Attempt to make my own Runes

I made these runes using duck feathers. As feathers are messages from angels, I found it quite fitting!
They are not perfect, difficult to paint with markers. I sealed the edges usin nail varnish. In the future I will use proper colour for each “rune”.
I used them twice, so far, and got interesting messages out of them.

1st. Picture is for a friend struggling to sell property in Spain.:taurus:


Beautifully done, @basil! :heart_eyes: I can imagine it was tough to write on feathers, but the result is well worth the effort. These runes are symbolic and lovely to see :sparkles:

May they share much wisdom with you! Also sending good thoughts to your friend in their real estate struggles :pray:

Blessed be!


@TheTravelWitch. Thank you!

I believe Lisa Chamberlain writes in her book that in the olden days soothsayers would use wooden sticks, as runes, and throw them up in the air.
As they fell on the ground, would read the sticks forming the symbols that we know today.
I like the way feathers fall, they are a lot lighter than other materials.
I keep them in this box found cheaply at a a branch company, sadly, under administration.


They turned out very nice!!! I’m glad you used feathers, which are meaningful to you.

May they help your friend in Spain!!!


Wow :hushed: this is so beautifully done @basil. Very creative of you. I really like to see them.


They are gorgeous :heart_eyes: I’ve never even thought of feathers for a Rune set before its an awesome idea :star_struck: May they always serve your Highest Good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Skal :heartpulse:


As feathers means message from the angels, thought it would make a stronger connection.
It took a bit of planning. Sealed the edges with nail varnish. They are a bit flimsy!
It suits me to throw them up in the air and watch them landing.
White means purity, so don’t think I will dye the feathers with the right runes colour.
It’s an option though.
Would love to try to paint symbols in red, as it means fire,moving energy.
I still gonna make the runes with wood and add other symbols and numbers to it.
I have Hawthorne wood, which is sacred.
Blessed be♉


I played tarot cards and Mahjongg and seems that they will sell by the end of this year.
Might not be the amount they want, but it will be the end of it.
I can not believe what they have been told to pay to put in place 2 signs to advertise the sale of the flats.
€600.00 per flat, equals €6,000.00
They have to be place over scaffolding.
Told her to sell them on EBAY, once they sell those flats.
What a rip off :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::joy:


@TheTravelWitch Are the letters made of gold, or what???


The glass box cost only £7.00.
Hope they drop the price further before they close down
I love to keep my tarot cards inside.
Not worth buying wooden ones​:joy_cat::+1:


@basil I think your runes look 100 times better than anything you could buy because you filled them with your love and energy while you made them. It’s also a great idea for witches on a budget.

Did you try using them for divination yet?


Sometimes a venture costs more to keep it going than any profit it would yield. Sounds like your tarot and Mahjongg are saying that it’s better for them to cut their losses and get out of a sticky situation!

Wishing them all the best- hopefully the sale will go well! :blush:

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@Francisco thank you.
I tried two readings.

This one was for a friend, in Spain, trying to sell a block of flats.
I used numerology oracle cards, Celtic cross & MahJong.
Was an interesting reading.
Runes & Celtic cross will take me longer to get the full meaning.
Need more practice😃
Just found interesting meaning to blank runes.
Either there’s a problem with a question, or a chance to pick another rune. It’s a chance to meditate!:pray:


You’re right.
The remaining family is well off, but She’s dyslexic, no job and health issues.
She’s got some savings, but her flat alone is old and hight maintenance.
Her mother died of dementia, leaving the patrimony to her 3 children. She didn’t want to sell the properties at the time.
Now, economy is stagnant, they have tenants on ridiculous low rent and lots of disagreement.
Her 2 brothers, health-wise, are far worse than she is.
I wish her well​:pray::two_hearts::four_leaf_clover:
It’s a tragic comedy!
And hope I’ve got my readings right :smiley:


@Francisco @TheTravelWitch
Here there’s a different set of Runes.

Left the back of the sticks unpainted to add more symbolism.
Think next time will burn the symbols and use acrylics instead of pencils and crayons.
Will try to throw the sticks up in the air to see them fall and compare with the feathers.:taurus:


I just add more information to my rune sticks.
I am thinking to use them like drawing lots.
Will shuffle them and try to pick some reverse ones.


So many new ideas for making Runes now :heart_eyes: Thank you so much for this inspiration :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve started off with one wooden set and it looks like I’m set to make more with the help of your creativity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re welcome.

I’m thinking, on the other side, may add planets or quick reference to each rune.
I’m really pleased how my craft is turning out.
Look forward to play with them😃
Here is my first reading:

Quick reading:
The beginning of a jurney and Joy developing my craft and psichic energies!
I will add the page number on each stick, for quick search in Kindle🤭


Omg yes! Like Rune flashcards :heart_eyes: That’s an awesome idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
This reading is perfect for a new set of Runes made with love :heartpulse: I also just noticed the cute little cows on the sticks :heart_eyes:


I wanted to remove them, they are from a frozen yogurt brand, I believe is
it fits me as I am Taurus​:taurus::joy::joy_cat::rofl:
Good night to all of you, to borrow a line from ELVIRA " Mistress of the Dark": Unpleasant Dreams…!:spider::spider_web::owl::bat::rofl: