Monday's Rune draw - Thurisaz

Rune name: Thurisaz
I’ll be back later with more info :heart:

Information gathered and Intuition felt :nerd_face:
Other historical names: Thurs, Thor
English letter association: the (as in thorn)
Pronunciation: Thoo-ree-sahz
Rune number: 3
Polarity: Male
Colour associations: White, Light Red
Elemental associations: Fire
Crystal associations: Sapphire
Diety associations: Thor
Herbal associations: Leek
Tree associations: Blackthorn, Oak
Astrological associations: Taurus, Mars, Jupiter
Tarot associations: Emporer
Magical uses: Defensive Magic, Protection, Help with Decisions, Good Luck
Keywords: Protection, Thorn, Warning, Contemplation, Decisions, Luck, Power, Defense

A few more passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“Thurisaz is chiefly concerned with aspects of protection and resistance to danger or other unwanted circumstances. The shape of this rune represents a thorn on a branch, symbolizing the wisdom of choosing a defensive stance, rather than rushing to attack an adversary. If you go into a challenging or potentially dangerous situation, you can surround yourself with a shield of protective energy, carry a talisman, and/or be extra mindful of your environment and your actions. Taking these measures is often
enough to deter potential attackers from trying to harm or take advantage of you so that you avoid the unpleasant situation altogether. Consider this rune as a friendly but stern warning to be alert to potential danger at this time.”

“Reversed, Thurisaz in this sense may actually indicate that danger is passing, or that the risk you’re facing is less significant. It may also simply point to a feeling of vulnerability or fear of adversity.
In a related interpretation, Thurisaz advises you to be mindful of your motives. Watch out for opportunities that bring reward through deceit or dishonesty, remembering that what goes around comes around. Don’t take the “easy path” if doing so allows you to skirt responsibility. Furthermore, be willing to listen to advice from those you trust, even if you don’t like what you hear. In this context,
drawing Thurisaz reversed may mean that you have been stubborn in this regard, refusing to follow solid advice that could have helped you avoid an unwanted experience.”

“Additional Meanings
Another common interpretation of Thurisaz indicates that you’re facing an important decision requiring careful consideration. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate every aspect of the situation before making your move. Take as much time as you can to decide, and don’t make your choice from a place of emotion. The ability to come from a neutral, rational place when making a decision that could significantly impact your life is another form of protection against unwanted circumstances. Thurisaz reversed may be signalling that you’re not serving yourself well in this regard—you may be in denial about an aspect of the situation and therefore unable to make a balanced decision. Seek the advice of experts and/or people whose perspective you trust. Depending on the context of the reading, Thurisaz can also simply represent a stroke of luck—in either a positive or negative sense, depending on the position of the rune. Thurisaz is sacred to both Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning, and Loki, the trickster god. It reminds us that chaos is necessary for transformation, that what appears to be positive at first may not be (and vice versa). We may love a good thunderstorm, and the land may benefit from the rain, but we also know that lightning may strike and trees may be destroyed. Thurisaz represents this destructive, chaotic, primal force within the Universe.”

This Rune felt so true to how I am feeling right now :heartpulse: I have been leaving the Runes iv already drawn out of the bag so that I don’t draw the same Rune too many times and have everyone wait for new Runes so I can’t say that it was my intuition solely that made me draw this Rune as there were only 3 left in the bag but I still felt it resonate regardless :heartpulse: We should always take responsibility for our mistakes but, we should also never be too hard on ourselves or let others treat us badly because of them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This visual really helped to solidify the meaning of Thurisaz! :raised_hands: While tarot cards are bursting at the seams with symbolism that helps with memorization, I’ve found that it’s a bit harder to remember which rune stands for what based on memory alone. This tip about the rune shape really helps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Only 3 left!!! Wow, the journey through runes flew by- I’m in awe of how expansive and insightful all of the different meanings are! :star_struck:

Thanks so much for all the runes you have explored so far, @Liisa- I’m looking forward to learning about the final three! :heartpulse:

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It took a while for the shapes to stick with me as well, but the more I read about the meanings the more I saw the patterns in the shapes :slight_smile:

I know ill be kind of sad when they’re done :pensive: But there will still be more to learn, I’m going to maybe start doing a weekly post going deeper into different aspects of the Runes. Like the Aettir, the Symbolism, Magical uses and BindRunes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ohhhhh that sounds so exciting! :star_struck: Opening up the runes really is like Pandora’s Box- for such simplistic looking symbols, there is a whole world of information and exciting knowledge to explore! :books: :two_hearts:

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I look forward to sharing it with you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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