Tiwaz 17th Rune of the Elder Futhark & 1st of Tyr's Aett :tiwaz:

## Rune Name: Tiwaz :tiwaz:

Germanic Name: Tiwaz :tiwaz:
Phonetic Value: T
Pronunciation: TEE-waz
Translation: Tyr
Modern English: Tue (Tuesday is derived from this translation)

Rune Number: 17 of the Elder Futhark & 1 of Tyr’s Aett
Polarity: Masculine :male_sign:

Color Association(s): Bright Red
Elemental Association(s): Air :wind_face: , Fire :fire:

Deity: Tyr – The Sky God

Herbal Association(s): Sage :herb:
Tree Association(s): Oak :deciduous_tree:

Astrological Association(s): Libra :libra:
Month/Days: February 27 – March 3

Chakras: Crown :crown:, Root
Tarot Card(s): Justice :balance_scale: , The Star :star: , Judgment, King of Wands :wand_tarot: , King of Swords :sword_tarot:

Magickal Uses: Use in any combat situation; martial arts to law proceedings. Help find victory in any sort of conflict.

Overall Meanings/Keyword(s): Discipline, Analysis, Duty, Warrior, Courage, Self-Sacrifice, Honor, Battle, Justice, Victory, Power, Responsibility

Success in battle, personal sacrifice.

A warrior in heart, a warrior in action. The sacrifice required for justice & peace is valued overall. There is a guiding light beyond the darkness of the unknown. Look for it & it will illuminate a way through the tangle.

Spiritual warrior, pay attention to honor, integrity, and duty. Selflessly serve higher power with self-sacrifice if necessary. Moral strength with the will to succeed you will. Upholding promises & oaths, our actions rooted in principle. Courageous in face of adversity, tenacious in pursuit of fairness, & disciplined in how we carry ourselves.

The promise of success in your actions but without personal sacrifice. Success in legal problems if you are in the right.

Someone who sacrifices & is fully aware of what they will lose. Voluntary sacrifice.

Knowing where one’s true power is.

Brightstave/Upright: Lot of faith, loyalty, & trust that endures the face of all hardships. Justice can be expected & good judgment based on careful analysis of the facts. Victory will be yours if you have acted wisely. Strive to order the environment in a rational way. The path to success may lie through self-sacrifice. Vigilance & hard work combined with knowledge are necessary. Reliability, loyalty, and faithfulness must be practiced & can be expected. Strive exactitude & precision, & plan very carefully. Make your work methodical. Analytic models based on mathematical principles are indicated.

Merkstave/Reversed: You have a tendency to become bogged down in analysis & details which may lead to a paralysis of action & a limitation in vision. You are always planning, never did. Self-sacrifice is to the detriment of the ultimate interests – sacrificing over much. A stoppage of the Tiwaz :tiwaz: force leads to injustice, imbalance, confusion, & deterioration of rationality. Mental paralysis, over-analysis, over sacrifice, injustice, imbalance.

Affirmation: Bestow upon me, your light & your might. May righteous justice empower my will conquering all that stands in the way of what is right & what is most high.

Meditation: Tiwaz - Magin Rose


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This is a rune with so many potential applications in magick- I feel excited thinking about all the ways the power of Tiwaz could enhance spellwork! :star_struck:

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, @Siofra_Strega! :pray::tiwaz: