❋ Flower of Life Crystal Grid: Printable Matrix

For this printable crystal grid, I decided to make a Flower of Life page that can be colored in. This way we can easily visualize the flow of energy between the stones. :zap:

The Flower of Life is one of the best known symbols in Sacred Geometry. This sacred symbol is formed by 19 circles of the same diameter superimposed and distributed in space in a uniform way, simulating the petals of a flower.


“Realize that everything connects to everything else.” ― Leonardo Da Vinci

The Flower of Life Symbol

This pattern has been found in temples, manuscripts and art throughout cultures and places such as Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, India, China, Israel and many more.

Flower of life pattern grid
One early example are five patterns of 19 overlapping circles drawn on the granite columns at the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt.

Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower of Life’s form and its mathematical properties. He drew the Flower of Life itself, as well as various components such as the Seed of Life

Da Vinci Flower of Life grid

Flower of Life Crystal Grid’s Meaning

This symbol makes the perfect crystal grid because it’s a view of the energetic structure that works between our gemstones. Each crystal piece has its own place but is at the same time connected to everything else in the matrix.


Crystal Grid Layout Ideas: 7 Chakras

  1. Crown Chakra
  2. Third Eye Chakra
  3. Throat Chakra
  4. Heart Chakra
  5. Solar Plexus Chakra
  6. Sacral Chakra
  7. Root Chakra

Find more printable crystal grids in PDF here.

How to Use the Flower of Life Grid :white_flower:

  1. Decide on an intention for your grid. Clearly state it by writing it on the piece of paper, or under it.

  2. To activate the grid, place your crystals on it and start coloring, tracing out the pattern from one stone to the next.

  3. As you work through it, visualize your intention becoming a reality. See in your mind how the dots are going to connect.

  4. Follow the path laid out by the crystals on the flower of life, showing the connection between each crystal. Everything is connected.

  5. Continue this until the entire grid has been connected and activated.

Symbols related to the Flower of Life

The center lens of the 2-circle figure is called a Vesica piscis. That’s the sacred shape that makes the Triquetra, the Celtic spiritual symbol of triplicity. If we keep adding circles we obtain the Seed of life symbol.

If the circles are given volume, a 3D cube made of 4x4x4 = 64 spheres is obtained, the three-dimensional Metatron’s Cube.

Within this cube, many other shapes can be found, including two-dimensionally flattened versions of the five platonic solids. In early kabbalist scriptures, Metatron supposedly forms the cube from his soul.

This Cube can later be seen in Christian art, where it appears on his chest or floating behind him. Metatron’s cube is also considered a holy glyph, and was often drawn around an object or person to ward off demons and satanic powers.

Spiritual Meaning of the Flower of Life

“The Flower of Life contains within its proportions each and every aspect of life that exists. It contains every mathematical formula, every law of physics, every harmony of music, every biological life including your specific body. It contains every atom, every dimensional level, absolutely everything contained in waveform universes” - Drunvalo Melchizedek

According to Ancient-Origins, The Five Platonic Solids are also all found within The Flower of Life. These are the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

The symbolism of this geometric shape is that it represents the connection of life and spirit within the universe. What makes it a sacred symbol is the idea that it contains all the possibilities of an energy matrix, just like consciousness itself.

Ivory whorl from Cypros 1340 - 1050 BC

All life forms have an energy field that fits perfectly with this geometry. Each Soul is united to this matrix, participating in the framework and interacting with other souls, sharing behaviors, behaviors and attitudes of their being. Each individuality is part of this matrix.

I hope you explore the many hidden meanings in the Flower of Life with this crystal grid and remember that Everything is connected! :raised_hands:


Thank you so much! I always was curious about this :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, I am trying to get into crystal gridding and had just received a small book about it with a mat. I can’t wait to try it one day when I have time to myself again and I’m not running around like a mad woman doing errands.

I printed the instructions also in a word document. I love when new printables come out to expand my BOS


I so love this post!!! It’s interesting to me because I’m learning the science behind crystals. Some shapes are tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. It’s not all pretty colors and shapes. Lol the first class had about 8 lessons, which consisted of a bunch of videos, notes, classwork, homework ( 10 pages) and a quiz. But, it’s what I enjoy so it’ll be worth it!


Thanks for your comments @Missa and @Susurrus!! I really had a good experience with the last crystal grid for focus as I would step away from work and focus on the stones instead, which helps me relax and find a good rhythm. :relieved:

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Less than 3 months. I’m taking the advanced course directly after.


@christina4 you are doing great with what we have learned from you! Great job mastering the crystal work. Good luck with your advanced studies afterwards too!


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