🕚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

Weekly Witchy Challenge- Catch up!

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1st Entry: Tactical Magick- Magickal Strategist

A magickal strategy I use every night is my dream catchers. I made them with an evil eye bead, hematite, opalite, and amethyst beads. I pin them to the side of my bed or hang them on my night stand.

Entry 2 A Healthy Dose of Crystals- Crystal Healer

I use crystals everyday for different issues. If I don’t have anything that I need I carry a stone that goes with the day. Here is the container I keep a lot of my most commonly used crystals in. I keep the ones that fit in a pocket easily here too.

I love crystals! I almost have my new displays finished in my bedroom. I will show it off when I finish of course! :wink:

Entry 3 Symbols & Sigils- Wielder of Symbols

I have been making, drawing and studying the history of Pentagrams and Pentacles. I was very afraid of them when I first began witchcraft because of my Christian upbringing but now I love them and use them everyday. I wear a ring with one, except when I go to moms :roll_eyes: I found out that Christians used them way back in like 300 ad. I will add the link to the video I watched about it. This witch is 4th generation!! I really like the information she posts about other subjects too.

I really enjoy the catch up challenges. So much diversity, I love it!



Hi everyone

This is my first ever entry to the weekly witchy challenge. I have chosen Divining Differently.

Normally i work with tarot cards but i have recently become drawn to runes. I am very much still a beginner but have devolped my own little routine to help me.

I use a spread called “the week ahead” which tells me what to bring, embrace, focus on and leave behind in the upcoming week. I do this reading on a Sunday, using only the light of a candle. I hold tje rins in my hand, meditating on the question “what will the upcoming week have in store for me” before scattering the runes onto the table when i get the “feeling”. Without looking, i then hover my hands over until i am drawn to select 4. I record their message in my journal.

Having looked at the overall message and overarching themes of the reading, i select my rune of the week…one which will help me in the upcoming week.

Using its keywords, i create short verse to ask for its help in the upcoming

Each morning i recite the verse while i draw the rune on my forehead with a mixture of sage and pine oil. This marks the rune and asks for its help but is also a great way for me to learn their meanings.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my ritual for using runes tondetermine what i need for the upcoming week.




Hello, thank you. The cream is for my face. I also use it on the rest of my skin as well- why not!
The chant I had made was for the cream to help with aging issues-basically.
I wanted to have a cream that I like, that works, and that I don’t have to pay a lot of money for! Creams are so expensive!


Wow great! My herbs are going great as well but brought them not grew them which i think is even better as you are putting in all your intentions which makes it more magickal! Unfortunately, my cat Midnight loves laying in the coriander, basil and parsley and this is the second time they don’t look so well… I hope i can revive them as i never seem to get these to grow :blush:


Welcome to the challenge and the forum! @Cosmic_Curiosity I really enjoy the weekly challenges. I hope you will enjoy them very much too!



It’s something I have actually done for as long as I can remember whether it’s a person, situation which becomes a memory. Some I’ve had to attach to different things, well, maybe not had to but since starting my work on myself & my mental health in February… some song’s meanings have changed due to what they were attached to that has now been resolved & I can either listen to them for pure enjoyment or they have some new meaning for me whether person, animal, or situation. I don’t know why I do it but I do…

I have always had a habit of really listening to the words & what the song is conveying to me or how it “hits” me. So my main playlist is always a surprise when I put it on shuffle. It can go from one genre to another genre by the song which is fun for me but other people listen to it & are like how do go from “XYZ” to “ABC” in one playlist? I shared it with someone & they were like… so I can just separate this out by genre really :rofl: I said or just skip a couple times & it will be something that you like. :joy:

@LadyDennaRahl I agree with @MeganB about something different coming from something I made myself or that has been bought or made elsewhere. I would love to be able to make my rune set, ogham staves, or witches’ runes, but my hands have an issue with doing what I want them to do. Especially when it starts to be really cold weather, which apparently here in New England, Mother Nature has settled on cold weather for a while. It took her a little bit but she finally settled down & made her choice this week :laughing: I love what you’ve done with the Pentacle :pentacle_tarot: to make it yours. I do a lot of the same things, tweak things or change them to make them my own by adding or removing different things to them. :smiling_face:

@Phoenix_Rose that sounds like a great meditation practice that you had for yourself. I know what you mean about always feeling pressed for time, it’s something that I’m working on with help from my husband. It’s okay to not get to everything in one day, sometimes a meditation or just a walk up the street brings me back to a state of losing that feeling & kind of starting fresh.

@Trixie_Thojrne I have noticed the same thing as @MeganB with your challenge entries & I hope that it all comes to fruition for you & works out with your intentions. :smiling_face:

@Sarafeena_Sage I had the same kind of feeling about the pentacle & pentagram :pentagram: from being raised in a Catholic home. Once I learned more about it & that it had been adapted by the “church” way back when & used by them… first there was a moment of well, that’s hypocritical… then I appreciated it much more for what the actual meanings of it are within witchcraft, not what it is perceived to be by most. They aren’t paying attention to the direction it lays & the differences. But that’s okay because I know history, meaning, & differences. It’s up to others to take the time to learn about it too if they have concerns or curiosities about it :wink: (purely my opinion on that part) I’m so happy that you are more connected to it now & that you’ve embraced it in your practice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also love the dream catchers you’ve crafted & how you can pin the to your bed, pillow, or put them on your nightstand, wherever is called to you for the evening. They are beautiful pieces. & the crystals… I just don’t even know how many more I can fit in my space & I’m REALLY trying to not buy anymore until I figure out the ones I have separated by color to figure out which ones they are :laughing: My Dory brain :fish: can’t recall off hand & the black ones are so hard to tell apart! I’m going to have to give in & go to the crystal shop while trying not to get distracted by the pretties to figure them out :rofl:

@Jeannie1 you have very nice hands! I have learned a little about Palmistry & I think you did a wonderful job working on expanding your knowledge! I love your affirmation & process for writing it with Hecate to guide you :heart_eyes:

@Cosmic_Curiosity welcome to the forum & amazing job on your first challenge entry! I love your process for the week ahead spread & one to keep with you & activate each day on yourself. I hope your connection with them continues to grow.

@LadyDennaRahl & @Cosmic_Curiosity, if you’re interested… there is a post that has a lot of information that is within the forum about runes: Runes Information & it has history, uses, each of the 24 Elder Futhark Runes history, meanings, correspondences, & lore along with meditations & sources with other topics in the forum that have to do with Runes. All in one place! There are links to each topic in that one post.


Challenge Entry

Witches Potions & Brews

I have a couple for this brews/potions challenge! I’m so proud of myself :grin: for that… no idea why but, I am! :hugs:

So, I love using my diffusers because it’s an easy way to infuse a little magic within my home through the scents corresponding to what I would like in my home :house_with_garden: or space. I have one in my space/bedroom & one in my living room that is close to the kitchen… so the main gathering areas of my home.

I was using only Lavender in both of them over the past couple of weeks during my initial healing & recovery from my surgery. However, just today I switched it up a bit because it’s now much cooler than it has been up until this past weekend. So in each one, I have:

  • Lavender - calm anxiety, pain relief, & purification *(also it is a nice scent to fall :zzz: asleep to & we sleep more peacefully… (I have used it before as candles when I have had migraines & needed to lay down. I would put the votives in my Sun :sun: & Moon :full_moon: sconces that are hanging on each side of my bed)
  • Lemon - happiness & joy :lemon: (it’s a nice citrus scent that makes the air just more crisp & not so cold)

Since I have been recovering & sometimes either falling or staying asleep was a little tough because of the medications wearing off or something making the area sore or throbby…
(is that a word? I hope so :laughing:) I have been drinking warm tea made with:

  • Chamomile - sleep & healing
  • Lavender - pain relief & calm anxiety
  • Mint - purify & heal

:teapot: :herb: :seedling: :tea:

Aside from tasting really nice before bed, it calms the areas that are bothering me & helps me to relax & be able to fall asleep a little easier afterward.

I have also been doing daily meditations (most days anyway) with Brigid :triskele: & during the meditation she sits with you (me) to have a cup of chamomile of tea & then I did an oracle draw one day & on the card it says to meditate & see or which herb is given to you by Brigid… again it was chamomile.

So I took that to mean that I need to focus on my healing & I have been trying to & takin breaks or rest when I need to & started drinking either chamomile tea or chamomile & lavender tea as well as the tea containing chamomile, lavender, & mint to promote healing & assist with pain relief, sleep, & purification. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :tea:


Siofra Strega
Sounds like you have been finding the the antidote to help heal and relax witch. I am glad cause in this busy world it can be a challenge! I am trying to calm this monkey mind of mine too! Lol :monkey:

For my third challenge I am actually waiting for the New Moon since I need to make some really important decisions. I decided to do some candle magic for the challenge

I used the candle magic book by Ray Buckland for advanced candle :candle: magic :magic_wand:
I dressed my candle, and I wrote courage on it, and I anointed my oil with some olive oil. When I dressed my candle hi inscribed courage, to help me with a decision that needs to be made so what I did was placed a mirror and three pieces of paper with some choices. I wrote the pros and the cons in my Bo’s! Tonight I am going to do a meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: and contemplate :thinking: on my choices.

I really think it’s important to make wise decisions and find out what I can do and really make a conscious effort to make wise decisions! I will light my candles on the new moon and chant!

My incense smells woody and I used a pine cone which is my favorite :star_struck: I also used clove and lemon. Some essential oils were used.


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

So many entries on so many areas of magick- it’s been a delight reading through everyone’s experiences this week and seeing the talents of the coven come to life! :star2: Thank you so much to everyone who joined in and shared an entry (or 2, or 3!) :grinning:

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Thanks again for joining in the challenge! :partying_face:

Blessed be! :clock11::sparkles:


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@Jeannie1 thank you for your kind words. It’s definitely been a journey & something that I learned, albeit it took me the long way around, to be able to step back & find the best ways to heal & rest when I need to do so. You will get there. I also need to be able to stop & think to make wise or wiser decisions sometimes. I have faith that you will get there & reach your goals too!

Everyone did a great job on their entries & I’m sorry if I couldn’t respond to each one, there were so many great ones! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love these! I like how you pin them to your bed rather than hang them over your bed. They’re cute!

These are really beautiful stones :heart_eyes: what’s the one next to the yellow – the green one with speckles in it? I’m really drawn to that one lol

Yup! Just about everyone has used some sort of symbol like the pentagram, I believe. It’s interesting to see how a symbol that Christians once used is now demonized by the same people!

I think you did a wonderful job, Alan! :clap: Welcome to the forum and great job on your first challenge entry! :blush: I really enjoy the little ritual you have with the runes and the oil. It’s similar to something I do with my set of ogham stones. Thank you for sharing!

That makes sense :sweat_smile: thanks for sharing! I hope your cream does exactly what you need it to :blush:

I mean, do we really know exactly why we do certain things? :laughing: I for sure don’t!

I need to make use of my diffuser more :thinking: you’re inspiring me!

I think you’re absolutely right :clap: I love the spell you put together! Here’s many wishes to you for making good decisions :pray:


Oh, that’s good :hugs:, it seems to be a recurring theme :laughing: Glad I can be some help! It works for me & I really do notice a difference between when I’m using them & when I’m not using them or not using them as often.


I think the one you’re drawn to is the ruby zoisite :wink: I googled its properties for you. You get a double fix with this stone LOL
Ruby in Zoisite offers the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth . It is felt to stimulate the heart by helping one to open up to divine love. Zoisite may help to alleviate grief, anger, despair and defeat.



Soifra- Strega,
:wind_face:Honestly it’s been hard for me to step back but I wanted to share with everyone and you too of course! I am going to Oregon and traveling :luggage: 12 hours away from home :house_with_garden:
So I am excited :laughing: I just got a rental car :blue_car: and I am out on a adventure! We’re going to see the a beautiful scenery and landscape.

:lotus:I will be able to give more to you all because I am taking better care of my priorities! It’s been a long time since me and my husband got a break! So I willing send you a pic when we get there!
I am so glad you’re getting the quality rest that your body needs to heal! I am sending you some magic :magic_wand: to help you recover and its a warm hug :people_hugging: from your witchy friend on the forum! :rainbow: I need to do my meditation bye for know! :apple:


Since quoting your whole entry @Jeannie1 would be a bit overkill :laughing: I just wanted to say thank you & I really appreciate the continued love & healing support each day!

I’m very happy for you & your husband to be able to take a break together & that you are taking better care of your priorities. I have been doing or at least trying my best to do the same. It’s been a tough thing for me to learn that if something doesn’t get done, it’s ultimately okay. I am one person & can only do so much. Especially during healing & making sure that I get myself taken care of also.

I hope you have a safe trip :oncoming_automobile: & get to enjoy the time together with the beautiful scenery :sunrise_over_mountains: & landscape! I’ve heard that there are some amazing places to go & enjoy this time of year. Have a great time & stay safe, I will keep you in my thoughts & daily healing… if you don’t mind, I would love to add you to my healing & support book that I have for distance support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just can’t use my diffuser when my mom is home because she’s allergic to most essential oils :laughing: I’ve got one in my room but I don’t really spend a lot of time in there during the day. I’ll figure out a time to use it though!

Omg :joy: That definitely sounds like something I could use in my daily life :laughing: I wonder if I can find some here close to me :thinking: I’ll have to keep an eye out for it the next time I go to my local store!


Its a pretty common stone but if you can’t find one local Cold Brew Crystals on Etsy might have some. She has a sale going on right now. I know there are some members that have stores too :wink: But you know that! :grinning: