Othala - 24th Rune of the Elder Futhark & 8 of Tyr's Aett :othalan:

Rune Name: Othala :othalan:

Germanic Name: Othala :othalan:
Phonetic Value: O (like oval)
Pronunciation: OH-tha-la
Translation: Ancestral Property
Modern English: Odal

Rune Number: 24 of the Elder Futhark & 8 of Tyr’s Aett
Polarity: Male :male_sign:

Color Association(s): Deep Yellow
Elemental Association(s): Earth :earth_element: , Fire :fire_element:

Herbal Association(s): Goldthread :herb:
Tree Association(s): Hawthorn :deciduous_tree:

Astrological Association(s): Sun :sun:
Month/Days: May 29 – June 14

Chakras: Heart :heart:, Root
Tarot Card(s): The Emperor, The Hermit, 6 of Cups :cup_tarot: , 9 of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot: , 10 of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot:

Magickal Uses : Use to fortify & all that’s concerned with family & heritage. Solidify family ties. Invoke/Chant Othala to assist in communication with ancestors.

Overall Meanings/Keyword(s): Property, Home, Ancestor, Homeland, Endurance, Kinship, Obstacles, Ancestral Inheritance

Rune of heritage – what we came into the world with in terms of who we are born & raised by. Literal inheritance of land or other property. Usually more tangible inheritance from our family of origin.

The tension between traditions & how you’re approaching life. Living lifestyle parents may not agree to or hide true self.

Here you may rest your bones, knowing a feeling deeply, the support of your family & the stable structures you erected over time & spiritual space. This is the sacred hearth that will forever cradle & comfort your soul & kin. This is your touchstone. This is yours.

Heart, home, spirit, bone/ Unconditional support surrounds me through thick & thin. By the glowing hearth light, I reflect the resonance, faith, & inheritance of my kin.

Healing harmonious family relationships, clarity about the self, and communication with ancestors.

Signifies assistance from family & friends or older people. Cultivation of a garden for skill to build stable resources. Relation to past lives.

Brightstave/Upright: Self-contained hereditary power. Ancestral property. Stable prosperity & well-being. A solid peaceful home, family, or group life is indicated & as one that leads to continued growth. True Freedom from a secure base. New dwelling or allegiance in the offing. Productive interactions with outsiders are continuing possibility.

Merkstave/Reversed: Lack of customary order, poverty. Conflict and disharmony within the family or group could cause a major rift. Patience & careful observance are recommended with emotional detachment. A situation where support is denied. Major rift/divorce. Homelessness.

Meditation: Othala - Magin Rose


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Ohhhhh! Another rune, love it! Thank you so much for all your research and work creating these… I just love them!


You are very welcome! I feel bad that the post is so late this week, but it’s been quite the week. After the weekend, I should be back to normal forum things that I do :laughing:

I’m surprised that I go through them all though & they are there for those just starting out that may want more information or ideas on how to possibly use them within their practice.

Othala :othalan: being the last rune & with the week I had, believe it or not… concerning my week… I have received a wealth of ancestral information that has been passed down through the family to the oldest child since the 1800s. There are labels from items, certificates of marriage, death, applications for the military, portraits, and family tree types written out on the pages. Plus another book that is another line of the family that goes back before they immigrated to PA. It’s a lot of exciting ancestry information that I never thought I would ever see.

I also found my connection to my family & who they are & are not & who I am in relation to the connections I feel as familial… if that makes sense.

Just a little tidbit that made lightbulbs go off in my brain :bulb: :joy:


Did you see my post yesterday in Tending Brigid’s Flame? I drew Tuatha de Dannan For the Ancestors. Feels like it’s connected to all the information you have received about your family…

And to top this off, I shuffled the cards and I drew Liminality AGAIN!!!

Something big is going on… @Siofra_Strega and all I can say is WOW!!!


@marsha… I was just at Brighid’s Flame :rofl: I saw the last week or so that you have done… 2 weeks? Anyway, yes… I had actually done it because after…Tuesday night, then Wednesday morning I had this feeling I needed to be able to process & communicate boundaries in a big way & be true to myself & my family, blah, blah, so I did the Morrigan meditation for Awakening the Warrior Spirit & the rest of the day was okay, I got my point across, & they left last night before 10 PM & have been on their way home since this morning. :smiling_face:


Another rune
Really love this, u know this is one of the difficult topics in my learning


This sounds like it would be a great rune to place on the altar or incorporate into a ritual when doing ancestor work :pray:.

Thanks so much for sharing your rune wisdom, @Siofra_Strega! :heart: :othalan: