Divination with The Runes

Hey everyone I’m back :grin: had a crazy couple of weeks but all is back in order now :blush: so here’s this week’s Rune post :heart:

So what is divination with the Runes (specifically the Elder Futhark)? This is how Lisa Chamberlain explains it in the chapter on Runic Divination in her book Runes for Beginners:
“Before you begin using the Runes in divination, it’s important to understand that what Runic readings preset is not a prediction of unalterable fate. Rather, successful divination of any kind provides what could be called a snapshot of the present moment, which can illuminate unseen factors in your situation and point to probable outcomes based on your current course of action.”
It’s the bestand simplest explanation around this subject I’ve found so far.

Tips Before You Start
Like any divination or ritual process it is always best to have as calm and clear a mind and environment as possible, whether you are reading for yourself or someone else. Take some time to mediate, breathe and cleanse the space before you start :heart:

Types of Rune Spreads and Casts
There are an array of different Rune Spreads to be found online some simple others complicated but I’m going to tell you about 4 of the main ones :blush:

This is the One Rune spread and can be used to give quick and simple advice on a current problem or situation or it can be a daily method of helping to learn the Runes. Pull one each day and spend a little of that day researching that Rune.

The Three Rune spread provides more context to a reading to a bigger picture can be obtained. Each one is connected to one of the 3 Norns of Fate and helps us make decisions based on our passed experiences and current situations.

The Five Rune spread helps to add a further layer of clarification to a reading by adding advice and a possible outcome of the advice is taken. It can help to give a stating point from which to move forward from after the reading.

This Rune cast is not one I use myself because it has many different ways of interpreting it, from where, how and in what relation to each other the Runes land, but there is a plethora of information online if it’s something you really want to look into. I had to include it since it’s the earliest known way the Runes were used for Divination purposes.

What questions can be asked? Just about anything you can imagine although it is hard to obtain simple yes or no answers from any question posed to the Runes because of the deep meanings of each individual Runes and because the Norse people believed that fate wasn’t set in stone and could be changed by the smallest of acts :heart:
What can Runes be made off? Absolutely anything, you can buy them or make them. Asking as you cleanse, consecrate and connect to them they will work for you :blush: I know @basil made a post about making your own Runes but I cant find the post to link it :pensive:

Edit: Here’s the link: Attempt to make my own Runes

Happy Runic Divining everyone :heart::heart:


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Thanks for this.

I’ve just bought my first set of runes and this gives me a good place to start :slightly_smiling_face:


Another insightful and inspirational rune post from Rune Master Liisa- thank you so much for blessing us with this wisdom! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Perhaps this one? This thread explored making home-made runes using feathers:


We were starting to miss you, Liisa, and the runes!! ᛚᛁᛁᛊᚨ :smiley:

Thanks for the tips and spreads. I think the traditional rune cast is my favorite because it offers so many things to analyze: spaces, sides, shapes, interactions…!


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@IrisW congrats in the new Rune set :grin: I was going to make some but I’ve become so attached and tuned into my bought set that I’ll probably just use them now :heart:

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@Francisco I missed everyone also :hugs: there is so much to explore with the Rune cast method :grin: so many possibilities for interpretations I might try a post on just that method next :heart:


Thank you got the different spreads greatly appreciated!
Someday I’ll make my own, my own


I am following @basil’s tutorial right now:

Thanks for the inspiration, Iris! :+1:


Nice job! I think I can do that! They look great!:wink:
I got a Popsicle stick and I think I’m just gonna do them one by one.
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