Crystal grids??

Ive been resrarching making a crystal grid or maybe need more than one for differemt intents but im a bit confused about hiw to know which grid to use for what. Does anyone know how best to choose the grid to use for certain intents. ? Any suggestoons would be appreciated.


@christina4 would know, she’s into grids a lot. I know you can buy the grids premade somewhere instead of drawing one, but I’m not sure how you choose the best one to use.


@christina4 & @Missa are great with crystal grids, but in the meantime, we have some great topics regarding making them & printing your own.

Creating Crystal Grids :gem:

❋ Flower of Life Crystal Grid: Printable Matrix

Crystal Grids Template

I’m just starting to learn about them myself in my courses & prior to now have a very limited knowledge of them. I have always used the information through Spells8 or the forum :smiling_face:


“a bit confused about hiw to know which grid to use for what.”(Crystal grids).
I think the person to give you great answers is Christina4. She’ our crystal Princess.


You just need a geometric shape, crystals and your intuition as well as Intention. Here’s a great link explaining everything about grids and the different types of grids for different intentions:

Ultimately, you can use the seed of life grid for any intention. Just have fun with it and try not to over think about the tiny details.

Here’s a post I made that has crystal grid templates.


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