:fehu: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - All About Runes

@Isabella13 It’s east of Oklahoma City on the border - I grew up in Oklahoma not too far from this - it’s cool! Look up:

Heavener Runestone park!


I made some Runes about 6 months ago (I think), time goes by so fast it may have been a year. I kept meaning to get a book on them but didn’t. I did all the lessons on Spells 8 and enjoyed them. After I was done, I went to Amazon and looked up runes on Kindle Unlimited and there are a ton of books on Runes for free. Thanks @TheTravelWitch_Bry for this challenge!


I went back to Amazon and ordered some Lapis Lazuli Runes. They are gorgeous! They are coming in tomorrow. I really need to stay off Amazon. Lol!


I am awful with crystals… my husband found a set of Amethyst string lights… :star_struck: I’m like… Hunny… you have no idea what you have just started… :rofl:



Yes, they are witches’ runes, made by our own lovely @Magdelina Crazy T’s Knotty Yarn and Curio Cabinet They have black obsidian gemstones in them!

I have studied astrology but I know nothing about birthhour and solar runes! It sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing your entry!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


@marsha we actually have forum posts about your birth date & birth hour & I believe solar runes (the latter may be mentioned in the posts):

Birthdate Rune & Birth Hour Rune - What’s Your’s?

Runes Information


Oh, My Gods! Now that I see the post I remember it. I am losing my mind . . . :rofl:

Image by Motivate Us

My Birth Rune is Gebo and my birth hour rune is Laguz!

Rune 7 – GEBO
Gebo relates to our relationships and reminds you that we always should give in order to receive. It reflects the need for living in harmony with yourself, so you can do the same with others.

Rune 21 – LAGUZ
This is one more feminine rune. It relates to our intuition and imagination. You will easily feel connected to the Divine, being able to handle anything.

This makes a lot of sense to me. I tend to give too much, so I need more balance here, and I’m working on feeling like I’m worthy to receive. And yes, I can easily connect to the Divine, and when I do I feel like I can handle anything!

Thanks so much for turning the light on for me @Siofra_Strega


To add onto my post as an update, i am working on the course. I had a purchased set of runes made from alder wood, but had not consecrated them. I watched the course section on making and consecrating them, so i took my set into my backyard, where i have an ash tree. As i touched and named each rune by breathing the name over it, i touched each one to the trunk of the ash tree. Then i put them into the storage bag. I will probably make a nicer storage bag! They are on my altar in my ritual room, but i have to keep them closed away from my cat, who LOVES the altar and routinely knocks my stones off it to play with them! My first single draw was TIr. I did notice that two of my runes were a little different than the printables page (Ing and Sowelo), but otherwise the page was helpful! On to read about Tir!



Gebo relates to our relationships and reminds you that we always should give in order to receive. It reflects the need for living in harmony with yourself, so you can do the same with others.

Hi Marsha I am thinking of my husband right now and I am thinking about how I can make our relationship much better and brighter!?Lets imagine we go somewhere for the weekend? We have a date night etc etc

how can I bring in some some laughter some joy ?how can I bring in some Jokes he he he? What did the big ghost say to the little ghosts? It’s Halloweenie. I am positive this is the energy I feel coming from the Gebo!
Anyway let’s meditate on bringing some harmonizing music :notes: I’m just saying when we bring out this rune casting and we can try to visualize or meditate and ask ourselves questions that will give us the capability to bring these energies out.? Sound fair
Does this make sense?
So I just cited to make my own spread and just go with it I don’t know if it’s gonna work but I’m treating this as if it was a deck of cards. Is that OK I don’t know any controversy about this?

I think of the top of the crown of the head purple the top because this is my higher self. Where is my light source coming from the rune says ##Eihwaz## Pronunciation EEH, WAWZ
Rebirth, Endings, Strength, endurance, be patient rebirth! :evergreen_tree: Yew
2 Wound - strong textUruz Strengthstrong text###Uruz###Pronunciation 00-Roos
Meaning: Ox :ox: Strength
Wild :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: This rune is the symbol of physical power ** Vitality** And good health. It can also suggest strong textemotional Courage. If you were going through a difficult time you must find creativity inside yourself and pull through you have a great Powerful when you do there’s no stopping you. This is also a rule about the need to take a risk and not to fear a change. But controversy it is also urging caution energy that is misdirected can do great harm to both yourself and others so ensure that your words and your actions do not wound or result in chaos but rather in healing and peace

Guide- Raidho
Pronunciation rye/through
Meaning journey :luggage: traveling :compass:
Travel is the key theme for the room card when it appears in a casting it indicates that the exciting journey is about to begin. This could be a physical journey but not far more than likely to indicate an inner journey. The rune is associated with the right path being traveled so this suggests that you focus should be on enjoying the ride rather than actually Dicen live in power in now. Being so closely linked to forward momentum this car could also indicate that you are currently feeling stuck in your life and stagnation is due to your unwillingness to look for answers within yourself things have not got to a point in your life nevertheless but it is more painful to remain where you are to go is central journey of self discovery and personal growth.

Wunjo- Pronunciation woon-Jo
Meaning happiness joy pleasure
This room card is all about the joy of benefit of positivity success harmony new beginnings fulfilling relationships a bliss optimistic
Pronunciation jar/aw
Meaning year harvest
Fruitful, peace, rewards, seasons, life is Cyclical
There are strong seasonal associations with this area. This is the rune of the good harvest or the culmination of the year or the cycle of planting and growing the results of fruitful crops. Another words discourage suggest that there have been many tough obstacles for you to overcome but you are about to feel the piece that comes when success is hard earned and justified. Your hard work patience and Discipline may soon be rewarded. Enjoy those rewards when you receive them but don’t relax too much. There is a forward momentum with this card and you were advised to plan ahead. The seasons of the year have a relentless quality and you need to prepare for Winter when resources may be scarce again. Above all this card remind you that during the good times you should build your strength learn lessons from the hardship overcoming prepare for the future whatever it may bring.

Heart :heart:



Yes there is a segment on how to find this and that’s how I learned. Then I dove in learning about the meaning behind them.


@Amethyst’s Challenge Entry

So I’ve been pulling one rune a day, mainly to learn them slowly but surely. So today I moved to a Three Rune Spread, to see what I needed to know.

Today’s Rune Cast was a three-rune spread, Overview, Challenges, and Action.

My Overview was Algiz, which means guardian, home, safety, awakening. I want to be safe at home.

My Challenge was Uruz. Strength, health, vigor, force. My health is keeping me from doing the things I want.

And my Action is Mannaz. Community. Relationships. So I guess I’ve got to rely on my doctors to help me.

So that’s my Rune Cast for the day. Not something I didn’t know but maybe something I needed to verify. We’ll see.

So that’s what I did for the challenge! Hope you like it!


Great job with your Rune spread @Amethyst! I haven’t drawn 3 of anything really :thinking: I always hang out with one because by the time I think I have them down, something goes awry & I start all over with the one until I can move up to 2 & sometimes 3!

I think your interpretations were great & being able to make sense of them! I have days with one that I’m like… um…what!!! Kudos to you! :heart_eyes:


I had received a set of Witch Runes from a witch box subscription months ago and never used them. I was reading a kindle book called Witch Runes how to make and Interpret by Alison Beldon-Smith. She wrote about cleaning and consecrating them. I received my Lapis runes from Amazon and I am going to clean both sets tonight. They are in a bowl of salt and I will set them out under the moonlight. Then I will say:

“Gracious Goddess with your moonlight

Cleanse these Runes throughout the night

From past memories set them free

That they may evermore serve me.”

I will consecrate them tomorrow morning and they will be ready to use.


Those are beautiful! Both sets! I still have to work on my entry. I accidentally came across Witches Runes a bit ago when I was doing the Elder Futhark & Ogham.

I will have to look into the book on them! Thank you so much! :heartbeat:



Thank you :pray: so much for your great explanation, that helps me to understand Gebo much better. :hugs: Your :pentagram: pentagram reading is so interesting! I love this idea for doing a reading. I’m going to do some research and see what I can find. Thank you for the inspiration. :bulb: :thinking:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Aside from the fantastic info here on Spells8 on Runes, there’s a Nordic Saami Norn on YouTube called Freyja Norling (I think I’ve posted links to her videos before for info on Loki). Her analysis of the Runes is quite interesting.


I wasn’t sure I had interpreted it right, but that’s what I got, you know? And I get being intimidated by spreads, it’s difficult to read them together. Thanks, love!


Thank you :blush: I really wanted to make a spread that was simple and heard about it on Podbean but it was for a card spread and I just used it for the runes! I think we can try to use easy spreads for the runes!
Tonight I am hoping to use this rune for good luck charm :blush::four_leaf_clover::+1: :+1:

Ostara- I really like your runes they are magical!
Amethyst- I really like your spread it’s really simple and to the point!
Also I am halfway done with my classroom activities on the forum for the runes!
Here are my prints for Rune Meanings

I have been studying my runes and half done 50 percent to go!



Witchy Challenge Entry: Runes.

I am so glad we did this challenge because I’ve been so curious about Runes and this made me learn more about them :slight_smile:

I really need a badge for doing my chores every week, those badges are so motivating LOL. Can I get a badge for getting my oil changed? I have been putting that off.

So, for this challenge, since I am a completely new to Runes, I completed the Spells8 course.

Let me say that again. I completed the Spells8 course. I did all the lessons. First time I have done a course all the way through. Let us hope this is a new habit.

And I really enjoyed it. I am excited to learn that rune reading is so compatible with other forms of spell work, like using candles, crystals and Tarot. And I LOVE the symbolism! I love the icicle rune and the “weird” one.

I plan to make a rune BOS with all the Spells8 rune printable pages soon, but for now, I just did the course and I made my own set of Runes.

I was about 3/4 of the way through the course when I made the Runes. I just couldn’t wait any longer. Well, I hadn’t read the part yet where it said make one side blank, so you can read reversals. So on my Runes, both sides have the rune.

But it’s all good. I just put a red dot on one side that is the reversal side. Because I know me and once I turn over that rune, if there are three or more in a spread, I am going to promptly forget whether it was reversed or not. My short term memory is not great.

So my mistake actually turned out to work for me.

I used wood slices I bought at Dollar Tree and a brown permanent marker to make my Runes. It didn’t take long at all and I really like them. I knew carving was out because I don’t have that degree of fine motor dexterity.

I have been doing one-rune draws to start, as I am still learning the meanings. Tonight I drew Naudiz. I was kind of pumped that it seemed to be evocative of Saturnian energy, tonight being Saturday and all. And Saturn is prominent in my birth chart. At least it’s a familiar vibe. Some of us need all the restraint the Universe can dish out.

So, I am digging the Runes. Thanks so much for another fun witchy challenge!


Challenge entry

Im afraid because of work n other demands on time ive not been able to do all id hoped to do, but i habe been taking note of the daily rune notifivatiom that comrs up from the app and as im stressinh about wirk this week not only doing yet another extra day week despite all i have on shoulders even for work but staff shortages still issue, so i did a spread with runes asking about fhr work situation…
Its an influences and obstacles spread. Ill put screen shot below. Honesrlu wished could of done more but between utter exhaustion stress n pain im in im afrain this was all i can do and as im working frim tommorow onwards long shifts n long travel etc im afraid this may be all i can do this week. Not to mention mountain of stufy im behind on cause longer hours n ectra days over tge past weeks. I chose thjs spread for maybe sime insight to help see a way through the week to come.

I might also include drawing the Algriz rune on me somehow each day for protection during the week cause im going to need it.