Tuesday's Rune draw - Dagaz

Rune Name: Dagaz
I’ll be back later with more info :heartpulse:

Info gathered and intuition felt :nerd_face:
Other historical names: Daeg, Dags, Dogr
English letter association: D
Pronunciation: Dah-gahz
Rune number: 23
Polarity: Male
Colour associations: Yellow, Light Blue
Elemental association: Fire, Air
Crystal association: Diamond, Peridot
Deity associations: Hiemdallr, Bragi, Nerthus, Gullvieg
Herbal association: Clary Sage
Tree association: Spruce
Astrological associations: Pisces, The Sun
Tarot association: Temperance
Magical uses: Good Luck, Promote positive transformations, Increase Wealth, Turning the corner in a challenging situation, Spiritual or Creative Breakthrough
Keywords: Daylight, Day/Night Cycle, Success, Hope, Breakthrough, Transformation, Balance, Time, Kowledge

A few passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“Dagaz is the rune of daylight and is considered a very beneficial sign in any reading. For the ancient Norse, daylight was a precious commodity during the long, cold winters. Dagaz is associated with the contrasting blessing of Midsummer when the days are long and the Sun is at its height of power. Increase, growth, prosperity, strength, good health, and general well-being are indicated by this rune. You may experience an unexpected successful outcome concerning a problem or project you have been working on. You are encouraged to remain optimistic and to keep your focus on the light as positive new developments unfold. Dagaz is also known as the “dawn rune,” and as such represents new hope, and an emerging from darkness into light. You may have recently undergone a “dark night” on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level, and are now able to greet the new day with a hard-won clarity and confidence.”

“There is a related aspect of protection to Dagaz, as daylight is considered a protective force, guiding us out of danger and onto the right path and keeping unwanted influences at bay. You are out of harm’s way now, so you can rejoice in safety and look forward to new openings and opportunities. As the first light of the dawn breaks through the dark of night, Dagaz also represents the breakthrough of insight and inspiration, whether on an artistic, creative level or in terms of spiritual enlightenment. This rune may be pointing to a time when you have access to communion with divine energies, perhaps even psychic knowledge of situations or events that eludes everyone else involved. Whatever the case, spiritual development and advancement are indicated here. Divine light is guiding you along your path and you are making steady progress.”

“Additional Meanings
The symmetrical shape of Dagaz represents the balance between opposing energies— light and dark, up and down, movement and stagnation, etc. Depending on the context of the reading, this rune may be reminding you to seek more balance in your approach to a problem or in your daily life in general. Alternatively, Dagaz can point to a major transformation or fundamental change in your life. Some have compared the rune’s shape to the wings of a butterfly, evoking the beautiful, winged completion of what can start out as an uncomfortable or frightening transition. If you are feeling immobilized or uprooted by major changes in your life, let Dagaz be a reminder of the positive results of necessary transformation. Dagaz has no reversed meaning.”

I didn’t feel a lot from this Rune today? It was a busy day at work so I didn’t get to focus on it as much as I have the other ones. I did notice the connection to the Norse Diety Bragi. He is the Norse God of poetry and creative writing and one of my favourite stories in the Havamal :heartpulse:


I used to draw this one as a kid all the time!

Thank you for this, Lisa!! ᛞ


Anything corresponding to creativity is very welcome in my practice! :grin::+1: Sounds like Dagaz is a rune with a lot going for it!

And I think your picture with the quote “Trust the magic of new beginnings” sums it up perfectly :heart:

Thanks so much for the lesson on Dagaz, @Liisa! It was a delight to read :blush: