Thursday's Rune draw - Uruz

Rune name: Uruz
Back with more info later :heart:

Info gathered and intuition felt :slight_smile:
Other historical names: Ur, Urz
English letter association: U
Rune number: 2
Polarity: Male
Colour associations: Dark green
Elemental association: Earth, Air
Crystal associations: Garnet, Tiger’s eye
Diety associations: All the Vanir from the Norse pantheon, Audhumla (Primeval cow from Norse Mythology)
Herbal associations: Muskeg moss, Icelandic moss
Tree associations: Oak, Birch
Astrological associations: Aries, Taurus, Mars
Tarot association: High Priestess
Magical uses: Strengthen and focus personal will, healing on all levels, deeper understanding of yourself and underlying motives, Harness the energy of sudden change for the positive.
Keywords: Ox, Strength, Health, Wisdom, Action, Power, Energy

Another few passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“This raw strength and power are at the heart of the meaning of Uruz. Physical
strength can be indicated, but emotional and spiritual strength are just as likely to
be emphasized here. If you are facing challenges, Uruz is a reminder that you
have the strength to persevere, as well as to defend yourself from adversaries. If
you are pursuing a dream, this rune suggests that there is enough momentum
behind you to bring it into manifested form. Summon your connection to divine
energy and trust that you will be guided to channel your personal power toward a
positive outcome.”

“Uruz reversed indicates that you have missed opportunities or neglected to
recognize your own abilities to achieve success. You may be experiencing a lack
of will power or motivation, which can both cause and be caused by a perceived
lack of progress. What can you do to restore your self-confidence and proactive
energy? What fears—conscious or unconscious—are you allowing to hold you

“Additional Meanings
Another chief meaning of Uruz relates to health. Upright, this rune indicates that
you are or soon will be experiencing good health and a high degree of vitality.
Uruz reversed in this respect warns of ill health, low energy, and the need to pay
attention to your physical well-being.
Uruz is also a rune of sudden changes, often with unpredictable outcomes. In this
context, Uruz upright is encouraging you to weather the upheaval, as new growth
and even previously unimagined positive consequences are likely. However, you
need to embrace the change and be willing to take chances in order to reap
potential rewards. A willingness to engage in “creative risk” is called for here.
Uruz reversed in this interpretation indicates that you are holding back from
taking advantage of the opportunities that change and challenges present. If you
continue to stand still out of fear of the unknown, you may miss out on something
wonderful, and experience stagnation and loss of momentum instead.”

I had a 12-hour shift at work today and having this Rune in my pocket and thinking about it every so often really helped me get through the day without any negativity :heartpulse: It literally gave me the strength to remain positive :heartpulse:


I’ll be waiting lol :heart:


I liked that you explained how the rune made you feel. I have observed that gaining personal insight from each rune is a good way to approach to working with them!

This looks like a complicated rune but it was very clear. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!!


I do the same with stones if I’m having a rough day’ sometimes you need a lil extra pick me up’ but I’m gonna do it next with a rune , so much more you can learn. Runes intimidate me’ lol. Not sure why tho’ I just feel it when I hold em.


I usually think of this rune and physical health but now you’ve got me in mind of mental health. Thank you for this!


Thank you for this wonderful information about Uruz, @Liisa! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love anything that corresponds with Tiger’s Eye- I can tell this rune is overflowing with positive energy and strength :muscle: :tiger:


I’m so happy everyone is learning new things :heart: me included :heart: I feel so much more connected to the Runes now and Im even starting to understand more about The Tarot through this as well and I love that :heart: Blessed Be :heart: