Wednesday's Rune draw - Isa

Rune name: Isa
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Information gathered and Intuition felt :nerd_face:
Other historical names: Isaz, Is, Iss, Isarz
English letter association: I
Pronunciation: Ee-sah
Rune number: 11
Polarity: Female
Colour associations: Black, White
Elemental associations: Water (particularly ice form)
Crystal associations: Cat’s Eye
Diety associations: Hel, Verdandi
Herbal associations: Henbane
Tree associations: Alder, Blackthorn
Astrological associations: Virgo, The Moon, Jupiter
Tarot associations: Hermit
Magical uses: Maintaining the Status Quo, Protecting against unwanted Energies or Developments, Bringing Clarity to a Situation
Keywords: Obstacles, Stillness, Stagnation, Origin, Delay, Willpower, Coldness, Rest

A few more passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“Isa is the third rune in Hagal’s Aett, and the third in a row to carry a predominantly negative meaning. It translates literally to “ice,” which may seem, depending on the context, to be a neutral or even positive substance to modern people, but to the ancient people of Northern Europe, ice was useless and was more often than not an obstacle. As a representation of frozen water, Isa signifies a lack of movement which is likely frustrating. There may be physical circumstances blocking your progress, a loss of energy, or mental blocks that you cannot see past in order to move forward.”

“Isa also indicates delay, and it is best to accept this as a reality in your current situation, rather than pushing against it. Know that the sun will eventually return to melt the ice and allow the water to flow freely again. In the meantime, take advantage of this still, static energy to practice focusing on the present moment. Meditation is highly useful now, as it can help dissipate frustration and take your
focus off of things you can’t control. Don’t give up on your ambition or assume that a delay means it won’t work out. If there’s anything you can do to prepare for making progress once it becomes possible again, put your energy there instead. You might even find that you’re better equipped to pursue your goal as a result.”

“Additional Meanings
In the context of relationships, Isa can also point to emotional coldness between people. This could pertain to friendships, family relationships, or romantic partnerships. Affection may be lacking, communication may have come to a standstill, or a passionate romance may be cooling off. Arguments or conflicts are either present or forthcoming. Ask yourself if you have been open and demonstrative of your feelings for the person or people in question. If it is they who have closed themselves off, consider how you might approach reconnecting or rekindling the energy between you. Recognize, however, that in some situations, it may be best to let go and move on. The transparency of ice can also signify clarity, whether it comes to relationships or any other situation causing difficulty. Evaluating your circumstances from a cool, emotionally detached viewpoint can be helpful now, which is one positive
aspect of Isa.”

This is the most positive “negative” Symbol iv researched in my journey so far. I see how Ice was negative in ancient times, and even sometimes today depending on where you live. But the message is more about taking time during a standstill or perceived failure to regroup and figure either a better way down the same path or another path altogether :heartpulse: I kept thinking of Shadow Magick while I wrote this after seeing this weeks challenge and I like the theme of positives from what can initially be seen as a negative :heartpulse: All energies shape our lives and we need them all :heartpulse:

I had to add this when I found it, how beautiful is the flower associated with this Rune :heart_eyes:


I love this picture. It just makes me smile. :smiley:


That’s the same grass I took a picture of last week with the teeny tiny bits of grass showing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve got sage and basil in there as well, so I put the grass in for compost if I give it a trim every week and let the trimmings fall to the soil then they will provide nutrients for the herbs :heartpulse:


Aside Lisa Chamberlain info regarding “blank rune”, do you have
any more information about it?
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From what I have found out so far the Blank Rune is a little younger than the Elder Futhark themselves and is only used it Rune Divination. It’s called the Orlog Rune in Old Norse and The Wyrd Rune is Anglo-Saxon. It basically points to forces out with the control of the Questioner. Sort of like Fate or Karma. It’s usually telling us that we must let what is coming happen for regrowth and change because if we try to control it we could make things worse. It’s sometimes called Odin’s Rune as well :heartpulse:


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I found this on holistic
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Some rune sets come with a blank rune. However, opinions over the validity of blank runes are mixed, with the traditionalists saying that there’s no historical evidence that blank runes were ever used.

It’s up to you how you want to proceed with blank runes. If you want to include them in your oracle reading, then that’s fine. But if not, you can always remove any blank runes that are included in your set.


Definitely, you should do what resonates with you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Just because its a younger concept doesn’t mean it’s not ok to use, these are only tools we channel energy through :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I got one with my set as well and I’ve kept it in there, never drew it yet though :heartpulse:


Think of it like the white card in Mahjongg.
It can mean a document to sign, a deceased or psychic power.
But again depends on other cards showing.
I like the fact I can meditate a bit extra on it, allowing my mind to drift away.:taurus:
I just uploaded 6 apps about runes to explore further.
I am so taken by them. Find them very interesting subject!