A Little Knotty Magick 🧵

After talking about beautiful handfasting ceremonies and seeing everyone’s gorgeous Witch Ladders- knot magick has been on my mind! :thinking:

For this week’s :hocho: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Creative Crafting- I decided to give knotty magick a try :thread::grin:

I originally had this gorgeous velveteen ribbon I wanted to use (you can see the corner of it at the top of this picture)- but several attempts and much frustration later, it became apparent that big floppy ribbons aren’t the way to go for neat-looking knots (a tragedy) :ribbon::wave: Bye bye ribbon, hello twine :laughing:

Like Francisco describes in his post about Witch’s Ladders- at its core, knot magic is very simple.

  • You hold your intent as you hold the string.

  • As you weave the rope, you also weave your vision and wishes into being.

  • Your magick and intent are stored within the final knot- a manifestation of your power.

With this in mind, I began tying by following this YouTube video on How to Tie the Celtic Heart Knot:

I chose the Celtic Heart Knot because I wanted a knot that could hold loving and protective emotion :heart:

The video is very helpful and the knot comes together quickly- as long as you have the right kind of string! Something round and with minimal loose threads works best. Trust me :joy:

With the knot tied, I took some dried Lavender (Purifying, soothing, relaxing, and homey :purple_heart:) and made a bundle.

For anyone interested, a Printable Page about Lavender is available in the Spells8 Green Witch Grimoire Resources :open_book::herb:

I then took the Celtic Heart Knot and used it to secure the dried herbs.

I decided to place Celtic Knot Lavender Bundle near the entryway- purifying our home and welcoming all who come and go with love and joy! :sparkling_heart:

Has anyone tried knot magic before? :thread: Would love to hear your tips and tricks- this project was pretty fun and I’m hoping to try other kinds of knots soon! :star_struck:

Happy crafting and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


That came out lovely :heart_eyes: you did a great job! And I love how the lavender looks in the knot, on your wall!


Gosh, that knot looks difficult and yet beautiful all at once! Great job!

I haven’t tried Knot Magic but Amazon keeps on trying to sell me a book on it. Maybe it’s trying to tell me something.


This is beautiful! You’ve given me an idea for when we move into our new house!


This is soooooo beautiful! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I mustmustmust get into knot magic! So far I’ve only made a couple of VERY basic knot charms but I loved them so much :heart:


Awww thank you, everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I agree, @Christina4! the dried lavender is nice because its long-lasting and makes the room smell good too! :purple_heart::herb:

Hahaha it’s a sign, @Kasie! Amazon says it’s tim for you to try out some knot magick :laughing::+1:

Ohhhh some knot magick would be a lovely blessing for the new house, @MeganB! :house_with_garden::two_hearts:

Yes, do it, @Limeberry! It’s a fun and pretty craft that lasts a long time. If you make any more knot charms, I’d love to see! :heart_eyes::thread:


OOOooooo the little gray cells are firing like the fourth of July! Dad taught me a lot of knots but never that one!!.. I HAVE to try to do it… give me a minute to figure out what I want to make…


Hooray for inspiration! :raised_hands: Can’t wait to see what your talented hands create, @Berta! :heart_eyes:


OK @TheTravelWitch its not perfect but it is 3:30 in the morning and I need to get back to bed… ZZZZzzzzzz At least I got that out of my head… :slight_smile:


That’s amazing! You’re so talented!


I have no twine, I am twineless. So I’d have to buy twine and the book. I might do so in January. I already know what books I’d like to buy next month.


OMG! @berta! That’s wonderful! You’re so talented. I’d tie myself into knots trying to do that. And it was late when you did it too! Or early. Great job!


OMG that’s amazing!!! :heart_eyes:


@Limeberry @christina4 @kasie You are all so sweet… Thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have to explain that I am not usually up at that hour of the morning, but I went to the doctor yesterday and she gave me my flu shot… despite the fact that I racked my leaves and cleaned up the yard last night from the wind we had, my shoulder still felt like I had just had the old tetanus shot. OUCH! I didn’t even feel the shot but I don’t doubt that he got the medicine in me. … THIS TOO WILL PASS. Stay well everyone. :heartbeat: :two_hearts: :heartbeat:


Ooh ouchyouchouch! I hate jabs! I strongly recommend The World’s Most Soothing Bath :bathtub: for this :joy: I went through a guinea-pig phase with my doctors a couple of years ago where they kept jabbing me with needles and now if they so much as mention an injection I’m like NOPE SEE YA :sweat_smile:


@Limeberry LOVELY… I will have to try that bath!!! My comfort was stopping by my favorite carry out and picking up Italian Wedding Soup and Carrot Cake. I’m sure your solution is much less fattening. :stuck_out_tongue:
They kept asking me if I WANTED my flu shot…and I kept telling them ‘wrong question’ … ’ NO I don’t WANT my flu shot but I will get my flu shot."


That looks amazing Berta! I love how you made it into a star while still keeping the Celtic Heart knots :heart:


Ooh, this looks interesting, I’ll have to give it a try! I already have some beautiful 15" and 30" red and purple cotton ropes I got for another purpose (cough :sweat_smile:) that would be perfect for this! :smile_cat:

One tip for making knots I’d like to share, if you also want to undo them it’ll be much easier if your rope is made of inelastic material like cotton or hemp! :smiley:


Hope your arm gets to feeling better @berta! And hey, less likely you’ll get the flu. I’m allergic to flu shots so I sort of envy you.


I’m so sorry @kasie. I should count my blessings. Those pre-shot questions are always kind of scary. This time there seemed to be more of them. Take care of you. Can you do zinc, Sambuca or echinacea? My yoga instructor had “THIEF” essential oil in her diffuser for class.