Crystal Grid For Love

:heartbeat: Crystal Grid For Love :heartbeat:

This crystal grid can be made anywhere in your home, or if you’re in an existing relationship, carefully place it beneath the bed you share with your partner to strengthen your bond. The Flower of Life Grid is made up of 19 circles, each containing a flower with 6 petals. It’s on each of these overlapping flowers that you’ll place your crystals.

What You’ll Need:
:gem: 1 Flower of Life Grid Template
:gem: 1Red Rose Petal, or your intention written on paper and folded up small.
:gem: 1 Large Tumbles Quartz
:gem: 6 Small Quartz Points
:gem: 6 Rose Quartz Crystals
:gem: 6 Garnet Stones
:gem: Athame or Wand

  1. Place your rose petal or intentions in the center flower of the grid and place a tumbled Quartz stone on top of it. This is your Master Stone. If you’re using a rose petal, be aware that it’s sending out a high frequency of love and attraction :magnet: due to its history of being one of the most romantic symbols.

  2. Add your small quartz points to the 6 flowers around the Master stone on the grid, pointing outward, evenly spaced. These are your way stones.

  3. Add your Rose Quartz Crystals to the next row of 6 circles around the quartz points.

  4. Place your Garnet Stones on the outermost circles. The Garner and the rose quartz are your Desire stones.

  5. You should have a stone inside each of the 19 circles in the Flower of Life Grid, all evenly spaced.

  6. Using your Wand or Athame, energetically connect the stones by tracing the symbol of the Flower of Life in the air above the grid, being sure to join all the stones. While you do this, visualize exactly the kind of relationship or love you wish for.

This grid was taken from Crystals for Witches by Eliza Maybelle :gem:

I have it inside of the copper pyramid to amplify the love energy.

I also added other stones I felt called to, such as lapis lazuli, lepidolite, more rose quartz, sodalite and selenite.


@christina4 love your grid :heart_eyes::purple_heart: if i posted a photo of one of my newest points hun would you please have a look for me and tell me whether you think it’s a lapis or a sodalite? I think that it’s sodalite


I like this grid & its intent! Great way to strengthen that bond & encourage love in your life :two_hearts:


Beautiful crystal grid, @Christina4- you always make such wonderful ones! :heart: I think this grid for relationships and love would be a great addition to Friday Spellwork :rose:. It’s a great resource to have- thanks so much for sharing! :blush:


It very well could be sodalite but there’s only one tiny little difference between sodalite and lapis and it’s a microscopic difference :microscope: so I’d say it’s one of the two. And the reddish color is just iron. I have a lot of that on some clear quartz. Sorry I don’t have an affirmative answer.


All good my love :blush: looking up the qualities of Sodalite “remove negative energies from previous inhabitants” I knew I bought this little buddy for a reason. My little crystal friend whether you be Sodalite or Lapis you are very welcome :heart_eyes:


Aw that’s so sweet :revolving_hearts: