The Three Aettir in The Elder Futhark

The rest of the posts I’m going to do on the Runes are going to be focusing on The Elder Futhark runic system. There are so many different systems of Runes I don’t want the posts to start getting confusing with too many different subjects. I’m still learning the Runes myself and I feel like I know more about the Elder Futhark than I do about the rest :heartpulse:

The 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark are separated into 3 different groups or Aettir (Aett for singular) Freyr/Freyas Aett

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Hagal/Heimdall’s Aett

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Tyr’s Aett

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I can’t find sources that agree on when the Aettir were introduced into the Runic system but it seems to be linked to the cycle of birth and death and all of the processes can happen in between these two points. I found this video on the subject that might help explain it better
The Elder Futhark Sequence

Ill also copy and paste the descriptions of each Aett from Lisa Chamberlain’s book Runes for Beginners:
Freyr’s Aett:
The runes of Freyr’s Aett speak to what is needed for basic existence on Earth, for experiencing and interacting with other humans as well as the divine, and for living a fulfilling life.

Hagal’s Aett:
The runes of Hagal’s Aett speak to the unavoidable experiences of life— disruption, change, stalled progress, and even unexpected luck. They help us navigate the more difficult aspects of our life’s path and remind us that nothing lasts forever.

Tyr’s Aett:
The runes of Tyr’s Aett speak to aspects of the dance between the visible and invisible realms, with runes directly connected to ancient deities, natural forces, and humanity itself.

I found a really good website for Rune info while researching this topic if anyone wants a deeper dive then I can provide into the Runes :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

I use the knowledge of the different Aettir to help me broaden my divination practices with The Runes. It helps me understand what level of living experience I should be focusing on when I am reading the Runes iv drawn for a reading. Or if Runes from a certain Aett keep coming up repeatedly I will look further into the meaning of the whole Aett so that I can find an answer or sign there instead.

I’m afraid that this is as far as my knowledge reaches on the actual archaeological history of The Runes :pensive: But I will continue to make weekly posts on how I use these Runes in my craft. We’ll look into Runic talismans, Amulets, Bindrunes and spell writing in the Younger Futhark :heartpulse: Thank you all so much for being awesome :heartpulse:


Ok thanks for their generous information!!! I’m bookmarking it and when I have time later today, it’s going in my rune book!!! :pray::two_hearts: (✿ :heart::heart:)


I just found worksheets for this set of Runes in my BOS! Oh this exciting!


@christina4 you’re welcome lovely :heart:

@Siofra Rune worksheets sound amazing! How do I get me some of them? Lol :heart:


I will see if I still have them saved & let you know! Most of the time I save the file after I put it in my BOS, but I have changed computers (twice) since I originally got them. If I still have them, I will send you a copy.


Thank you you’re amazing :heart_eyes: no rush though, I know what it’s like with tech, IV list files and ne’er found them again and don’t know how :joy::heart:


Thank you so much!! I feel this is a super interesting aspect of the runes and you’ve made it so simple and easy to understand in this topic. Awesome job, Lisa!! :smiley: :pray:


This is really exciting- thanks for breaking down the Aettir and explaining them so thoroughly, @Liisa! :heart:

For some reason, reading about the different Aettir reminds me of the steps towards writing a story! :open_book: :writing_hand: :grin:

Freyr’s Aett is the most basic bottom level, the outline of the book. This level deals with setting the stage- exploring basic needs for a healthy physical and spiritual life. It’s like the development of the overall theme and character details.

the next level is Hagal’s Aett- the challenges along the road. The plot, the obstacles that we face along our journey. This is the excitement- the quests, the climax, the things that make life challenging but also worth living.

Finally, Tyr’s Aett is the unseen magic that ties everything together. It’s emotion, result, forces beyond our power such a fate and the deities. This is the gamble of publishing a book, the unpredictability of the audience :laughing:

I loved learning about the Three Aettir- thanks again for sharing your rune wisdom, Liisa! :heart::blush:


@Francisco thank you for your kinds words :heart: I couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn and share this knowledge :heart: all of the ancestors will be proud to know that not all magical knowledge is lost to humanity :heart:

@TheTravelWitch omg that’s so true! I saw the connection between the Runes and the personal life story each of us have but I never looked at it from a creative viewpoint. The Germanic people’s held stories in high regard it’s a perfect representation :heart: oh now I’m wondering if the creativity can be taken further? Like and actual story based around or inspired by the Aettir and each of the Runes in them and their meanings :heart:


Ohhhhhh! :heart_eyes: What a great idea! If it hasn’t already been done, then that sounds like it is eagerly waiting for the right rune enthusiast to come along and bring it to life! :star_struck: Liisa~ it looks like the runes may be guiding you to your next creative project :wink: :+1: :two_hearts:


So many possibilities :heart_eyes: is it set in a time period long past or the modern age? Is it a drama or a love story? Dieties or humans? I’m jotting this idea down in my journal and see if I can make a start and keep momentum through the process :heart:


Thanks, Lisa :yellow_heart: I appreciate you breaking it down in an easier way! I love Runes someday I am going to make my own.
Blessed be✨


When it comes to an idea like that with so many open doors and possibilities, I think you’ve done the best thing possible, @Liisa! :blush: Jot it down and let it sit on both the paper and within your mind :person_in_lotus_position: Like fermenting wine or planting a seed, the idea will develop and and begin to sprout all on its own! :seedling: :deciduous_tree: :star_struck:

Maybe it will take a month, a year, or a decade- but I would love to hear about what becomes of your rune story idea in the future :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You will all be the first to know of any progress :heart::heart:


this is great! thank you sooo much!!!