Pink Full Moon 🌕

Hey everyone!

Happy Pink Full Moon! Are you planning to do something these days? I did Yin yoga today + a Love and Kindness meditation and planning to do the Pink Full Moon spell this Sunday.

Wishing you all love, kindness, and compassion on this beautiful moon.


I’ll be charging my crystals, and making full moon water.


Happy Pink Full Moon :relaxed:
I’m going to a moon circle like I’ve done for a few full and new moons. It’s really given me something to look forward to each time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you for the inspiration, I could do some kind of a self love ritual in addition, maybe involving rose water :blush: :rose:


Happy Pink Full Moon!!!

I am beyond excited for this. Pink is my favorite color, and the full moon has me super energetic this time. I’m in a great mood and I’m loving it. Also not sure if it’s because I’m kid free this weekend. LOL, that could play part in it, I guess :joy: :joy:

I plan on meditating first thing tomorrow. I will be wearing Pink to really manifest what I plan on writing down and accomplishing. I also LOVE candle magick, and plan to use pink candles. I have my Altar set up for tomorrow with my candles and necessities for my ritual for the PINK FULL MOON tomorrow night! I really need to do something with love, I need to love harder and release a lot of anger and hate I let build up over the years. It’s been super unhealthy and I’m positive this Pink Full Moon, has brought me out of this “funk” I’ve been in and bettering myself to a much happier, loving person. I pulled out my moonstone crystal to have with me for a spell I will be casting and I have pink quartz all over my altar right now!

Not gonna lie, I’m LOVING all of the PINK! :heart_eyes:
I hope others are going to be joining in as well this weekend, because like I said, IDK why, but I’m very intrigued by this full moon and I’m interested to see if anyone else has the same effect as well. Looking forward to reading about others experiences as well.

Have a great Pink Full Moon Weekend!!! :heartpulse: :heartpulse:


Thank hun :kissing_heart: I plan on do a charm spell ghis Full Moon, after all I have not done a charm spell in a while. I may also collect some moon water and cleanse my crystals once am at it.


All your ideas sounds so exciting, I am happy you are so intrigued :blush: about this full moon. I was too when I write this poem some time back and I am stll intrigued about it this year around.

I sheare this poem with you @Janae_Rochele below is a link to these words of happiness below and title the poem Pink Full Moon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
PINK FULL MOON you can take a look here, hope you enjoy.



Good morning! I understand the want to do all the things but I have found that it if you focus on one maybe two things (sometimes they go hand in hand) the results are much better. You mentioned that you have a lot to release. I would take note of what those things are, maybe in your book of mirrors or book of shadows, wherever you will see it. You need to find a way of releasing or cutting cords that works for you.

I’m not telling you this because these ideas will work for you, but things that I like to do to release things of that nature:

  • write an email to no one about everything going on inside your head
  • write a letter to someone about everything you want to say & everything you feel
    – I typically will have a fire in my fire pit & burn the pages/printouts/etc. I have done this with letters, cards, journals, & papers with tarot readings on them. Anything that I need to release has gone into the pit. :fire:

I smoke cleanse my fire pit at least once a month by adding sage leaves to the bed of coals & 3/4 of the way covering the top of the pit. The smoke fills it & comes out the chimney & the edges. Whatever the smoke touches or passes by, the negative energy is taken with it through the wind :wind_face:

  • throw rocks into the ocean as hard as I can (usually each rock represents something I’m releasing as I throw it into the ocean.
  • vent to any pets you may have, they are the best listeners.

As for what specifically to do for the Full Pink Moon :full_moon: there are a lot of options. I put out the crystals that I work with regularly & all of my decks to be cleansed & charged. I think tonight I will charge my waters & I want to do a meditation for the Moon in Scorpio. I have been taking it easy since I’m coming back from a deep dive into the Shadows, so I’m taking my time & reworking what is going to continue to be a part of my craft & then let go of things that I no longer use, don’t work for me, I’ve outgrown (sounds weird right, but it happens :laughing:) Sort of like a rebirth or regeneration of my craft now that I have gone through some areas & “cleaned” them up a bit.

Scorpio happens to be my sun :sun: sign, but for tonight I will do the Moon in Scorpio :scorpius:

However from Moon Phases Spells - Full Moon :full_moon:

As this moon enhances communication with the spiritual world, any kind of ritual that is performed under the Full Moon will experience a boost of Power. Divination rituals are especially strengthened by this moon, like any personal spellwork that could use a major boost, including rituals for abundance, protection, love, or wisdom. Your chances of success are greater than during any other lunar phase.

Use the power of the full moon to cast any type of spell with confidence

Rose Quartz is a stone of love :heart: whether it be self-love or love for others. So having a lot of on your altar is great way to manifest that energy from the stone. Maybe for a more focused love intention, you could try a crystal grid too.

Creating Crystal Grids :gem:

❋ Flower of Life Crystal Grid: Printable Matrix

Crystal Grid For Love

Healing Crystal Grid :gem:

I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with things that you could do & I’m not entirely sure where you are in your practice. So hopefully some of these help you! :heart:


@Siofra_Strega I absolutely love all of this. Thank you for sharing with me. I really appreciate it all :slight_smile: Anything I can learn, I’m open to listening.


@Katiria :raising_hand_woman:t2:Me too


So, my day much less my evening & night did not go as planned. After about 8:30 AM it was just a series of events beyond my control that changed what I had planned.

With that being said decided to charge my waters & oils, then crystals from altar, jewelry & their holders from my altar space, & some others that I had been wearing over the last few months.

That was the plan. We are going to have a rain storm with wind! So I had already put everything either in a glass or stainless steel pan. I have a lot that needs to be cleansed & needs a recharge. Its been quite the last few months.

I had the brilliant idea :bulb: to put the pans in clear Ziploc bags! I had just bought 2 gallon bags & the pans fit perfectly. So now, if it starts raining or i fall asleep, everything is protected from rain & under the full moon.

After that I watched Practical Magic for the 1st time. I did get distracted for a part of it, but that just gives me a reason to watch it again! :smiling_face:


Mine didn’t go as planned either, sometimes you just need peace, quiet and rest more than roses and wine… :sweat_smile::rose:


I only could see the Moon on Friday, yesterday and today it’s been cloudy and it’s not easy to see her :frowning: but I know it’s there watching and protecting us all.

A surprising thing happened, I got my period, I guess I’m becoming regular for the first time without needing any meds. Thank you, mother :full_moon:

I’m glad you had a good celebration too :heartpulse:


I can finally say, I did my first Pink Full Moon spell. The full moon has been absolutely stunning this weekend. (Tonight it’s cloudy though.) I was mesmerized by how beautiful, big, and bright it is. I could not wait to wear pink (which I forgot to plan and somehow ended up wearing it once I realized, I should be wearing pink lol), light pink candles, decorate my altar, and write my pink full moon intention down…on pink paper :wink: :wink:

Did I mention, I LOVE pink? :laughing:
Seriously, I enjoyed doing another spell and learning more this week yet again. I feel so much better when I spend Sunday evenings in my office at my altar and on here, writing in my books (mirror and shadows), & enjoying the concentration of what I strive to be and do in the next few months. I hope everyone had a great time during the Pink Full Moon, because I know I have been personally drawn to it and in an exceptionally great mood!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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