Any advice on learning divinations systems

Hi, ok so ive been on a mission to learn divination systems mainly at the moment:
And of course oracle.
Ive had interest shown in having readings done for someone and possibly otherswho might like if i did a crystal party and offered readings. Its something id loce to be able to offer but im still learning and im not sure how to build my confidence to read for other people.
I know im gaining confidence when i just did a reading for insight into my day tommorow and felt confident id managed to read the Lenormand reading effeciently. I did a 5 card cross reading but needed further insight on issues presented and turned it into a 9 card reading by placing the additional cards in spots on each corner from top left to bottom right. I felt once id read all directions amd looked at the directionality of cards that not omly comforted that the bad situation looks like will have a fresh start and darkness will fade moving forward but i was excited that i felt confident in my reading of the cards themself.
Im just not sure how to improve my confidence enough in each divination system to be able to read for others. Lol based on a video tutorial i watched last night on the kipper it just occured to me i could ask the cards😂 but i also thought maybe seeking advice from others who may have more experience and also experience doing readings for others would be a good idea. So id appreciate any advice anyone may have whetger in general or even specific advice about one of the above systems.


Hello @Phoenix_Fire :heartpulse: It’s really so inspiring to know how you admire the divination systems! Actually, I only have an okay sort of command in Tarot and Oracle readings…but before I say anything I know just the right person to resolve this question! @MeganB is that right person as so far I know that she offers her Freebie Friday Tarot readings! :innocent: Also @Susurrus could also give you some excellent advice on divination systems! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: These two are really…incredible as I have always felt Siofra’s draws resonate with my life too! I, myself am looking out for this Friday the 13th for seeking an answer to a question from Megan, that I think I am bugged with! :sweat_smile: Anyways, if I would want to tell you one thing that would be this - ‘you really can ask the cards for how to gain self confidence in divination just as I did in the very beginning…I got the cards, as much as I remember, that told me to simply believe in my own element! To trust and to let go of the hesitation and fear!’ That’s what Magick or Divination is interfered with! So I hope this helped you a lil to be more sure of your Magick and your very Soul! Blessed be dear… :hugs: :sparkles:


Hello @Phoenix_Fire,

Look at you go- you are on a roll with your divination studies, how exciting! :star_struck:

The lovely @Solasta_Amore shared some great advice and encouragement- I also second Megan and Siofra, as both are very talented divination readers! :crystal_ball: :sparkles: They have both shared some helpful guides on the divination methods they specialize in, here are a few you might find some inspiration and advice in:

There are also Complete Courses available on runes and tarot:

It sounds like you are already thriving in your divination studies, Phoenix- I’m wishing you all the best as you continue to learn and enhance your practice! Good luck and blessed readings :crystal_ball: :sparkles::blush:


Hi @Phoenix_Fire

Currently i am learning tarot too. You might be ahead of where i am but for me just now, i do a daily card in the morning. I make a sketch of it in my journal to help me visualise key details and symbols. I also write a physicial description of things i see, positions of items as well as colours. From there i write down what i think the card is telling me. I don’t look it up though. I go with my gut. At the end of the day, i revisit and write a reflection of antything that resonated. Then i look up the meaning to determine if my intuition was on track or not. Im.not sure where you are located but in the UK, i am subscribed to a magazine called Total Tarot which goes through the card meanings and gives advice fornreadings as well as different spreads. You also get free decks. I currently have 12 decks from them.

Runes are also something i use. I do a week ahead reading for runes to determine what to focus on, bring, embrace abd leave behind during the uupcoming week. After the reading, i choose my “rune of the week”, one that i feel attunded to or that will assist me during the week. I write a “prayer” using its keywords. Each morning, i recite it and draw it on my forehead. This helps me absorb its energy but also to remember its name and meaning.

It takes time, i still get nervous when friends or family ask me to read for them but my little learning rituals are certainly helping

Good luck and blessed be



@Solasta_Amore thank you & @BryWisteria for the lovely words. i’ll try to explain how I use the different methods, the best I can :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Phoenix_Fire currently I work with a few types of divination & actually just did my weekly draws for Lithomancy (I use crystals), Elder Futhark Runes, and Witches Runes, & I do 2 crystal oracle card draws. I do different spreads for different things, I have a New Moon, Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde, & a year review spread. I will answer the questions first in my journal then draw a card based on the question afterward & write that in my journal by the question and see how they correlate with each other.

Daily I read tarot, I am taking classes to get better & to also read them intuitively as I am reconnecting with my intuition. Amazingly, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. :laughing: I always put on calming music & light my healing/purification candle & protection candle. The tarot draws I take 3 take deep cleansing breaths & focus on the question… then continue focusing on the question as I shuffle the cards. Once I feel that I am ready, I take the top 3 cards off & draw my 2 cards I started with 1 card draws.

(this is how I do it & shuffle the cards, it’s what works for me… do whatever feels right to you :smiling_face:)

Much like @Cosmic_Curiosity I have a notebook type of journal for my daily tarot draws. I am drawing 2 cards. So I will write the date, the name of the deck & the question I asked. Then I write what Card 1 is & my initial impressions before looking at anything by looking at the card, the number, the suit what they connect to what symbols, colors, and images are saying or really catching my eye. Then I write some keywords or phrases about the card that I have learned. I tend to use numerology when I’m reading the tarot cards & kind of the suits & their correspondences.

So the basic numerology of the numbers 1 - 10 is what I use along with:

  • Cups :cup_tarot: - water :water_element: , emotions, going with the flow :ocean:
  • Swords :sword_tarot: - air :air_element: , thoughts, the mind, intellectual :wind_face:
  • Pentacles :pentacle_tarot: - earth :earth_element: , tangible things, finances, material things :earth_americas:
  • Wands :wand_tarot: - fire :fire_element: , passion, motivation :fire:

I have quite a few oracle decks :star_struck: & I love :heart: them all… it’s hard to decide sometimes which ones I want to draw from, but without fail every day I at least draw from my Oracle of Brighid cards. Not just for the Flame, I will do a meditation meeting with Her and then afterward shuffle the cards focused on the question of asking what message she has for me today. :grin:

Keeping the calming music & candles after my tarot draws, when I do my weekly stone & rune draws, I actually have a pouch for each set. I also have a mat that I use & I focus on the question, usually what will help me this week & take 3 deep breaths into each bag and focus on the question. I mix them up & then just empty them on the mat. Whichever stone or rune is closest to the center is the one that I read for the week. (For 2 weeks in a row I have gotten Berkana :berkanan:) This week I got the Eye for the Witches Rune this week, which is the first time that I have drawn that one, so that was exciting.

I write in my journal what my weekly draws are every Wednesday, then about a month or so later I will look back in my journals on what the draws were for the day or the week & where I have come since then.

Then I will shuffle whichever oracle deck I’m using the same way & focus on the question. Then when I feel ready, take off the top 3 cards & then draw the card. For oracle, I usually have to use the guidebook for the corresponding deck & go from there on what it’s telling me… a bit backward to tarot. I have different types of decks too that are specific to different things; crystals, Elder Futhark runes, the Morrigan, Celtic Spirits, Celtic Goddess, Celtic Tree Oracle, Wild Unknown or Way of the Wild :thinking:, Inner Child, Spirits & Shadows, Oracle of Brighid… a varied amount… a bit of a collector really :rofl:

I am slowly learning Ogham. I really want my own Ogham set to practice with & haven’t figured out how I can make them on my own. I have issues with my hands. So being as picky as I am… it will be a little bit before I have my own. I do have an Ogham journal & a book that I am reading & writing notes to learn each one. @MeganB’s posts on Ogham have really helped too.

The way I learned though, was one at a time. I had to focus on one topic at a time before really practicing it. So I had done the deep dive on Elder Futhark Runes last year :thinking: & have a Rune journal, I became an advanced crystal practitioner which included lithomancy & led to my deep dive on Chakras too, and now I’m taking classes on reading tarot & reconnecting with my intuition.

So I’m kind of on the fence about whether I will take courses for herbs or learn Ogham… but I kind of want to have my own set of Ogham to work with while learning about them. I have come across the Lenormand but have decided to work on the Ogham & herbs before diving into that subject :joy:

I haven’t read for others really, but I have helped them with draws that they have done for themselves to understand them & their situation or question. A lot of it is learning to trust yourself & the messages you receive from the cards when you’re looking at them, what stands out, what you notice, and the general energy you feel when you draw them.

Sorry, that got a little bit long-winded, but I wanted to share what has worked for me in the past to get me where I am today with them. That’s what works for me when reading the different types of divination & what I do daily & weekly. :hugs:


Ohh how fun!

Learning different divination methods is fun, exciting, and can be really time consuming :laughing:

I can tell you from my own experience that I’m perfectly okay reading for others digitally as long as I can type my answer. Reading for people face-to-face is much more difficult for me. I still lack that confidence to read in person or through video meetings. There’s just something so intimidating about it lol but I think it’s more of a fear of live public speaking rather than a lack of confidence in myself.

My advice would be to just jump out there and do it! Offer readings for free for practice to your family and friends, if they’re open to that sort of thing, of course! Slowly, over time and with practice, that confidence will come to you. You can always offer free readings here in the forum! I think that would be perfectly okay – just pop into Energy Exchange when you want to offer readings and get some practice that way!

Aww, you’re so kind! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

haha your response is much better than mine! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lol thank you, inwas kind of scatter brained & just typed what came to my head about it. Lol :laughing:


You’re scatter-brained and I feel brain-dead :rofl: two sides of the same coin? Or did the coin just disappear… :thinking: anyway, I’m rambling.

I don’t have a solid routine, I don’t think. I pull an ogham fid every morning and put it in my journal. Tarot is more of a sporadic thing for me and I much prefer oracle cards to tarot.


I like them both equally but use them in tandem with each other :rofl: We’re the same but different… :joy:

I can’t wait to have my own Ogham to pull each day when I’m learning then decide how I want to incorporate it… daily or weekly :thinking:


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