I rolled self drying clay into 2 small balls. Flatten the bottom, then pushed a birthday candle into the top, deep enough to insure that it will stand. Let it dry, paint it or not. As far as far as incense goes, use incense matches and light candles too.
You can used small pebbles painted for the elements. Also they have some wonderful charms (for bracelets). You can get a cauldron , bessom, pentagram, athame, etc. Sometimes you can get a charm of a BOS to put in it.
I found this on Pinterest and when I save the $, I may buy it.


@Garnet thank you for the great idea. This is super cute as well! I really appreciate this!


I have a school box and I take electric tea lights I have painted various colors because lighting candles or incense in hotel rooms is a no-no! I basically made smaller versions of tools that fit in the box (like pentacle, chalice, offering dish and athame), I have a teeny BOS and a mini pack of Tarot. I also have tiny jars and baggies of the loose stuff - bay leaf, salt, basil, cloves, mint, roses, etc. I think if I were going to fly, I would leave anything that looked knife-like out of the box, e.g. an athame. But I don’t fly…on planes, that is! LOL :slight_smile: :broom:


@mary25 this is great! Thank you for showing me a pic of yours. I love it!


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