Runes/ past, present & future

So I haven’t posted in a while and thought I would share some of my new findings on the runes! Just a witchy topic to help with discussion on the topic.
First the Isa and it looks like a I. This rune may show a indication that is negative and that one of my relationships can be in a quarrel.
Sounds pretty fair! !

[image|375x500](upload://g7K N8KkcWVkuUS2SelB04AYayXt.jpeg)
I got the Sigel,

“Great Power”


Looks like I need to pay close attention to my relationships and I may be getting into a quarrel and although it may turn out OK! Not to worry!
Blessed be


Ohhh this is wonderful, @Jeannie1! Runes are such a fascinating aspect of the craft, but for some reason have always seemed mysterious to me. Posting the guides and your interpretations is helpful and fun to read- thanks so much for sharing! :blush:

May your runes guide you well and bring you towards many blessings :pray::two_hearts:


Very informative post! This is great for using runes, not just as a method of divination, but also for meditation and casting spells.

Thank you so much for sharing this, Jeannie!


The runes are so interesting to me! I definitely want to work with them, but after I am more confident with the tarot cards & I also want to attempt oracle cards. I know that I have a cheat sheet of some kind for runes & worksheets to fill in for the readings. Kind of like the ones for the tarot cards. I’m looking forward to learning them, do you have any place that you would recommend getting a set of runes?


I actually recommend making them yourself out of clay or stones or wood. I bought mine but then afterwards discovered there are many different sets. I was not sure what kind I had. I just purchased a book on runes and I like it very much! It explains the runes pretty good. But if you find the kind of runes you want to work with then you can create them! It will be easier for you to remember! I tried grabbing a rune each week and then I think I gave up but I am going to try again! I am getting much better! That’s why I figured I would share. When I share my findings it will stick in my head and my heart better . That’s why I think I am going to make my own runes so it will be creative and I can remember the runes better that way!
I have the Nordic and Germanic tribe, it is information from the Anglo- Saxon people and are shamanic. Honestly I didn’t know they had different sets of runes had I known that I would do some research to find out what kind your interested inn.
Cool thing is you can use the symbols in your art too!There usually for protection and divination!



Francisco Thanks a lot, I never thought to meditate with the runes what a good idea! And spell casting this is why I need to know all of them by heart! What kind of runes are out there again? I am still learning thank you!
maybe I should just go to the question and answer? I think I saw it on a post once. Hum :tipping_hand_woman:Whatcha thinking?


Historically speaking, Runes were alphabets used to write before the Latin alphabet. There are three main runic alphabets:

  • Elder Futhark (around 150–800 AD)
  • Anglo-Saxon Futhorc (400–1100 AD)
  • Younger Futhark (800–1100 AD)

Here’s a video that explains the timeline:

In recent years, the term runes has been used for Runic Magic, to talk about other alphabets or systems like Goetic or Enochian sigils from old grimoires, the I Ching, or modern variations such as the “Witches’ Runes”.

Following that trend, you can create or use any set of symbols for casting runes or telling fortunes.