Sunday's Rune draw - Sowilo

Rune name: Sowilo
I’ll be back later with more info :heart:

Info gathered and intuition felt :nerd_face:
Other historical names: Sowulu, Sol, Sunna
English letter association: S
Pronunciation: So-we-loh
Rune number: 16
Polarity: Male
Colour associations: White, Yellow, Gold, Silver
Elemental association: Air, Fire
Crystal association: Sunstone, Ruby
Deity associations: Baldur, Sol
Herbal association: Mistletoe
Tree association: Juniper
Astrological associations: The Sun, Scorpio
Tarot association: Sun
Magical uses: Strengthen self-confidence, Motivation, Success, Healing, Victory over Challenges, Spiritual Guidance
Keywords: Light, Energy, Good Health, Success, Sun, Willpower, Integrity, Vitality, Honor

Some passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“Sowilo is the rune of the Sun and the life-sustaining light it provides. While
Kenaz represents the light of the torch fire, guiding one through the night, Sowilo
represents the light of day, in which all is illuminated and there is no darkness to obscure our vision. It is the rune of the light’s victory over the dark and can bring much-needed clarity and healing to a situation. Drawing Sowilo indicates that you are in a position to use the beneficial energies of the Sun to illuminate your path and reach your goals. Draw on your creativity and your inherent skills and talents to strengthen your pursuits, knowing that you have great power at your disposal.”

“Sowilo’s verse in the Anglo-Saxon rune poem describes the sun as “a joy in the
hopes of seafarers,” keeping sailors’ spirits up as they move across the water
toward safe landing. Sowilo is telling you that you are surrounded by warmth and
light. Success, good health, and joy are yours if you will allow yourself to have
them, as are good luck and prosperity. Depending on your situation, however, you
may need to open yourself up more and clear out your own inner shadows to let
more light (and life) into your experience.”

Additional Meanings
While the Sun is crucial to life on Earth, its power can also be harmful if its
intensity is not balanced with other forms of energy. Depending on the context of
the reading, Sowilo may be asking you to look at how you are directing your
vitality. Are you scattered over too many activities or commitments? Are you
neglecting your health or at risk of burning out? Be sure to cool off and ground
yourself when necessary, so you can continue utilizing the Sun’s power for
positive results. Alternatively, you may be making something out to be bigger or more significant
than it really is, or placing yourself in the spotlight when it would be more
prudent to step back from a situation. Use the Sun’s power to illuminate the issue
with rational clarity rather than through the lens of emotions. Be honest with
yourself and with others, as deceit keeps everyone in the shadows.
Sowilo has no reversed meaning.

This was a perfect Rune for today’s weather, we had a lovely clear day for the first time in a few days and it was very easy to tune into the energy the Sun represents. As a witch, I often put a lot more effort into tracking, appreciating, and using the Moon’s energy in my spells and rituals. I often forget the importance of the Sun and its job in our world. Its energising light provides us with vital Vitamin D a very important vitamin during our current Global situation and feeds all of our Trees and Plants that we incorporate in our Craft or just appreciate for its beauty and calming effect :deciduous_tree: :herb: :heartpulse: So with that being said Hail the Moon :full_moon: and Hail the Sun :sun_with_face:


I like how this rune is also called “Sol” and it’s the sun in a symbol.

The wikipedia page shows other variants and another poem too:

“Sun is the light of the world;
I bow to the divine decree.”

A timely rune for this time of the Year, Lisa! :sun_with_face: Thanks for sharing your learning of the runes with us!


Back on after the weekend and such a delight to read up on three new runes! Thanks for sharing this info about Sowilo (and also Laguz and Othala too!) @Liisa :heart:

Sowilo and it’s masculine sun energy ties in wonderfully with Beltane coming up :fire: :sun_with_face:. And it looks like it’s tied to my personal sun sign Scorpio :scorpius: too! I’m really drawn towards this rune.

Loving it! Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa :blush:


@Francisco @TheTravelWitch you are very welcome :heart: I came across a poem called the Anglo-Saxon rune poem. It uses the Anglo-Saxon name for the Runes but they are the same shapes and meanings as the Norse versions. I’ll have a read through of it and if it appropriate post it in the Forum. I really connected with this Rune yesterday as well, could be because it was a sunny day but I really had appreciation for its power :heart: Blessed Be :heart: