Wednesday Rune draw - Berkana

Rune name: Berkana
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Info gathered and intuition felt :slight_smile:
Other historical names: Berkano, Bairkan, Beorc, Bjarkan
English letter association: B
Pronunciation: Bair-kah-nah
Rune number: 18
Polarity: Female
Colour associations: Blue, Dark Green
Elemental association: Earth
Crystal association: Moonstone
Diety associations: Frigg, Halda, The Birch Goddess
Herbal association: Alchemilla
Tree association: Birch
Astrological associations: Sagittarius, The Moon, Venus
Tarot Association: Empress
Magical uses: Fertility, Female health, Strengthen family ties, Love, Protection, Manifestation, Creativity.
Keywords: Birth, New beginnings, Family, Regeneration, Growth, Woman, Earth, From a time of darkness.
A few more passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book Runes for Beginners:

“A very positive rune, Berkana symbolizes new beginnings. This can take the form
of a new project, a new relationship, a new phase of spiritual development, or a
new idea that leads to successful outcomes. The Universal energies are fertile and
lined up for bringing forth new manifestations, so you are in an excellent position
to begin your next adventure. Berkana is known as the birth rune and can
indicate a child’s actual birth, a wedding, or other happy family occasions.
This rune is a very good sign for women who are trying to conceive.
Berkana is the rune of female energy and its shape represents the breasts of the
archetypal Earth Mother, who was known in many different guises to pagan
cultures around the globe. This rune symbolizes the nurturing, attentive, and
protective qualities of maternal energy.”

“In the reverse position, Berkana points to stagnation and obstacles to beginning
something new. Depending on the context, it may indicate trouble conceiving or
issues with pregnancy or getting a new enterprise off the ground. There may
be conflicts within the home or family, with tempers flaring easily. You may be
worried about someone you love or offering support to someone who won’t
accept it.”

“Additional Meanings
Berkana’s translation is “birch,” a highly revered tree associated with renewal and
regeneration. The birch was among the first trees that returned to reforest the land
after the last Ice Age and is one of the first trees to leaf out in the spring.
If you’re struggling with difficulties or if the reading is predominantly negative,
drawing Berkana is a reminder that no matter how cold or dark things may seem,
warmth and light will return. You may very well be in a dormant phase that
precedes a spiritual reawakening. Soon enough, you will begin to bloom again.”

This Rune reminded me of the Goddess in her Mother form and of Beltane as well :heartpulse: I now have a new found respect for Birch Trees :heartpulse:


What a great rune for the day before Earth Day! Thanks for sharing!


I agree with @Amethyst- a perfect rune to explore for Earth Day! :earth_africa: :heart_eyes: Thanks for taking the time to share this wisdom, @Liisa. It was a pleasure to learn about Berkana!

Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added the name of the rune explored to the title of each thread you’ve shared so far. This is just to prevent the threads from getting mixed up and to make it easier to reference the runes in the future! All your wonderful information will be very helpful to look back on :blush:

Thanks again for sharing, Lisa! :heart:


@TheTravelWitch thank you :smiley: I never even thought of that :joy: :heartpulse:

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@Liisa Thank YOU for taking the time to share your wisdom! I’m loving reading about a new rune each day :heart_eyes: