🗣 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Multilingual Magick

I felt called to write a bit of the Charge of the Goddess in Python, the forum having fancy highlighting for it and all :grin: I hope you enjoy it, I did when I wrote it :white_heart: :snake:

from within import Artemis, Astarte, Diana, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Dana, Arianrhod, Isis, Brig, ... as Great_Mother

if ye.has_need:
    while moon.is_full:
        group = [witch for witch in ye.coven if witch.is_thirsting_for_secrets]
        with group.assemble() in secret_place as one:
            rite = one.adore(Great_Mother as "Queen of all Witcheries")
            with rite.execute_clothes_optional() as freedom:
                joy = freedom.express(dance, sing, feast, make_music, make_love)

With Latin I got as far as finishing the Duolingo course, which was pretty short. I can understand quite a bit already, but making sentences still has me looking up every second word. I have this book on my wishlist, I really like the approach of absorbing the language while reading. I love learning languages, but the wordlists and endless grammar lessons bore me out of my mind :sweat_smile:

I feel blessed with so much love and abundance, at least right now it doesn’t extend to my finances though so we’ll see. Plenty of change in the air there, but I know better than to try to force it. To keep a joyful and relaxed attitude and invite the right energies I’ve been singing my praises to Sri Lakshmi in her native tongue :relaxed:

Lots of love and magick to you and yours :sparkling_heart:


Although I can do some spells in English it feels easier if I translate them in Greek or if I say affirmathions or prayers in greek since i am a native speaker. The words come out easier and I feel more confident about my work. Lately I have been searching the Orphic Hymns and I try to learn the one for Aphrodite in Ancient Greek. And I have plans to do so for Ares and Hestia in the future.

Ούρανία πολύυμνε φιλομμειδής Άφροδίτη
ποντογενής γενέτειρα θεά φιλοπάννυχε
σεμνή νυκτερία ζεύκτειρα
δολοπλόκε μήτερ Άνάγκης’
πάντα γάρ έκ σέθεν έστίν
ύπεζεύξω δέ (τε) κόσμον
καί κρατέεις τρισσών μοιρών
γεννάις δέ τά πάντα όσσα τ’ έν ούρανώι έστι
καί έν γαίηι πολυκάρπωι
έν πόντου τε βυθώι (τε)
σεμνή βάκχοιο πάρεδρε τερπομένη θαλίαισι
γαμοστόλε μήτερ Έρώτων
Πειθοί λεκτροχαρής κρυφία χαριδώτι
φαινομένη (τ’) άφανής έρατοπλόκαμ’ εύπατέρεια
νυμφιδία σύνδαιτι θεών
σκηπτρούχε λύκαινα
γεννοδότειρα φίλανδρε ποθεινοτάτη βιοδώτι
ή ζεύξασα βροτούς άχαλινώτοισιν άνάγκαις
καί θηρών πολύ φύλον
έρωτομανών ύπό φίλτρων’ έρχεο
Κυπρογενές θείον γένος
είτ’ έν’ Όλύμπωι έσσί θεά βασίλεια
καλώι γήθουσα προσώπωι
είτε καί εύλιβάνου Συρίης
έδος άμφιπολεύεις
είτε σύ γ’ έν πεδίοισι
σύν άρμασι χρυσεοτεύκτοις
Αίγύπτου κατέχεις ίερής
γονιμώδεα λουτρά
ή καί κυκνείοισιν όχοις
έπί πόντιον οίδμα
έρχομένη χαίρεις κητών
κυκλίαισι χορείαις
ή νύμφαις τέρπηι κυανώπισιν
έν χθονί Δίηι θίνας
έπ’ αίγιαλοίς ψαμμώδεσιν
άλματι κούφωι’
είτ’ έν Κύπρωι
άνασσα τροφώι σέο ένθα
καλαί τε παρθένοι άδμηται νύμφαι
τ’ άνά πάντ’ ένιαυτόν ύμνούσιν σέ
μάκαιρα καί άμβροτον άγνόν Άδωνιν.
Έλθέ μάκαιρα θεά
μάλ’ έπήρατον είδος έχουσα’
ψυχήι γάρ σε καλώ σεμνήι
άγίοισι λόγοισιν.

The translation in english
In the video you will listen how the hymn sounds in ancient greek


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

So many languages! So much excitement! :star_struck: I am really enjoying everyone’s multilingo work and it is so much fun seeing who chooses which languages/mediums to share their entries in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Great work and thank you to everyone who has shared so far! :sparkles:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, please know that you still have some time:

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: August 16th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Blessed be! :speaking_head: :sparkles:


Im Spanish, so all the spells anf affirmations I make are in Spanish. I would like to share the afformation I say every morning, and I will try to do my best to translate to English.

Madre, que las alas de la fortuna vengan a mí,
Bendíceme hoy, que la negatividad no me afecte
Saldrá todo como yo decrete,
El amor, la luz, que no me falte.
Así lo decreto, ¡que así sea!

Mother, may the wings of fortune comes to me
Bless me today, Don’t let negativity affect me
Everything will be as I decrete
Love and light won’t be missed
I decrete so, so mote it be!


Each day I “draw” a rune using my Moonly app, I read the description below the rune, and then find it in the Rune Course. Here are the runes I have drawn so far.
:isaz: :dagaz: :algiz: :othalan: :uruz:


Was that a draw itself or a rune a day?

Isa, Gebo, Algiz, Othala, & Uruz have posts in the Runes Information post too.

My son has a blanket that has a circle made up of the Algiz rune in the center. I forget what’s in the middle though.

The runic alphabet is very interesting & seeing it used as an alphabet as oppose to divination is really exciting too. I notice them now in movies, shows, signs… things like that.


Challenge Entry - Multilingual Magick

As is usual for me, my weekend is a busy, tiring blur and it isn’t until the end of the day Monday that I realize… oh no! I didn’t get around to completing my challenge. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ogham, the Irish tree language, captured my attention right from the beginning when reading this challenge but I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the challenge. Fast forward to the night before the challenge is due (last minute, anyone? :laughing: ), it hits me! I want to make my own ogham staves. Thankfully I have a million popsicle sticks in the “junk” drawer for who knows what reason so I printed out the symbols and started working on creating! I will put more time into carving and coloring them tomorrow morning but I wanted to submit what I have started and post finished pictures tomorrow!

I also did look up my name in the Ogham Transliterator
and copied both my full name and the name I use into my commonplace magick book. I really like my name - I think it looks like a key! :old_key:


Weekly Witchy Challenge- Multilingual Magick

For the challenge this week I did some studying and listened to an Audible book called Icelandic Magic, Practical Secrets of the Northern Grimoires by Stephen E. Flowers Ph.D.
It had a pdf with it and I was so excited when it showed some spells in the old language and in current English. This is all I could manage this week. It is a really cool book. I wish I had the entire hard copy. It also explained the SATOR square and had it in runes. :fehu:


Hello everyone!
I’ve missed a couple challenges due to commitments ( traveled to Salem too!) and I’m finally back in the swing of things again. Yay!
I have chosen to study the Elder Futhark runic alphabet symbols and created my own set.
I’ve been studying the Spells8 course on Casting Runes and am almost finished.
Interesting stuff! I’m giving it a try!
I’ve had some oak rounds from crafting sitting in a drawer and decided to use those for my runes and put them in a handy dandy moon bag for now.

Thanks for the interesting challenge and I’ll complete my course and see how these fit into my craft! :heart::magic_wand::mage: Blessed be!


I found this really intersting story “Dolores Cannon” spoke about the Dead Sea :scroll: scrolls she said she put this young girl :girl: under hypnosis and did past life regression!
[The Dead Sea Scrolls ](https://Dolores Cannon does past life regression! )
We can actually see that the Dead Sea scrolls
[Dead Sea Scrolls ](https://Dead Sea Scrolls )
I found it really interesting that Jesus was a mystic! It’s really interesting that she puts people through hypnosis and this one lady gave her lots of information from her past life! Around that time many believed in reincarnation and I think it’s interesting how the Roman’s changed the Dead Sea scrolls and this is the proof right here!
If you want you can see!
For me I wanted to go over some of the tarot cause I feel the tarot is a language in its self.

I read out of a book called PapusnThe Tarot of Bohemian And I think it’s very interesting the Kabbalah the sacred word Yod-He-Vau-He
Because I love the Tarot I always want to know the meaning behind it


Also some symbols, correspondences and Greek Names

I did some other energy work and worked with the language of the tarot for example in the book Tarot Constellations :milky_way: bye Mary Greer
She states you can spell out your name so I did I did my Witch name and my real name.

You should try it!
Another thing is that I am working with planetary magic which is a different language in its self! Here’s a video of the book I have
[Language of planets ](https://Planetary Magic Boom Review )
I worked with Murcury I went to https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/calculate-traditional-chart/?narozeni_den=15&narozeni_mesic=8&narozeni_rok=2022&narozeni_hodina=&narozeni_minuta=&narozeni_mesto_hidden=Citrus%20Heights&narozeni_stat_hidden=US&narozeni_podstat_kratky_hidden=CA&narozeni_city=Citrus%20Heights,%20USA,%20California&narozeni_sirka_stupne=38&narozeni_sirka_minuty=42&narozeni_sirka_smer=0&narozeni_delka_stupne=121&narozeni_delka_minuty=17&narozeni_delka_smer=1&narozeni_timezone_form=auto&narozeni_timezone_dst_form=auto&house_system=placidus&hid_fortune=&hid_fortune_check=on&hid_spirit=&hid_spirit_check=on&hid_syzygy=&hid_syzygy_check=on&hid_vertex=&hid_vertex_check=on&hid_chiron=&hid_chiron_check=on&hid_lilith=&hid_lilith_check=on&hid_uzel=&hid_uzel_check=on&&narozeni_hodina=19&narozeni_minuta=59&narozeni_sekunda=36&house_system=whole

I really had fun exploring all of the different languages!


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Bravo! C’est Magnifique! すごい! Niesamowite! This is one talented coven- thank you and great job to everyone who explored languages in magick this week :blush:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details for everyone who submitted an entry. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :speaking_head: :sparkles:


Hi everyone - I’m terribly sick with chemo side effects and taking things one day at a time right now, I’ll give everyone an update over on Positive Energy for Diagnosis & Treatment

Challenge Entry for Multilingual Witchcraft:

I am exploring Hoodoo this month and decided to use this as my challenge ritual, & also as the book I’m reading for the new book club. Hoodoo is a system of folk spiritual practices and magic and will often incorporate the practitioner’s own religion, or vice versa - incorporate Hoodoo into their respective religion. Hoodoo grew up in the USA in the shadow of the larger culture of Christianity. This American created form of magic adjusts and adapts itself to the larger culture around it–absorbing what its practioners can and want to use. Hence, in areas where Christian Catholicism was dominant, practitioners often used Catholic prayers in their rituals and where Christian Protestantism was strong, bible verses, usually from the King James Version, are heavily used.

This way of sprouting and seeking a way to practice is often used in witchcraft practices across the world as a way to honor whatever your higher power is, be that the Christian god, Hecate, or the Great Horned One. Since hoodoo is a very personalized and adaptable practice a lot of people borrow scripture from any number of other paths. Hoodoo practitioners believe that whether you need something or somebody else does, the Lord has your back and will provide.

I chose to write and say/meditate to the Lord’s Prayer in Creole this week as my challenge outcome - I listened to many versions of it on YouTube, tried to do a new one each day:

The Lord’s Prayer in Creole

Nòtrepè a an Kreyòl

Papa nou ki nan syèl la,

Nou mande pou yo toujou respekte non ou.

Vin tabli gouvènman ou,

pou yo fè volonte ou sou latè, tankou yo fè li nan syèl la.

Pen nou bezwen an, ban nou li jòdi a.

Padonnen tou sa nou fè ki mal,

menm jan nou padonnen moun ki fè nou mal.

Pa kite nou nan pozisyon pou nou tonbe nan tantasyon,

men, delivre nou anba Satan.

Paske, se pou ou tout otorite, tout pouvwa ak tout louwanj, depi tout tan ak pou tout tan.


Blessed be, enjoy!


Great job @jan_TheGreenWitch! Creole was always so interesting to me.

Please take care of yourself & be gentle & easy with yourself. Don’t try to do too much, be sure you’re properly recovering.

I had noticed your book club entry & i lo e that you incorporated it into the entry also.

I love the added videos for the challemge entries too! They help set the tone or rhythm in some cases.

I started reading Celtic Magic: By Mari Silva, but it was too casually conflicting. So I am reading Celtic Magic by DJ Conway (affiliated with Llewellyn) & then Celtic Magic by Kristoffer Hughes, a practicing Druid & Celtic Tree Magic by Danu Forest another Druid Priestess. Clearly i have also found a rabbit hole. :rofl:


@jan_TheGreenWitch I hope you don’t mind that I rehomed your challenge entry out of the comments of the other post and here into the main thread- I didn’t want it to get lost, it deserves the spotlight! :blush: (I also see it was posted before the deadline, so no worries there either! This great entry is all set!)

Your entry is such a fascinating combination and exploration of different paths and how they overlap- I think interdisciplinary studies open so many new doors and exciting possibilities, so this is really amazing to see! Great work, beautiful prayer, and thank you for sharing it :pray:

I hope you are getting plenty of rest and that the chemo side effects ease up so you are feeling much better soon! :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


@Sarafeena_Sage I have seen audible books with other formats of books that I have on my “to read” list. I am currently toying with the idea of trying it out, but it sounds like it really worked well for you!

I have found recently, that Iceland, Vikings, that whole era & area have been covered quite a bit on different episodes on Expedition Unknown & I believe something on the History Channel where you can see the runic scripts on items & stones, which is just fascinating to me that they are still around! I’m happy that you are enjoying your studies!

@Mistella that’s a great bag for your runes! I haven’t made it to the part where I make my own but I am always in awe when others show their work for making runes on their own with their own materials. Great job!

I hope you enjoyed your time in Salem too! It’s such a great place & it’s like walking back in time a bit when you get to go there & visit the different sections of the town.

@Jeannie1 I have never tried to do things such as my name in Tarot, I’d imagine that the card associated with the letter gives more meaning to your name. I think I have found something to try when I am looking to shift gears or find something to entertain my brain!

Great job to everyone’s entry & I am sorry if I missed commenting on any. They were all fascinating to go through everyone’s interpretation of how to approach the challenge. Wonderful job! :tada:


I am using the Moonly app for my daily draw. I drew :algiz: again. Here is Moonly Apps description of the rune. I am thrilled to draw it again.

Hopefully, on our next drive into the mountains we will see some elk.


This was the picture hanging in the dentist office today.

I feel a theme in my day.


@Siofra_Strega I must tell you that I cancelled my Audible account because you don’t get to keep the books after a year. I decided that I wanted a tangible item for my money so now I order a real book at least once a month. Audio books are handy when you’re busy or driving but I feel like I don’t retain the information as well and have to listen to them more than once. I guess it all depends on what you like and your lifestyle, and the money part of course.

Anyway, on the viking topic, I think I’ve watched every show and documentary on vikings. I am a descendant of the female viking remains they found a few years ago and that excites me very much. I feel like it answered a lot of my questions on why I feel the way I do. I’ve been listening to books on Asatru, Seidr and Heathens. When the Viking exhibit was at the Natural History museum I went to that, it was very cool to see a viking long ship in person! I find it all very fascinating too :wink:


I love this @Artemisia thanks so much for sharing!


Of course, @TheTravelWitch_Bry, I appreciate the insight, I never know if I should create something all new or not, thanks! I will add more Hoodoo learnings to that link as I go along my readings and practices! :books: