Saturday's Rune draw - Othala

Rune name: Othala
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Other historical names: Othila, Othalan, Odal, Othel
English letter association: O
Pronunciation: Oh-thee-lah
Rune number: 24
Polarity: Male
Colour associations: Yellow, Gold, Green
Elemental association: Earth
Crystal association: Ruby, Moss Agate, Spinel
Deity associations: Odin, Thor
Herbal association: Clover, Hawthorn Blossom
Tree association: Oak, Hawthorn
Astrological associations: Saturn, Mars, Pisces
Tarot association: The Moon
Magical uses: Gaining and holding onto wealth, Healing, Harmonious Family Relationships, Clarity about The Self, Communication with ancestors.
Keywords: Heritage, Ancestral Property, Tradition, Inheritance, Family, Legacy, Home.

Some passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“Othala, the final rune of the Elder Futhark, is the rune of heritage and speaks to
what we come into the world within terms of who we are born to and raised by.
This rune may refer to the literal inheritance of land or other property, but it is often
about the intangible things we “inherit” from our family of origin, for better or
worse. No matter how we may resemble or differ from the rest of our family, and
no matter how far from home we have travelled or how independently we have
established ourselves, all of us carry traits, beliefs, habits and influences from our
family of origin.”

“Like Fehu, the first of the runes, Othala is associated with wealth. However, this
is not moveable wealth (such as cattle), but ancestral wealth in the form of land. If you live close to your extended family, Othala may be advising you to lean on
them for emotional or material support in a challenging matter or to provide
support to a family member in need. This can also be true if you live further
away, although in this case, the rune could just be nudging you to check in with
your people “back home.”
In many readings, Othala points to a tension between the traditions you inherited
and the current way you’re approaching your life. Perhaps you have a lifestyle
that your parents and/or ancestors would not approve of, or perhaps you are
finding it necessary to hide your true self and conform to the dominant worldview
of those around you.”

“Othala reversed often points to conflict and disharmony within the family and
could indicate a divorce or major rift, or perhaps arguments over inheritance
(which is not uncommon when a family member passes on). No matter the source
of the dispute, patience and careful observance is recommended, with as much
emotional detachment as possible. Avoid aggravating the situation with more
discord. Othala reversed may also warn of a loss of property or possessions, or a
situation where family support is denied.”

“Additional Meanings
Depending on the reading, Othala may also signify assistance from friends or
older people. It also may encourage the cultivation of a garden, a particular skill,
or an area of study in order to build stable resources. In some instances, it is
related to one or more of the querent’s past lives.”

The family aspect of the Rune really spoke to me, I know the literal meaning is ancestral wealth and property but I kept coming back to the wisdom and values we pass down to each generation and the wealth that comes with it :heartpulse:


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