Need help discerning these runes

so I made my own runes(can’t draw :joy:) and did a rune reading. And this is what I got. Here they are drawn on paper.
incase the runes are hard to see. What I am getting from an app is that it is about some psychic trip with a stillness or delay where wisdom will be given. I also did a divination with my homemade
Ouija board and it said ‘trip’ 5/23/22.
My question is, am I reading them correctly? Are any getting a different ‘feel’ from the runes drawn?


Perthro :pertho: translates to lot cup, like shaking the dice in a cup, karma, choices, destiny, transformation

Raido :raido: is associated with a journey & making it through the trip safely, justice, vitality

Isa :isaz: is stillness, challenges, stalemate, forced rest, introspection

Ansuz :ansuz: is blessings, knowledge from the divine, inspiration.

Runes Information has a list of all the Runes & their meanings/keywords/upright/reversed.

I just gave you some keywords, but it looks like you need time to rest & a vacation or journey is needed for introspection or strengthening your connection with the Divine or signs from the Divine.

After thinking about them a little more, I want to say that maybe you need to take time off for Memorial Day weekend for yourself. Go on a trip that is all about taking care of you?


Thank you. There are so many key words and meanings that it gets all jumbled. I am glad I wasn’t too far off.


You’re welcome. I do a rune post every Tuesday to add to the Runes Information list. :heart:


Still brand new to runes, but what you said about Perthro really resonated with me as Plutonic energy, possibly – which is particularly compelling right now, with Pluto moving into Capricorn yesterday and bringing a lot of transformative energy to the fore these days. Isa reminds me a little bit of Saturn energy and Raido seemed to align with Mercury – they are both in Aquarius now. We are in Pisces season and that might align with Ansuz; also Venus which is in harmony right now. I wonder if its legit to interpret runes in relationship to astrology?


Actually runes do have astrological correspondence. I am learning runes via an app called ‘runic formula’. @Siofra_Strega actually put more info when she explains a rune though.


There are a couple of ways to use astrology with the runes. They have a period of roughly 2 weeks that they align with each year I think I list them as Calendar days in the runes posts & sometimes it encompasses 2 astrological signs. Their astrological association could be a sign, planet, or anything along those lines.


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