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Hello to everyone!!

I am a runes caster, I have my obsidian runes which I use to cast with my family, but today a friend asked me to cast on her. I heard I have to have a different bundle for me and another for those who ask me to cast the runes. Is that true? Should I use the bunch I use with my family with my friend? Hoy can I clean the runes from the energy after cast them with a person who doesn’t belong to my family?

Thanks you all and blessed be!:heart:

(Sorry if some parts are difficult to understand, its a long text and I’m not pretty sure if I translated correctly)


I have never heard about using different sets for different people or family & friends.

You said the runes are obsidian, so any way that you would cleanse crystals would be fine for those as well.

I would cleanse them before casting for friends & then afterward. Maybe cleanse the pouch they are in as well.


First, your translation is great, I can understand clearly what you are asking.

I personally don’t read runes (although I am interested), I do read tarot for friends sometimes. I don’t have a separate deck for that purpose and will use what calls me. I smoke cleanse the deck before and after the reading. I’m sure you could do something similar with your runes.


Yep, she is right… Smoke, sound, Selenite, moonlight… they will all work cleansing crystal runes & wooden or any others.

@Amaris_Bane one day I hope to be better at tarot… much more than 3 cards & I get lost or need help. I had stopped for a while though so i didn’t retain everything because I wasn’t really using them for over 6 months.

I haven’t cast runes in even longer, but i enjoy daily draws right now.

If you want to learn more about using runes:


Greetings @SpanishWitchy,

Siofra and Amaris shared some great advice- just jumping in to say I agree with what they’ve said! :blush:

While I can definitely see why there would be appeal in having a personal set of runes/deck/etc strictly for your own use, I think that’s more of a personal preference- I’ve never heard it as a standard rule everyone should follow. I don’t currently use runes for divination, but for the other divination tools I use (mainly my tarot decks and tasseography cup) I don’t see any issue using them to read for others. If you feel there is outside energy interfering, a good cleanse with your favorite cleansing method will do the trick! :grinning:

(And your translation is perfect- everything is very clear! No worries at all :blush:)

Wishing you all the best with your rune casting- blessed be, Lucia! :sparkles:


Thanks, @Susurrus!! I am looking at ordering a set on payday tomorrow. :grin: Just don’t tell my husband. :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: He already jokes about my tarot collection.


Hi there @SpanishWitchy, I use a few different rune sets depending on what is going on. I will not cast for someone else, only myself, because it is not an easy process and takes a lot of practice, time and understanding to get anything out of it, especially for someone else - but that is my own rule. I will however, allow someone else to draw a runes from a bag of mine - I ask them to ask a yes/no question - then they will draw only one rune.

I will sometimes ask them to pose a broader question and they will draw 3. If you need assistance with these methods, let me know!

Lastly, cleanse your runes each time you use them - even when you use them. The methods listed by @Susurrus and @Amaris_Bane are perfect for cleansing. Do what ever you normally do to cleanse your items! Happy rune casting!!! :rock:


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