Ingwaz 22nd Rune of the Elder Futhark & 6th of Tyr's Aett :ingwaz:

Rune Name: Ingwaz AKA: Inguz, Enguz :ingwaz:

Germanic Name: Ingwaz
Phonetic Value: Ng
Pronunciation: ING-waz
Translation: Ing
Modern English: Ing

Rune Number: 22 of the Elder Futhark & 6 of Tyr’s Aett
Polarity: Male :male_sign:

Color Association(s): Yellow
Elemental Association(s): Air :air_element: , Earth :earth_element:, Fire :fire_element:, Water :water_element:
Deity(ies): Ing, Freyr

Herbal Association(s): Self-Heal/Prunella :herb:
Tree Association(s): Apple :apple: :deciduous_tree:
Astrological Association(s): Moon :astrology_moon:
Month/Days: May 14 – May 29

Chakras: Heart :heart:, Root, Sacral
Tarot Card(s): The Magician, The High Priestess, The Hermit, The World, 9 of Wands :wand_tarot:

Magickal Uses: Help with matters of sexuality & potency. Great success in gardening endeavors. Creativity. Matters involving bread, baking, & brewing of beer. Farming, general health, balance. Protection rune of the home. To use effectively, learn to build up your powers over time & release the power all at once.

Productivity, work, groundedness, bounty, connection with the land, balance.

Earth & our deep relation to it. Spend more time in nature, & pay attention to the natural order.

Pay attention to one’s body – new exercise regimen or change in a diet. Healthy metabolism & lifestyle – need to focus on a sound body in order to achieve a sound mind.

Overall Meanings/Keyword(s): the God Ing (Earth god), Double Helix, Dream Come True, Home & Everyone Protected & Safe, Peace, Prosperity, Satisfaction with Life. Reincarnation. True Love. Awareness. Regeneration. Gestation. The pulsing of a thousand hearts informs the roads leading from & to your heritage. Honor the process. Honor yourself: past, present, future. All creations take time including – especially the development & embodiments of self.

Represents ancestral line that comes down through bloodlines. The great seed that gets passed down to us & to future generations.

Masculine & fathers. Successful continuation of a family line.

Also symbolizes completion, the old phase of life is coming to an end freeing up the energy for new phenomena to enter your experience. Problems are resolved or about to be solved & great relief follows.

A harmonious balance between 4 directions & 4 elements. Re-establishes our connection with spiritual natures in a more physical manner. A grounding rune. Reconnect us with our roots. Reintroduces us to earth, re-establishing the connection with our minds & our spirits.

Brightstave/Upright: Stave of rest, of active internal growth. There is a deep level of gestation of new power. Rest, let things gestate to be brought forth at the right time in full maturity. Have patience, listen to yourself. Things are in a potential state awaiting activation.

May indicate a healthy & hearty sexual relationship. Procreative energy is channeled through specific means whatever is propelling you forward in a positive way is bring acknowledged & confirming that the energy behind it is potent & heading for substantial results.

Trust, that you have done the necessary work, & ultimately positive energy, & relief is in sight. A major event of a turning point in life.

Merkstave/Reversed: (Cannot be reversed by may lie in opposition) Misapplication of “ing” can lead to self-absorption & to dissociation from the environment. You can become bottled up in the subjective world, unable to interact with objectivity. Paralytic stasis is indicated. Seductive force makes you think it is the end rather than a stage. Impotence. Movement without change.

Meditation: Ingwaz Rune - Magin Rose


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Another rune with many possibilities- there are so many ways to apply Ingwaz :star_struck:

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