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I’m forwarding this email in case anyone is interested. Please forward it amongst your group if you think there’s interest there.
Thanks heaps!!

Greetings, readers!

I hope you’re settling into the new season after the magical energies of the recent Equinox!

2022 has flown by, with Samhain just around the corner. In fact, time in general has flown by over the last few years! My work on the Mystic Library for Sterling Ethos kept me quite busy, but now that the series is complete, I’ll finally be releasing a brand-new book on my own in just a few short weeks.

The new book, Green Witchcraft for Beginners, is a bit of a step in a new direction from my past series on Wicca. While Wicca remains dear to my heart, I’ve always been an explorer of different forms of spirituality and magic, and I’m excited to be branching out with a new series that reflects where my passion has led me for the past couple of years. (Of course, green witchcraft and Wicca are by no means mutually exclusive—any eclectic Wiccan can enjoy incorporating some or all of this beautiful path into their practice!)

It’s also been a while since I updated my website, Wicca Living. I first launched it with the intention of creating the best free resource on Wicca and all things witchcraft. But life has gotten in the way, and I haven’t been able to give the site enough attention. So I asked the Universe for guidance on how to move forward, and was answered with an exciting idea—create a guest blog on the website, and ask my amazing readers to contribute.

So, amazing readers, I’d like to know if any of you would be interested in writing for Wicca Living. The guest blog will be a paid gig, of course, so if you’re interested, please reply to this email, or forward it on to anyone who might like to blog for my website.

Please let me know your desired rates and share a few pieces you’ve written before, and I’ll be in touch with anyone who seems like a good fit! We’ll be covering a wide range of witchy topics, (not strictly Wicca-related), so that the website remains fresh and engaging.

Ideally, I’d like writers who can commit to publishing blog posts on an ongoing basis. Bonus points go to anyone with a knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, as this will help the website to grow more quickly.

I’m excited to hear from you!



Oh wow, I didn’t know that she had a website up & running! I have used her books for other projects like the Runes Information post & other links in the thread are also referenced by her too!

Thank you so much for sharing the website for up-to-date information on her book series & Wicca! I saw where you can sign up for the Newsletters too! Yay :smiling_face:


Lisa is amazing and has contributed so much to the witchy world- this blog sounds exciting! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Especially as an Eclectic Witch, it’s neat to hear that topics will be varied and expand beyond Wicca to cover all types of witchy wisdom :open_book: :sparkles:

Thanks for passing this forward, Wysteria! :heart:


Very interesting. I discovered Lisa Chamberlain’s books about the time I discovered Spells8 and I’ve found the few books I’ve read from her to be verry helpful. I am considering contacting her about writing for her blog. I need to think a little more about that, but the moment I read her invitation to do I felt a very strong urge to respond immediately and waive my raised hand in the air.


I KNEW that I needed to pass this on!

I encourage you to go for it, because if it doesn’t work out, no harm done. But if it does, two sides are enriched.
I wish you very good luck :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:


Thank you, @Wysteria_Norn! I will go for it. I will let all of you know what happens!


Good luck and intentions for a wonderful outcome! @ben1


Thank you very much, @jan_TheGreenWitch!


Yay!!! Thank You so much for the information!! There are SOOOO many good books that are mot translated to Spanish…:sob: and Lisa is one of my favorites, like Shawn Robbins!


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