Friday's Rune Draw - Ehwaz

Rune name: Ehwaz
I’ll be back later with more info :heart:

Information gathered and Intuition felt :nerd_face:
Other historical names: Ehwass, Eih, Eoh
English letter association: E
Pronunciation: Ay-wahz
Rune number: 19
Polarity: Male and Female
Colour associations: White, Red , Orange
Elemental associations: Earth, Water
Crystal associations: Iceland Spar, Turquoise
Diety associations: Freyja, Freyr, Hel, Hermod
Herbal associations: Ragwort
Tree associations: Ash, Oak
Astrological associations: Gemini, Capricorn, Mercury
Tarot association: Lovers
Magical uses: Safe Travels, Physical and Mental Stamina, Promotes Trustworthy and Loyal Relationships, Brings Swift Change, Aids with Astral Travel
Keywords: Changes, Faith, Loyalty, Trust, Movement, Travel, Forward Progress

A few passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“The shape of Ehwaz is symbolic of the horse, revered as a sacred animal in the cultures of the ancient Germanic tribes. This rune represents the qualities of faith, loyalty, and trust—all necessary to a successful relationship between a horse and its rider. Ehwaz is a rune of partnership and friendship and indicates the need to be faithful and accountable to the people in your life. If the reading is about a relationship, drawing Ehwaz is a good sign that these crucial aspects are present for both people involved. The concept of faithfulness also applies to yourself and your goals. If your reading is about a specific pursuit, Ehwaz is reminding you that you have what it takes to accomplish it, but you must dedicate yourself fully to the endeavour in order to see it through. Steady progress is made by placing one foot in front of the other. Provided you do your part, the support you need will arise and you will gain momentum.”

“Depending on the context of the reading, Ehwaz in the reversed position could indicate that you or someone else in a relationship is not demonstrating faith or loyalty. If you have been wondering whether to trust someone, Ehwaz reversed may be confirming your doubts. Alternatively, it may be signalling a lack of faith or trust on your part. This is a good time to step back and take a look at the bigger picture—are you harbouring past hurts that are preventing you from trusting or accepting someone else’s trust? If the reading is related to a goal, Ehwaz reversed indicates a lack of momentum. Take an objective look at how you have been approaching things up to now. Is there a lack of faith in yourself or in the outcome that’s keeping you stuck? If so, don’t make decisions from this place—wait until you’ve regained your confidence.”

“Additional Meanings
Horses are able to change direction swiftly, and another meaning for Ehwaz is change. Often this is in the form of changing jobs or place of residence. This is a positive change, even if it may seem daunting at first. Ehwaz reversed in this context may be signalling that you are ready for a change in a specific situation, due to feeling constrained or restless. Depending on the other runes in the reading, it may be an indication that it’s time to start exploring your options. Ehwaz is also associated with movement and travel, as horses were key means of transportation in the ancient world. This can be a journey in the physical world, but is likely an internal, spiritual journey, as horses are associated with astral travel in many shamanic traditions around the world. If you have been experiencing severe emotional or physical difficulties, Ehwaz may be indicating that you are actually on an inner journey toward a transformed and stronger self than you were before. Keep an open mind in order to learn the spiritual lessons that your life is presenting to you now. Ehwaz reversed in the context of physical travel is a warning that now is not the best time to go on a journey. If you can avoid travelling, do so. If not, just take extra care and don’t let interruptions or “bumps in the road” get to you. In the context of a spiritual journey, Ehwaz reversed warns against trying to wriggle out of the inner work through escapism, whether in the form of substance abuse, workaholism, or mind-numbing technology.”

I have nicknamed this Rune the Friendship Rune :heartpulse: It also has links to travel (physical and spiritual) but I kept coming back to the friendship aspect of it as I thought about it today. I think there is a strong link between friendship and the paths we have to travel in life, and most of those journeys are better with friends :heartpulse:


Thanks for sharing this helpful resource, Lisa! There is so much information about runes out there that it can be overwhelming. This is a great first approach and I’m excited to keep learning more.

I liked your friendship interpretation too!! :grin:


Thanks love, I’m jotting this down now. The rune draws have been part of my morning ritual. I love it. I’m finished with school and I need to fill the void.


@christina4 @Francisco you are both very welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: