Akashic Records Symbols: Diving into the Akasha or Ether

Today, I’m venturing into the intriguing realm of Akasha and the Akashic Records. These concepts are steeped in mystique and wonder, and we’re going to unravel some of their mysteries together.

When I was looking up symbols of creation and creativity, I came across a particular symbol. Interestingly, this symbol represents ‘The Akashic halls’. It sparked my interest and I began researching how these halls are linked to creativity.

What Exactly is Akasha?

Imagine an expansive, dynamic energy field, where all universal secrets are intertwined. This is Akasha, a primordial cosmic force that represents the very essence of potential and connectivity. It’s akin to an ethereal canvas, ever-present yet invisible, holding the promise of creation and the interconnectedness of all things. In Western esotericism, it’s referred to as Spirit, the fifth element.

Key Correspondences of Akasha:

  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces: :pisces: Known for its deep intuition and connection to the spiritual realm, Pisces resonates closely with the nature of Akasha. This sign symbolizes the union of all dualities and the transcendence of physical boundaries, much like Akasha’s encompassing and boundless nature.
  • Chakra: Vishuddha (Throat Chakra): ह Akasha is often associated with the Vishuddha or throat chakra. This energy center governs communication, creativity, and self-expression.
  • Other Associations: It’s psychologically linked to our ‘Right to Speak’ and ‘Right to Be Heard,’ reflecting the profound impact of Akasha on our ability to express our inner truths and creative ideas.

The Akashic Records: A Repository of Universal Knowledge

The Akashic Records are a vast, celestial library, storing every thought, word, and action from the past, present, and future. They are a source of immense knowledge and inspiration. By accessing these records, we can tap into a wellspring of universal truths and ideas.

As a simple sigil to work with the Akashic records, I chose to work with the mantra HAM and its sanscrit word as a symbol ह , here is some information about it: Haṃ: 15 definitions - Wisdom Library

  1. Haṃ is a seed-syllable (bīja-mantra) and relates to the region of Space.

  2. “Haṃ” is the bīja-mantra for ākāśa, (“ether” or “space”).

The Akashic Halls: A Visionary Encounter

Akashic Halls photo
The Thousand Pillar Hall in India (Meenakshi Temple)

Through a series of focused steps, we can channel energy and use visualization techniques to connect with the profound wisdom of the Akashic Halls.

  1. Draw or paint the chosen symbol on a piece of paper or other material.
  2. When you feel ready to embark on your spiritual voyage, hold the inscribed sigil between your hands.
  3. Energize your physical body by any means of raising energy.
    4.Visualize this energy expanding outward through your etheric and astral layers. For example, imagine stars within you as they absorb energy from the ethereal dimension.
  4. Envision a majestic hall bathed in light, where each sparkle represents a slice of cosmic knowledge, symbolizing the Akashic Halls—a sanctum of enlightenment and discovery.

Alternatively, guided meditations can also help with visualization of the Akashic halls. These halls are more than just a repository of knowledge; they are a symbol of the collective consciousness and universal wisdom.

In conclusion, the Akashic Halls are a space to align our individual energy with the cosmic force of Akasha, tapping into a collective consciousness and gaining access not only to creativity but to a spectrum of powerful metaphysical energies.


Thank you. There is a lot here I didn’t know.

I used to avoid the idea of the Akashic Records because it always seemed so detailed, so much bigger than I was ready for. Come to find out, I was working with it all along and didn’t realize it!

Someone once put me down for liking my 16 pointed sun symbol (see my ID pic) saying it was merely a subdivision of 8. The ham flower pictured is a 16 petalled flower of personal evolution. I feel supported. :blossom:

You have gifted me that, here. I am eternally grateful! :gift_heart:

So they are kinda like the internet, only bigger. Um do they work the Dewy decimal system or can I Google it? :heart_eyes:

When I used to listen for walls and doors in the dark, it was kind of an “ah” sound.

OK, Universe. Open up and say “ah”. (Tongue depresser) lol

Thank you so much for this thread! :heartpulse::heartpulse: Forgive me for being silly. I’m exhausted and probably shouldn’t be here, but it’s too early for bed, and too late for a nap… and too much done today to get busy with something else. More depth within this will probably hit me in the morning.


I’m so glad that you felt identified and supported by the 16 petals of the lotus flower :lotus: Here’s something interesting I also learned very recently:

Each of these petals represents one of the 16 Kalas of Lord Krishna (major deity in sacred Hindu texts).

In the depiction of the lotus flower, they represent stages of spiritual evolution, and here’s a quick summary:

  1. Daya – Compassion - He was compassionate towards each and every being. We can also impart this in our life by showing kindness and love towards everyone.

  2. Dhairya – Patience - Even in the time of biggest difficulties, Krishna was patient. This Kala is most needed in today’s world.

  3. Kshama – Forgiveness - He even forgave the hunter who became the reason for his departure from the earth. People must learn the art of forgiving.

The full list can be found here: Times of India - What are the 16 Kalas

Keep shining bright! :sun:


I loved the information you shared with us!!! Has anyone read The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It’s fictitional but reminded me of what the Akashic Records would be like. I have tried several times to access them but with no success. I hope your information will help me. Thank you Franciso


Thank you @Francisco for sharing about the Akashic Records. I use the Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell.

and it references the akashic records and I didn’t really understand them or research them really. But this helps me get a better grasp on some of these terms and concepts! Now I will be able to use this deck with better clarity. Thanks!


@nancy12 I have not read The Midnight Library but if it’s anything like The Midnight Gospel I’ll have to give it a try!! I’ll look into it.

I think of Akasha like the air around us, catching every thought and word. So I found this metaphor and it really helped me in meditation:

A whirlpool in a river is still part of the water – it’s all connected. When the whirlpool fades away, the water is still there.

In the same way, your thoughts and words are part of Akasha. They’re always part of this big, wonderful tapestry of collective consciousness.

To access the Akashic Records you let go of your personal whirlpool and merge with the river, with the Akasha that holds and is connected to everything else.

Don’t think of the A.R. as a specific library of information but as a dynamic, ever-present aspect of life that you are a part of. The ether that records and retains the essence of all experiences and expressions. Keep practicing and exploring!

@BlueAngelite That is a beautiful deck! I can see how it can help with intuitive readings, which is a great way of channeling the Akashic Records. Bright blessings!


Thank you very much for this. I am very much familiar with the Meenakshi temple in Madurai, and it’s power. It’s certainly interesting that you chose that picture.


I experienced such energy when I visited, it changed my life. Such an impression was made that I decorated my temple room in homage.


The Kalas are also used in Saivite (Shiva) Hinduism, they are called the yamas and niyamas, and set out the tools for a way of spiritual living. They are eight pairs of rules and effects called Ashtanga Yoga. If anyone is interested I can do a piece on this.



The symbol itself immediately reminded me of The High Priestess card in tarot… :thinking: she’s sitting between two columns and is a card of inner knowing, intuition, and hidden secrets. She could very well be connected to the Akashic Records, too!

Oh dang… this book… :face_exhaling: this book broke me (in a good way…lol) and I cried so many times reading it. It’s such a good book!


I’m going to check out The Midnight Gospel! Thank you :pray:t2:


@peetamba It’s great to hear how the Meenakshi temple has inspired and transformed your life. When I saw that picture it left a great impression on me, so I’m sure there’s a connection there.

Your insights into yamas and niyamas are intriguing, and I’d love to learn more in your piece!

@MeganB Great catch! I don’t know how I missed it but you’re so right:

I’m reading reviews on The Midnight Library. The concept of different realities and choices has really piqued my interest!


This is all fascinating! I can’t wait to read more about all of this!


She is usually one of my favorite cards, so it immediately came to mind :joy: maybe that’s something to explore this year!


I cannot thank you enough for this information I made a bad mistake of looking back at 2023 and it put me in a bad place after reading this you’ve sparked my enthusiasm all over again. I’ve always been curious about the Akashic records but had a hard time understanding the concept. I am big into symbols also and you’ve broke these down in a way I can begin with and take it as far as I can…

Mote It Be


@Medea I’m thrilled to hear that this information has rekindled your enthusiasm! May your journey be enlightening and rewarding! :books::crystal_ball::sparkles: