Wednesday's Rune draw - Ansuz

Rune name: Ansuz
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Information gathered and Intuition felt :nerd_face:
Other historical names: Ass, As
English letter association: A
Pronunciation: Ahn-sooze
Rune number: 4
Polarity: Male
Colour associations: Dark Blue, Purple, Red
Elemental associations: Air
Crystal associations: Emerald, Lapiz Lazuli
Diety associations: Odinn, Mimir, Loki, Eostre
Herbal associations: Toadstool
Tree associations: Ash, Hazel
Astrological associations: Taurus, Venus, Mercury, Libra
Tarot associations: Death
Magical uses: Wisdom, Discernment in a Complex Situation, Enhance Magical Workings, Success in Dialogue or Public Speaking, Success in Examinations, Inspiration, Divine Communication
Keywords: Communication, Wisdom, Divine Power, A Message, Inspiration, Gods/esses, Speech, Thought

A few more chapters from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

Ansuz is the rune of communication in all its forms, but chiefly verbal communication, whether it involves writing, speaking, or even singing. Messages, advice, or new information may be coming from external sources, or you may be being asked to pay closer attention to the messages coming from your higher self. If you draw Ansuz in a reading related to educational studies or a job interview, this is generally a good omen. This rune also refers to knowledge, reason, and wisdom. In addition to mundane messages and knowledge, Ansuz is also concerned with divine wisdom and communication with the higher planes. Sacred to Odin, often called the god of wind and spirit, Ansuz hints at the potential for prophecies, revelations, or other messages from your allies in the Otherworld. It may also be pointing to a capacity for spiritual growth and new insights. Be extra open to signals from the Universe in the form of animal sightings, imagery in clouds, numerical messages, and other interesting “coincidences” (better known as “synchronicities”)."

“In the reversed position, Ansuz is associated with the trickster god Loki, and therefore warns you to be on guard against trickery or deceit in communication from others, as well as from your own self. Don’t unthinkingly follow the advice or believe what you’re told simply because you like the message; similarly, don’t ignore messages that have importance for your growth simply because you don’t want what you’re hearing to be true. We are often our own worst “tricksters” in how we perceive and process information from the outside world. Be careful not to misinterpret communications or blindly take things at face value. You may be unable to think reasonably and clearly at this time. Alternatively, you may be struggling to communicate clearly with others, feeling unsure about your own voice, or feeling cut off from your connection with the divine. You may just need to keep silent and go within for a while until you regain clarity, connection, and/or confidence.”

“Additional Meanings
Chance encounters that lead to new connections, beginnings, and opportunities may be possible now. Keep your eyes and ears open as you socialize with others, whether for business or pleasure. Because of the association between Ansuz and Odin, the father god, this rune can sometimes indicate advice coming from an older, wiser person. Reversed in this context, Ansuz again serves as a warning
against being taken in by trickery or deceit by an older person—or by anyone new you encounter.
Many runic systems associate Ansuz with the ash tree, which in Norse tradition is considered the “tree of life,” or Yggdrasil (“World Tree”). This tree holds all of the worlds of creation together, representing the divine order of the Universe in all its stability—no matter how chaotic things may look to us from our Earthly perspective at any given time. In this context, Ansuz reminds us that the divine presence is always within and around us, no matter what difficulties we may be facing. If you draw this rune when facing great difficulty, allow it to comfort you, no matter its position.”

This could not have been a better Rune to end on :heartpulse: Its associations with Yggdrasil and wisdom remind me so strongly of the Infinite Wisdom and Roots of this Coven :infinite_roots: Thank you all so much for going on this Journey through the Runes with me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m going to start doing a weekly post on different aspects and uses of the Runes, I’ve got a few ideas for posts but is there anything anyone would really like to know about them and I can add it to the list :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


A rune of communication- absolutely perfect for those of us working/with a hobby in writing! :writing_hand: It looks like it could help with job interviews and other fields such as voice acting as well. Love it! :blush:

Thank YOU for all of the time, effort, and energy you have put into sharing this wisdom with the coven! I feel so blessed to have been a part of your rune exploration journey, every day has been a delight. I will most definitely be coming back to reference these helpful posts in the future :blush:

Thanks again so much, @Liisa! I’m looking forward to your posts digging deeper in runes and exploring their aspects in the future! :raised_hands: :sparkles:


You are very welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I honestly don’t mins though it helps me learn too and I can give back to the Coven at the same time :heartpulse:


Thank you so much for creating these posts for us!!! I know it was a major help for me!!! :hugs::heart:


You are welcome lovely :hugs: I’m kind of sad they are finished lol, but there’s plenty more to learn :heart: