Thursday's Rune draw - Tiwaz

Rune name: Tiwaz
I’ll be back later with more info :heartpulse:

Information gathered and Intuition felt :nerd_face:
Other historical names: Teiwaz, Tyr, Tiwar
English letter association: T
Pronunciation: Tee-wahz
Rune number: 17
Polarity: Male
Colour associations: Red
Elemental associations: Air
Crystal associations: Coral, Bloodstone, Hematite
Diety associations: Tyr, Manni, Frigg
Herbal associations: Sage
Tree associations: Oak
Astrological associations: Sagittarius, Mars, Libra
Tarot associations: Justice
Magical uses: Healing, Success, Victory in Competitions, Strengthen Willpower, Courage, Healthy Masculine energy, Strengthen Spiritual Faith
Keywords: Courage, Victory, Strength, Passion, Masculine energy, Justice, God, Tyr

A few more passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“As the first rune in Tyr’s Aett, Tiwaz represents the qualities of the god Tyr and is associated with courage, strength, and the forward-moving nature of masculine energy. As such, Tiwaz speaks of the need to put our causes above our personal desires if the greater good requires it. If you are facing a decision that involves potential discomfort in order to achieve a positive outcome, Tiwaz is signalling that you possess the courage and the ability to withstand the sacrifice and emerge victorious. You are ready for the challenge, provided you act with integrity and remain true to your inner knowledge. Stand your ground and keep the faith, and your ultimate success will be recognized and respected by others.”

“Victory is another primary interpretation of Tiwaz, particularly when it comes to competitions of all kinds. You are likely feeling enthusiastic and motivated at this time—harness this energy toward achieving your goals and you will succeed. This rune is also a positive sign for success in legal matters, provided that you are being honest and just in your actions. The shape of Tiwaz resembles a spear—a symbol associated with Tyr—as well as an upward-pointing arrow, both of which symbolize the force of masculine energy. Action is indicated, rather than passivity, though you are cautioned not to act impulsively or let your determination override your intuition.”

“Tiwaz reversed points to a lack of courage or motivation when it comes to achieving your goals. You may be disheartened or even depressed by the appearance of obstacles in your way. You are most likely experiencing a blockage of forward-moving energy, making it impossible to gain traction in any direction. Alternatively, you may be moving too quickly—making hasty decisions that will cost you in the long run. You might even be displaying obstinate inflexibility, refusing to consider any ideas other than your own. No matter the circumstances, the advice of Tiwaz reversed is the same: slow down. Take your time, consider all of your options, listen to any advice offered by others, and make sure you’re grounded and centred before proceeding again.”

“Additional Meanings
Another aspect of the masculine energy of Tiwaz is passion and sexual energy, so romance is also indicated by this rune, depending on the context of the reading. This may refer to a new romance or a reinvigoration of an existing relationship. Reversed in this context, Tiwaz can point to a fizzling of passion or even dishonest behaviour on the part of a romantic partner—especially a male partner.
Communication may be strained or nonexistent. You may need to decide whether the relationship is worth whatever it’s costing you to remain in it.”

This is a fun Rune :slight_smile: It’s a very common Rune used for strengthening a BindRune (particularly for healing, strength and success) The healing aspect works better if it is attuned to the energy of the person the Rune is for so Tiwaz works best to heal someone who identifies to Masculine Energy, Berkana is the Feminine counterpart to this and you could use both if the person identifies with both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It was quite empowering thinking about this Runes meaning today and its help with strength in all aspects :heartpulse:


An interesting and empowering mix of Justice and Strength- I am liking the sound of Tiwaz! :sparkles:

The more I learn about runes, the more complex they reveal themselves to be! I’m thinking this may be because I was originally sorting them mentally to their tarot correspondences. But I’m seeing more and more that each rune touches on several tarot cards (such as Tiwaz’s energy tying into Strength, Justice, The Lovers, etc.).

It’s interesting that both forms of divination (runes and tarot) touch on many of the same themes, but the individual components (runes/cards) take a different collection of themes. Seeing how they overlap and how they differ has been really interesting so far! :star_struck:

Looking forward to learning more- thanks so much, @Liisa! :two_hearts:

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Thanks girl! I just have today’s and I’m caught up. I just did weds and this one. :relaxed::cherry_blossom::rose::two_hearts::v:t3:


@christina4 @TheTravelWitch no worries at all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
They really are fascinating the more you look into them, I’ve never been able to understand all of the different cards of the Tarot but I didn’t feel the same when I first found the Runes. Now that I’m learning more about those Runes the Tarot is getting a little easier for me to grasp. I’m starting to recognise them without having to consult the book first also :heartpulse:

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