Gebo 7th Rune of the Elder Futhark & Freya's Aett :gebo:

Rune Name: Gebo :gebo:

Germanic Name: Gebo, Gift, Generosity
Phonetic Value: G
Pronunciation: GHEB-o
Translation: Gift :gift:
Modern English: Gift :gift:

Rune Number: Rune 7 of the Elder Futhark & Freya’s Aett

Polarity: Male/Female :male_sign: : :female_sign: :yin_yang:

Color Association(s): Deep Blue
Elemental Association(s): Air :air_element: , Earth :earth_element:
Deity Association(s): Freya/Odin

Herbal Association(s): Heartsease :herb:
Tree Association(s): Ash & Elm

Astrological Association(s): Uranus :astrology_uranus:
Month/Days: September 28 – October 13

Chakras: Crown :crown: , Heart :heart:, Root
Tarot Card(s): The Lovers, Justice, 2 of Cups :cup_tarot:, King of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot:

Magickal Uses: Good rune to help you increase your overall luck. When used in combination with other runes, especially as a bindrune, it will increase the power & positivity of surrounding runes. Much like X marks the spot, Gebo brings about great luck

Overall Meanings/Keyword(s): Gift, honor, balance, generosity, relationships, exchange, magical exchange, divine interaction.

Principle of the three-fold gift of Odin: Consciousness, divine gift, & form.

It is also the principle of giving & taking; an exchange between any 2 beings or realms. It is the sacrificed gift made by people to gods in order to compensate or petition for divine favors. In human society, this is reflected as hospitality.

Live by the laws & in accordance with nature, rather than living separate & disconnected from the earth. This is how the tribes of the day survived but thrived. Gebo also calls to the relationship between people & their connection to the gods. When a person dedicated themselves to a certain god or goddess, offerings, time, & energy were presented to the deity. In turn, people hoped their chosen deities would bestow their blessings & strengths upon them.

The synthesis of giving & receiving with goodwill, hospitality, & respect is akin to unifying one’s self with the divine. Wen gifts & contracts are mutually exchanged & honorably upheld, energetic reciprocity will always be positive. Here, integrity, love, & common bonds pave the way for the benefit, abundance, & protection of family & community.

Brightstave/Upright: Provide for hospitality & generosity with guests. Be prepared to accept it as a material or spiritual gift that may be in the offing. You may expect great credit. Honor, dignity – or you might be called upon to bestow these on another if you are in a position of power. You may have a magical exchange with a member of the opposite sex. A powerful & synchronistic experience could be in the offing.

Edit Merkstave/Reversed is for those that happen to read all runes with a Merkstave/Reversed meaning which means that they are pulled sideways instead of upright. However, Gebo :gebo: doesn’t traditionally have a reversed meaning.

Merkstave/Reversed: Take care not to give away all you have. Spend wisely. Do not become overly dependent upon gifts from others for, “Aye does a gift always look for gain.” An attempt to buy influence with gifts is possible, beware of financial enslavement. Things might get worse before they get better. Blockage of the Gebo will cause greed & weakness or poverty & loneliness.


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A rune of hospitality! :heart_eyes: This is a great one for anyone working in customer service or the hospitality sector. Even carving or hanging this rune somewhere around the home would likely invite in positive energies- especially when considering that this is a lucky rune too!

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