Chamomile and Eucalyptus Healing Bath 🛁

Inspired by today’s chamomile tea ritual and the sprig of eucalyptus I had in a vase in my room from an old flower arrangement…

  • Chamomile tea – Love, Purification, Sleep, Cleansing, Peace, Tranquility :coffee:
  • Eucalyptus leaves – Protection, Healing, Purification, Reconciliation :herb:
  • White candle – Healing, Protection, Baths :candle:

So I brewed a giant pot of strong chamomile tea and let it cool to a comfortably warm temperature with the tea bags still in.

Ran the bath, lit the candle (this is a Cleansing candle I made myself with white rose, lavender and chamomile), and poured about half of the tea into the water.

Once in the bath, I took the sprig of eucalyptus and pulled one leaf at a time, each time taking in its scent (so much sweeter and gentler than eucalyptus oil), running it through the water and then stroking it across the places which are hurting while saying

’Thank you for healing me, I feel better already’

Then I took the remainder of the tea and poured it over my head and body.

’Thank you for cleansing me and bringing me peace,

that I might sleep well and awaken healed.'

I took the warm tea bags out of the pot, squeezed them and placed them over my eyes. I lay back in the bath and stayed there for a few moments allowing the chamomile to work its magic. (Chamomile tea is anti-inflammatory, reduces puffiness and dark circles around eyes and mainly it’s just instantly soothing.)

Air dried afterwards and now I’m heading to bed. Here’s hoping for a restful night. :sleeping_bed:t3: :sleeping:


This looks very refreshing! I especially liked how you used the tea in the water and also as a face mask!

Thanks for all the useful information! Healing baths can do wonders! :bath: :herb:


That sounds wonderfully healing @Limeberry! You have some of the best ideas.


Oh that sounds so soothing! I’m actually going to do this tonight! I’ve been feeling a little yucky lately! My son came for a visit (he lives close by with his father) over the weekend and then my daughter was sick. She got well then my oldest is sick. And so on but now my baby and I are not feeling so great. So, I thank you :pray:t3: for sharing this relaxing ritual!


@christina4 Sorry you and your family haven’t been well, I hope you feel better soon :heart:
Chamomile makes a gentle, soothing baby bath too so even bubba could benefit from this ritual! :heart_eyes:


Just gorgeous, @LimeBerry! :heart_eyes: I feel relaxed just reading about the ritual- you chose such lovely ingredients :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Chamomile makes for a lovely face mask (even for very sensitive skin like mine!) and is always a go-to for good sleep. I hope you had a very relaxing night and had a nice rest! :sleeping:

Also I think it’s really cool that you made your own candle! :candle: :star_struck: I’ve always wanted to make my own- may I ask what you used for the base?


@TheTravelWitch so the candles I’ve made so far have just been melted down tealights, leftover wax etc. that I already had lying about the house… but I’ve loved using these home-made herbal candles so much that when the supplies run out I’m thinking I’ll look into getting a decent candle kit- recommendations welcome! :kissing_heart:
edit: oh wait. did you mean the :star: coaster? :woman_facepalming:t3: I found it in Ikea last Yule. :joy:


Haha Bubba :sweat_smile: my dad and I always made jokes about a Bubba being in prison with a Big Bertha lol


The star coaster is very cute, but yes- I was amazed when you said you made the candle yourself! I think that’s so cool :star_struck: And also very resourceful to collect the leftover wax and make something new from it :candle::blush: Ohhh I’d love to hear recommendations for a good candle-kit too, if anyone knows a good place or kit to get supplies!