:fehu: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - All About Runes

This weeks challenge I am going to use my tunes made from lapis lazuli crystal to give me insight and direction to questions I have that might influence the outcome:


Challenge Entry

Image from dragon-runes.com

I found a draconic runic alphabet! Isedon Goldwing envisioned these runes in April 2001.

After adding the runes to my BOS, I created a circle with amethyst, green aventurine, amber, and moss agate, and lit a purple candle. I wanted to try a different method of divination with runes. Instead of pulling the runes out of a bag, I asked a question and rolled three of the amethysts like dice and see which rune they landed on.

They landed on Athanen (second of the third column), Li (first column, second starting from the bottom) and Drakaneal (six of the third column).

Athanen represents law, peace, rigidity, prosperity, and stability.
Li represents fire, passions, energy, warmth, fury, and loyalty.
Drakaneal represents unity, community, discovery, preparation, and development.

One of the reasons Thanksgiving is stressful is figuring out whose house to go to for dinner (and who is making the dinner). I usually can’t travel very far for Thanksgiving because of my job. Besides my parents, most of my family lives far away (we’re talking a six hour drive, if traffic isn’t congested). While I’ve been lucky to have gotten the whole day off, I have had to work at least in the morning ever since I started working.

I was hoping that the runes would give me an idea what to expect this year, and based on what they mean, things will be difficult, but the situation won’t be that bleak.


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - All About Runes - Entry

This weeks challenge is on a topic very new to me. Although, I have seen many article on the Runes, it just seemed pretty complicated to start learning about them while I am learning 1,500 other topics, just kidding. The first thing I did was Scroll through Spells 8 and TheTravelWitch_Bry found this online, Runic Translator 11 that translates English words into Runes that can be copy/pasted fast and for free!

This is how my name looks translated:

Name - Medea

The date and time have very interesting meanings. Below is a Birthdate Rune Table. The first rune is; The Solar Rune. You will find your birthdate in the table below, give it a try:

Birthdate Rune Table

Your first rune - The Solar Rune
Find your birthdate and your first rune below:

29th June – 14th July – Fehu
14th July – 29th July - Uruz
29th July – 13th August - Thurisaz
13th August – 29th August - Ansuz
29th August – 13th September – Raidho
13th September – 28th September – Kenaz
28th September – 13th October – Gebo
13th October – 28th October - Wunjo
28th October – 13th November – Hagalaz
13th November – 28th November – Nauthiz
28th November – 13th December – Isa
13th December – 28th December – Jera
28th December – 13th January – Eihwaz
13th January – 28th January – Perthro
28th January – 13th February – Algiz
13th February – 27th February – Sowilo
27th February – 14th March - Teiwaz
14th March – 30th March -Berkano
30th March – 14th April – Ehwaz
14th April – 29th April – Mannaz
29th April – 14th May – Laguz
14th May – 29th May – Ingwaz
29th May – 14th June – Othala
14th June – 29th June – Dagaz

Once you have that, then you will go to the Birth Hour Rune Table:

Birth Hour Rune Table
The 24 runes are equivalent to 24 hours in a day. Find your birth hour rune by finding your birth hour below:

23:30-00:30 – Jera
00:30-01:30 – Eihwaz
01:30-02:30 – Perthro
02:30-03:30 – Algiz
03:30-04:30 – Sowilo
04:30-05:30 – Teiwaz
05:30-06:30 – Berkano
06:30-07:30 – Ehwaz
07:30-08:30 – Mannaz
08:30–09:30 - Laguz
09:30-10:30 – Inguz
10:30-11:30 – Dagaz
11:30-12:30 – Othala
12:30-13:30 – Fehu
13:30-14:30 – Uruz
14:30-15:30 – Thurisaz
15:30-16:30 – Ansuz
16:30-17:30 – Raidho
17:30-18:30 – Kenaz
18:30-19:30 – Gebo
19:30-20:30 – Wunjo
20:30-21:30 – Hagalaz
21:30-22:30 – Nauthiz
22:30-23:30 – Isa

Here is what they mean:

Rune 1 – FEHU
Fehu is all about success and all the winnings you deserved to receive. It represents the reward for your hard work and all of your efforts.

Rune 2 – URUZ
Uruz predicts good health and physical condition. It means that you have great inner strength.

Thurisaz is ruled by Thor, the God of Thunder. Although it does offer protection, this rune asks for caution. Some important decisions will head your way and you need to wait for the right moment to act.

Rune 4 – ANSUZ
Ansuz represents spoken communication and what we learn from others. It indicates that you should spend more time with older and wiser people, listening to some important advice.

Rune 5 – RAIDHO
This rune is about the constant evolution and your journey. Think of your goals and all the steps you need to follow in order to achieve them. It also indicates changes and travels.

Rune 6 – KENAZ
Kenaz is a symbol of our intuition. This rune gives clarity in complicated situations. You might not have been aware of the light, but this rune gives you hope that you will soon find a solution.

Rune 7 – GEBO
Gebo relates to our relationships and reminds you that we always should give in order to receive. It reflects the need for living in harmony with yourself, so you can do the same with others.

Rune 8 – WUNJO
Wunjo lets you enjoy the basic pleasures of life. It represents happiness, satisfaction and well being. This rune predicts a period of calm and peace.

Rune 9 – HAGALAZ
Hagalaz is symbol of confusion and catastrophe. Think of destroying bad old habits and changing for the best.

Rune 10 – NAUDHIZ
Naudhiz asks you to stay on alert. You might have been passing through difficult times and now is when you should pay more attention to what is happening. You should be patient and have no fear to face what it has to come.

Rune 11 – ISA
Isa is also about patience. It predicts a period when you can’t see a lot of progress. Take your time to breathe and don’t make hasty important decisions.

Rune 12 – JERA
Jera is a symbol of karma. This rune is about what you have been planting and harvesting good fortune. The reward will come, even if there is a delay.

Rune 13 –EIHWAZ

Rune 14 – PERTHRO
Perthro symbolizes what is hidden. Secrets, revelations and mysteries will be the subject of this period. You might see some surprises.

Rune 15 – ALGIZ
This is another rune that gives you protection. Algiz predicts a good and happy season, but be aware of evil, too. Lean on old and new friends in times of need.

Rune 16 – SOWILO
Sowilo is closely related to our body and health. You need to relax and not worry about issues, otherwise, your body will be the first to feel the tension.

Rune 17 – TIWAZ
This rune stands for success, and victory. It is about fighting for what you want because you will achieve these easily. Besides will power, is also a symbol of romance. A new affair with good intentions might appear in your life.

Rune 18 – BERKANO
Berkano symbolises family and a strong feminine presence. It predicts family events such as weddings and births. Everything that is new has a good chance to grow.

Rune 19 – EHWAZ
This is one more rune that relates to movement and changes. It is a symbol of travel, new jobs and new homes. Trust that the changes will be for the best.

Rune 20 – MANNAZ
Mannaz means teamwork. It shows that you will receive help and support from others. Think of building partnerships and expanding your contacts.

Rune 21 – LAGUZ
This is one more feminine rune. It relates to our intuition and imagination. You will easily feel connected to the Divine, being able to handle anything.

Rune 22 – INGWAZ
Ingwaz is an important rune that symbolises conclusion. It means that you are ready for closure and to move on in a new direction. You will not feel anxious about it, on the contrary, you will feel fulfilled.

Rune 23 – DAEGPerthro
Daeg relates to uprising and constant growth. A new and strong time will come, full of hope and optimism.

Rune 24 – OTHALA
The last rune represents material goods and heritage. This heritage can be physical or character traits. Old people and an old friend can come into your life to give you advice and help you out.

I could not wait to use the Runic Translator 11, as I was very curious of what the meaning was and how my name looked. The Runes really resonated with me. I am going to make/buy my own set and try a few Spells or Meditations with them.

This is what the meaning of my Birthday and Time of Birth means:

My Birthday is October 22, 2022. I was born at 2:12 am. This is the meaning in Runes.
WUNJO - 13th October – 28th October
PERTHRO - Rune 14
Perthro symbolizes what is hidden. Secrets, revelations and mysteries will be the subject of this period. You might see some surprises.

Here is a Witch Tip I found interesting:

“If you purchase a set of runestones or staves, there will sometimes be a blank stone/stave. This is called “wyrd” and in it’s simplest explanation means “fate”. It’s up to you to interpret this blank stone or to leave it up to the gods” (otherworldyoracle.com)

There seems to be many meanings, many different theories, and different interpretations of Runes. This what Elder Futhark’s believes what the meaning of Runes is: (otherworldyoracle.com)

Elder Futhark Runes Meanings

The Elder Futhark rune system is the “original” system, so to speak, and consists of 24 symbols total. Depending on the rune set you purchase, you may see variations in certain runic symbols. For instance, Ing may sometimes be Ingwaz and instead of being a simple diamond shape, may include “arms” reaching above and “legs” below it. Also remember, each rune has a “mundane” meaning that may also apply to its divinatory significance, but inevitably YOU determine the true message behind each. You’ll also find the longer you read the runes, the more complex they become. And the more personality they reveal to you. The wisdom of the runes is a deep, endless well.(otherworldyoracle.com)

After reading the Elder Futhark’s meaning behind the Runes’s, it hit home with me. I am convinced that my journey with also include Runes used with my Magick, Spell making, meditations and much more. I am looking forward to learning more through my constant research, feedback and Spells 8. Below explains how to allow magick to be activated. I cannot wait to try this!

Each element is linked together and the inscribed image and the vibration of the sound, the Rune itself – is the law that allows magic to be activated. (theembroideredforest.com)

The form: which is the sign itself.
The sound: which is the phonetic value of the rune.
The archetype: or hidden meaning of the rune.
Simple, Daily Rune Magick

Runes are multi-dimensional and dynamic in so many ways. When you really get to know the runes on a deep, spiritual level, they sort of make their way into your daily life without you even realizing it! BUT if you’re not to that level yet or you need some fresh ideas, here’s a few ways to incorporate rune magick into your daily life: (otherworldyoracle.com)

⦁ Draw runes (like Wunjo, Kenaz, Uruz, Eiwaz, Algiz, etc.) in the air over your food while cooking or over your coffee/tea/water throughout the day; choose a rune depending on your intention
⦁ Draw runes with sauces over your foods, too
⦁ Draw runes over the body to aid in healing; for instance – draw Laguz for blockages or Berkano for overall healing. This works for stomachaches, headaches, etc. It may not completely relieve the problem, but it will help reduce.
Sign your name and end it with your favorite rune.
⦁ When you do your home cleansings/blessings: dip your finger into oil and draw protective runes over your doors, windows, fireplace, etc.

To Conclude the Weekly Witchy Challenge - All About Runes.

"Runic magic is not a destination; it is a path. And you can walk it as you prefer, being completely inside of it or just hold its hand sometimes. In any case, it will make your life richer, it will amplify your interests and circle of friends" (theembroideredforest.com)

That sums it up!

https://fontvilla.com/runic-translator/ (TheTravelWitch_BryCasual Caster, 2021)
Siofra_Strega, Master of Chaos, Nov.21,2021Wikipedia contributors. (2022, May 2). Runology. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 16:30, November 5, 2022, from Runology - Wikipedia
Groeneveld, E. (2018, June 19). Runes. World History Encyclopedia. Retrieved from Runes - World History Encyclopedia
Runic Magic – History and Practice - The Embroidered Forest
Elder Futhark Runes: How to Read Runes and Use Them Magically


@Kasandra that is awesome that you found the Dragon version. I really enjoyed your entry! I’m impressed & very happy you found it!

@Medea if the Elder Futhark & different meanings & solar/birth runes are something you’d like to continue with, there is the Spells8 course but there is all kinds of information & resources in Runes Information that includes a lot more too!

You may enjoy those posts too! I believe most of the resources are either online or books that are available for Kindle! :heart:


@Siofra_Strega Aw hunni thank you. I have missed you too. I have been busier than ever lately at work. But busy good, busy keeps mind busy. As soon as I saw this week’s challenge about runes I immediately thought of you! I thought ‘I know who’s got his on in the bag’- boom boom in the bag! Oh I’m shocking.


Lol… I actually explored Witches Runes for this week. I had come across them when I did the Rune posts but didn’t go any further… so this was perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Challenge Entry- Witches Runes

Biggest challenge for me was how am I going to work with them! I so wanted to work with the runes in a way that was easy and not forced.

The witches runes piqued my curiosity and I originally was going to use the set of 8 until I read Kitty’s reasoning at her Otherworldly Oracle site seen below.

13 Witches Runes Meanings
I’ve seen some people use eight and ten witches’ runes, but in my humble opinion, thirteen is the magical number. Why? Historically, thirteen has been a sacred number to witches because of the thirteen lunar phases per year, and traditionally there’s thirteen witches per coven. So I prefer to use the thirteen witches runes. I will provide you all with MY interpretation of each witches rune meanings; HOWEVER, keep in mind it’s up to you to determine what each rune truly means in a reading.”

I really felt comfortable with her interpretation of the runes meanings and set about making an imperfectly perfect set for myself. :wink:

My Howlite Set of Witches Runes

I find this crystal calming yet enables a spiritual connection in a grounded way.

Usage: Tried casting the runes using various boards but ended up muscle tested (my thumb twitches up for yes and down for no) to choose the rune for this divination.

My query was, What energy do I need to pay attention to the most in this moment? The energetic pull (thumbs up :+1:t2:) to the Scythe was spot on!

"Scythe reaping, death, waning, end of an era, releasing and clearing

The scythe may seem scary to some, like the Death card in a tarot reading. BUT the scythe also means an end to something that needs to be released. It could mean clearing and letting go. It’s also linked to the harvest festivals i.e. Mabon and Samhain."

This meaning is quoted from Witches Runes: History, Meanings + How to Make Your Own

I am taking time this to let go of taking immediate action on all things-all the time, especially around financial decisions. Shifting my attention to taking inventory of my stuff and releasing that which no longer serves me or modifying it to suit my current needs.

I was going to avoid this weekly challenge because I thought it would be lots of studying and discomfort with this type of divination. I realize now that there are many different ways to work with Runes. In the end this challenge brought a smile to my face .

Jan :triskele:


:grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation:

It’s time for a friendly reminder:

:exclamation: This challenge will soon close :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

November 8th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Runes are a vast topic in magick- the coven has clearly risen to the occasion and shared an abundance of rune wisdom and runic magick! Thank you so much to everyone who has explored this theme and shared an entry so far :pray:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :fehu: :sparkles:


@janis those look great! I’m so happy that you explored them & were able to create your own! That site is a wealth of information on them too, I used it for the challenge also! I had to go to it when I found the images on my laptop that were from Pinterest but originated from the site & I’m so happy that I did!


Well, I managed to still do my Challenge in Word, copy, Post…and it worked! I wanted to really put out a good paper, but I just did not have enough time. This week has been quite the challenge also. I usually put more effort into the Weekly Witchy Challenge but for some reason, I just kept running out of my day. I have always said the key to Success is, Organization and I think someone/something took it from me (lol).

I am going to sit down and start a list of my daily Rituals for my mornings, afternoons, and nights. Thank you Bry, Blessed Be.


This is so intriguing!!! I have sent it to my sister and my Husband. They are adventurers just like I am. I’ll have to let you know when we make a trip that way to see it. Thank you for the info.


I made it!!! I had a VERY bus y week and I thought I couldn’t make it, but Im here!!

Thank you so much @TheTravelWitch_Bry for hear my suggestion and make the weekly challenge about runes, it made me feel very happy!! So, here comes


Runes was the first divination method that called me, even before tarot, and they’re all over my house.

I have four runes set made of crystal, two labradorite sets (one is smaller because is the one I have in my portable altar), another made of fluorite and the last one is made is obsidian, the very first I had. The Witches runes are made of wood and I bought it in Aliexpress :sweat_smile:

I have to runes decks, the red one is one of my favourites (I saw it in a store and I kept dreaming with it until I bought it) and of course books!! Five in total, but in the picture I only showed four.

I also have a little obsidian obelisk with more runes in it in the table next to my bed.

Some of the things I made for my altar like the pentacle also have runes in it.

Runes is my favourite divination method, the one that never fails to me and the one that makes me feel “powerful”!


Runes have never been a strength of mine, nor an interest if I’m being honest. Instead of focusing on the Elder Futhark (or the Ogham) I decided to try my hand at writing Theban!

The Theban Alphabet is often called the Witch’s Alphabet, though it’s unclear if it was ever actually used to hide the writing in a grimoire. It is often attributed to someone named Honorius of Thebes, but the origin of Theban script is entirely unclear.

I decided to make little page for my grimoire of Theban script, a tiny blurb of information, and then I wrote a little phrase and my name, both in Theban.

It was interesting to write Theban. I don’t think I’ve tried to write Theban script since I was a teenager :laughing: but here it is! Most of the letters seem to be a combination of the Latin letters h, m, and n. It would take me a while to not get a few of them mixed up because of how similar they are.


CHALLENGE ENTRY - All About Runes @jan_TheGreenWitch

I love casting runes. I do this more than any other single form of divination. I do single rune pulls from the Elder Futhark rune sets and I only have 3 sets but I love them! I use them primarily to carry around with me, for decisions day to day, or big decisions, or even just to start each day.

So to challenge myself with this WW challenge, I decided to do a Rune Chain for House cleansing and protection that I found on Pinterest. I bought the round wood disks from amazon and have both a burner and a brown sharpie to use (probably sharpie) and the leather string. I did not have time to do it since I was at the doctor so much this week (even spent most of today there and will be back tomorrow for the entire day), so if it doesn’t count for the challenge, so mote it be, either way I will post a picture once I’ve finished with it! Here’s the information - it’s VERY COOL!. Check it out on Pinterest too!


Challenge Entry - Runes Runic Magick Challenge Spells8

Good evening everyone :blush:!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday.

For this weeks challenge I explored my Runes deck and a couple of apps that I’ve had on my phone / iPad previous to this challenge but never really explored the Runes section or read through the information about the gods and goddess in relation to the runes.

The two app that I would like to reference would be ‎Runic Formulas & Book of Runes on the App Store which is neat because of all the information it provides, and ‎Moonly App — The Moon Calendar on the App Store this app I use daily to check the moon, and the daily tarot. I find Moonly neat for a number of reasons, such as the cool function I stumbled upon (rather finally payed attention to) being the Runes cards!

To start I had mentioned when this challenge started that

My gosh does this statement seem to be very true! For one (on a humorous note) my dogs name is Loki, when my husband and I purchased him Labor Day weekend, his personality screamed mischief, and humor with a touch of don’t mess with me lol.

When thinking about this challenge it made me giggle to think that “Loki” would be my introduction to the gods in this kind of light. My second inkling, is the tremendous amount of Viking music I’ve been listening to over the past month (such as Ódinn - YouTube ) while I’m at work, for no other reason then I’ve been extremely drawn to it.

With the thought of Loki in mind, after posting at the start of this challenge I decided to pull a card from my deck. When I first read it I was surprised thrown off and almost hurt, only to be relieved and forced to laugh at the fact that I flipped my card wrong :sweat_smile::weary::joy: and it was not supposed to be upside down.

(Above image I believe is from Spells8).

Over the days that followed I read through the introduction to Runes on Spells8, read through the Runic Formula app about the gods, and goddess and searched through the forum the find information about the Nordic goods. To make a long story short, I ended up of Freyja, the more I read about her the more she seemed like she might be the one reaching out to me. Until Saturday hit lol and I did the daily Runs read through Moonly and got

Which I found to be interesting due to where I’m at in life, and my husband and I looking to have kids in the future. As my weekend progressed, I decide to remain consistent, each time asking the runes who might be trying to get my attention, my Sunday read provided me with the following

Today in hopes to shed some light into who might be trying to get my attention, I decide to figure out my birth runes, I thought this may provide me with some introspection as to who been trying to say “hey, I’m here,” and discovered the below using the Runic app

Overall I think it might be Frigg who’s been trying to get my attention, but I honestly I feel like this is going to be topic -un digging for me that’s going to be a journey and not something that I’ll be wrapping up anytime soon.

Thank you all for reading and going down the rabbit hole with me.

Only the Best,


Weekly Witchy Challenge - Runes - Entry

I reached into my little red bag of Witch’s Runes to pick one for this challenge, but I came out with 2. So two it is!


Keywords: decisions, blocked paths, opportunities, liminal space, spirits at the crossroads, free will, your decision, also crossed swords

The Crossroads, or Crossed Swords, is both a symbol and an actual place of power. It’s often used for magick if you are going through a big change or wish to make a big change. When we reach crossroads in our lives, we have to make a decision, using intuition. There may be a new path presented or the path may be blocked. This can also indicate a spirit of the crossroads is calling us.


Keywords: womb, creativity, passion, feminity, healing, home, mother

This rune can represent the Divine Feminine in us and all around us. Used in spellwork to call upon the Goddesses. One’s womb is full, with a baby physically, OR with a creative idea or project. This rune is also linked to Mother Earth because she is our mother and from her womb, we are born and we return.

Other Worldly Oracle
Wizard Forest
Crazy T’s Knotty Yarn


Thank you :pray: for the link, it is very interesting :thinking: :heart:


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry

Since I have been working with Hekate, Queen of the Witches, I thought it would be great to have a set of Witch Runes. So, I made a set with some black stones I had in my craft supplies.
Also, I found and printed some BOS pages to go with them. I searched all evening trying to find where I got the pages but had no luck yet! I will add it later if I find it :wink:
Here’s my set:

I still have to consecrate them before I use them. I think they turned out great for a marker and rocks! I will get a nice set if I find I connect well.


Challenge Entry #2

Despite having an entry in early this week… well early for me :smiley: I had a last minute urge to look into and then make my own set of Witch Runes.

(Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ed/2b/b1/ed2bb1d5f847fb9def96e29bc0dda4c4.jpg)

I rolled out a sheet of white polymer clay, cut out 13 shapes, carved the symbols, baked them then painted them with black symbols and used a color-shifting purple/green glaze.

They aren’t perfect by any means!

I may have to make another set in black clay as well.

Enjoyed participating in and reading others challenge entries!


Those look amazing. Since I got my first runes I can’t wait to use them as well but still have a lot of intro to Wicca and Witchcraft that I want to do first.

Here is what mine looks like.