Uruz - 2nd Rune of the Elder Futhark & Freya's Aett :uruz:

** Rune Name:** :uruz: Uruz (2nd Rune of the Elder Futhark & Freya’s Aett)

Germanic Name: Uruz
Phonetic Value: U
Pronunciation: OO-rooz

Translation: Aurochs, brute strength, drizzle, slag
Modern English: Urox

Rune number: 2
Polarity: Male :mens:

Color association: Dark Green
Elemental associations: Earth :astrology_earth:
Deity associations: the Vanir (1 of the 2 principle tribes of deities in Norse Mythology)

Herbal association: Spagnum Moss
Tree associations: Birch

Astrological associations: Taurus :taurus:
Calendar Days: July 14 – 28 (Cancer :cancer:/Leo :leo:)

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Tarot associations: Strength, The Magician, The Star, Ace of Wands :wand_tarot:

Magical uses: Health & vitality concerns: There’s magic & power in your primordial core, the seat of all creation.

Suggested Uses:

Call upon this energy to infuse yourself with the strength, fierceness, and the driving will be required to manifest that which healing sustains, expands, & elevates.

Draw on the body in red ink to intensify strength before & during an athletic competition or workout.

Trace on your forehead with your finger to help find vitality when you are weak or to help with awareness when you’re tired

Overall Meanings:

  • Primal Force
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Healing
  • Purification
  • Overcoming
  • Sudden & Unexpected Changes (usually for the better)
  • Adaptability
  • Triumph
  • Courage
  • Understanding
  • Freedom
  • Energy
  • Action

Uruz is the principle of vital & organic life energy, original procreation, & organic transformation. A primal cosmic bovine force that shapes manifestation & defends that manifested form. Physical strength & speed, untamed potential. A time of great energy & health.

Yang side of the merger with the yin element.

Raw strength & power are at the heart of the meaning of Uruz. Physical strength can be indicated, but emotional & spiritual strength are just as likely to be emphasized here. If facing challenges this is a reminder that you have the strength to persevere, as well as to defend yourself from adversaries.

Bring new circumstances & situations into your experience, strengthen & focus personal will harness the energy of sudden change to your advantage, healing, on all levels, deeper understanding of yourself & underlying motives.

Bright Stave/Upright: Vital strength is its essence. Upwelling & outpouring of energy. Use this strength to defend your “homeland” whether that is your actual home or your home within yourself. Work towards your inner goals & more power will result. Use the strength to burn away weakness. The essence of this rune is like the luck from a horseshoe. It will lead to the essence of knowledge & understanding health & general luck.

Using the horseshoe as a symbol of luck came from the shape of this rune

Merkstave/Reversed: Obsessiveness with protection & possessiveness. Misdirection of energy. Strength being used the wrong way or at the wrong time. Strength used by others whose desire is to control others. Uncontrolled enthusiasm leads to mania. Weakness, Obsession, Sickness, Inconsistencies, Ignorance.

Meditation: :uruz: Uruz Rune - Magin Rose


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Another lovely rune! At the start of this pandemic, I had an acquaintance who was drawing Uruz on his chest to keep him from getting sick. Sounds like it would work!


Thank you for this post. I have always been drawn to runes but haven’t really taken the time to study and learn about them. In an effort to bond to a rune set, I started making my own in bronze clay and this is one of the first ones I’ve made.

Thank you for the wonderful information that I will be sure to print as well as bookmark for future reference!



That is a really great way to find a quick and easy boost of power even in stressful situations where you might not have the time/resources to cast a more complex spell. I love this! :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much for this abundance of information as well as for the creative ways to use Uruz in practice, @Siofra_Strega! :clap::heart: