Friday's Rune Draw - Laguz

Rune name: Laguz
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Other historical names: Lagu, Lagaz, Logr
English letter association: L
Pronunciation: Lah - gooze
Rune number: 21
Polarity: Female
Colour associations: Deep green, Blue - Green
Elemental association: Water
Crystal association: Pearl
Deity associations: Aegir, Nehallenia
Herbal association: Leek
Tree association: Willow
Astrological associations: Aquarius, The Moon
Tarot association: Star
Magical uses: Increases intuitive and psychic abilities, healthy feminine energy, creativity, maintaining equanimity in difficult situations.
Keywords: Water, Flow, Psychic ability, Intuition, The unconscious, Growth, Magic
I’m going to copy and paste the entire meaning chapter of Lisa Chamberlain’s book for this one ( if that’s not ok for copyright just let me know and ill change it) because I feel like you need the whole section to get a better feel for the energy of this Rune:

Laguz is the water rune, symbolizing the element in all of its forms: rivers,
streams, lakes, seas, and oceans, the rain, and even the water contained within our
bodies. It is also connected to emotions, the cleansing of unwanted energy
through tears, and the unpredictability of life.
If you are being tossed around in the emotional waters of a situation, Laguz
advises you to release your resistance and go with the flow. Adaptability is key
here, as continuing to resist your circumstances will only plunge you further into
disharmony. The same is true when it comes to positive circumstances—
acknowledge and enjoy them with gratitude, but don’t cling to them as the source
of your happiness. Let the fluidity of life guide you, rather than trying to control
and direct it.
As the rune of water, Laguz is also the rune of intuition and the subconscious.
You may be getting a lot of intuitive hits from your inner self right now. Be sure
to follow your “gut,” even if your brain is telling you differently. Laguz indicates
psychic ability which can be nurtured and strengthened with practice. Stay open
and receptive to the messages coming in from the spirit world and your higher
self. Trust your own inner process to help you navigate any stormy seas.
Laguz reversed points to a lack of flow in your life, perhaps from feeling
stagnated in a current job or relationship, or simply from neglecting your intuitive
and spiritual side. You may be blocking some unpleasant emotions that need to be
allowed to come through in order for you to move forward. Alternatively, you
may be feeling tempted to give in to unhealthy impulses or take the “easy route”
regarding a situation, which will not lead to the spiritual growth you are meant to
experience. Whatever the case, spending some time in or near a natural body of
water can help you find clarity and courage, and is highly beneficial to your
energy at this time.
Additional Meanings:
Laguz is also symbolic of feminine energy and can represent the woman in the
context of male-female relationships. Feminine strength and support are indicated
Reversed in this context, Laguz can point to a woman in your life who has hidden
ulterior motives or is in some way a source of trouble for you at this time. Stay in
touch with your own intuition in dealings with this person.
Creativity and growth are further aspects of this rune. Laguz is sometimes
translated to mean “leek,” an edible and magical herb revered by the ancient
Norse. Leeks grew wild in Northern Europe and were considered symbols of
growth and virility. In this context, Laguz represents the life force found within
all matter on Earth. If you have been hiding or ignoring a creative talent, this rune
is nudging you to develop it, as it will facilitate further growth in your life.
Conversely, Laguz reversed may indicate that you are experiencing a lack of
creativity. You may need to shake things up a bit and get out of your normal
routine in order to allow new creative energy into your life.

I love water in all forms so I loved researching this Rune today :heartpulse: I didn’t need to dig deep to find a connection to the energy it represents because I believe water is a life force we take for granted quite a bit, it hydrates, cleans, cleanses energies and can rejuvenate or calm our mind and body :heartpulse:


Huh. I remembered this rune was water, thank you so much! I’m learning something here! :smiley:


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