To Find Your Personal Symbol


Thanks @roxanne I’m going to try this tonight when I’m meditating


Ty @roxanne, I meditated then tried this, however when I got to the top of my stairs there was nothing :frowning: I will continue to do it until I find my symbol


Thank you for sharing, @roxanne! :two_hearts: Ooohhh I’m excited to find my personal symbol :star_struck: I’ll set aside some time for meditation tonight and see if I have any luck at the top of the staircase :+1:

Hmmmm it could be that your symbol doesn’t have a material or tangible form. You could be resonating with something like an element- maybe the element of air :cloud: or of the mind :sparkles: ? Or perhaps there is a more urgent issue blocking your mediation practice that you have to address before you can find your symbol at the top of the stairs?

Keep trying, @Katt! :raised_hands: There is a lot that can be revealed to us through meditation. Best of luck- I am sure you will find something of value in your meditation, whether it’s your personal symbol, important knowledge or visions, or an experience! :sparkling_heart:

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Hmmm interesting. I was looking for an actual symbol but all I saw was was a haze that is the best way I can dis robe it. I was told from an online tarot reading that my heart and crown chakra are blocked so I am working on getting that taken care of first and foremost :grinning:


Oh yes! Get all your chakras aligned and get your mind free and try it all again, it takes some patience but you will soon find it through the haze… :slight_smile:

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I did a morning tea meditation today as I watched the sunrise over the city :city_sunrise: and gave this visualization technique a try in hopes of finding my personal symbol!

Almost immediately as I began my deep breathing I found myself walking up a swirling flight of old stone stairs. Around and around, up and up- and it took less time than I expected to reach the top. When I got there I realized I had been climbing the stairs of a lighthouse. In the beacon of light at the center of the room, was a metal compass spinning in various directions :compass:

I can’t say I’m surprised about the compass- I’ve often considered getting one as a small tattoo! I love the symbol and I think it represents me, my travels, and my constant pursuit of knowledge :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I didn’t expect how vivid the visualization would be, or how quickly it would work! Usually I struggle to focus and concentrate when meditating :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for sharing, @roxanne! I really enjoyed this meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: :two_hearts:


That’s so cool, especially that it worked so perfectly for you on your first try :smile:
And a compass tattoo sounds like a great idea to me :blush: where would you place it?


Wow that’s great and with all the travelling you do a compass is so fitting


Oh, I’m going to try this. I will have to wait for tomorrow morning when the house is completely quiet and when the sun rises! Looking forward to finding my symbol. Thank you @roxanne :hugs: :blush:


I love the compass rose! I can definitely see a tattoo with its deep symbolism (spiritual direction, awakening and discovery)… And they always look so good!


Thank you @Katt, @christine4, and @Francisco! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hahaha I was surprised too! Although I sure it helped that I had already connected a compass with being my personal symbol- I’ve been considering the tattoo for years! :laughing: :compass:

When I was in Thailand I was so close to getting it- I had picked out the studio and artist and even had a few rough designs sketched out! But it wasn’t meant to be- after working out all the details, the artist turned out to be away and wouldn’t be available until after I left Thailand :sweat_smile:

I’m considering a very simple compass on one of my wrists :compass: - something small for now! I have several piercings, but this would be my very first tattoo- so better to do something small at first!

I had considered getting it on my back, between my shoulders- but I think sometime in the future I’d like to get the moon phases down my spine! :first_quarter_moon: Possibly something like this (thanks to google for a random picture- not mine… although I wish I had this tattoo!):

On that note, has anyone else gotten a tattoo of their personal symbol? :heart_eyes:


Another lovely idea :waning_gibbous_moon:
and I’m sure you’ll find the right artist for the compass! Nowadays it’s rather easy seeing as pretty much every tattoo artist has their portfolio on instagram :blush:

I don’t know yet what my personal symbol is, I have to try the meditation out soon :dizzy:
I do however have a lot of tattoos already; how funny would it be if I had my personal symbol already tattooed on me without even knowing? :laughing:


Thank you, @christine4! :two_hearts: This is so true- the internet makes it easy to find talented artists! :grin: Although sometimes the sheer amount of possible tattoo artists can be overwhelming- so many to choose from! Although I haven’t searched for any yet in my current city… maybe it’s time to start the hunt! :face_with_monocle:

Ooohhhhhh!!! I think this is a very good possibility!! :heart_eyes: As a picture or symbol that you chose to carry with you forever, tattoos naturally have a lot of importance! I think there’s a good chance you may already know one or more of your personal symbols :grin: :+1:

Good luck with the meditation when you give it a try- let us know how it goes, and if you can spot your personal symbol! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love that tat, but how painful was it in the spine? I have a few and the worst was down the ribs. I would actually consider getting g that done


Hahaha the idea of the pain is one of the main reasons preventing me from getting this kind of tattoo! I was a big chicken when it came to getting my piercings :joy:- although they never hurt as much as I thought they would! Even the nose ring wasn’t that bad :+1:. Sometimes the worse part of anything someone’s scared of is the waiting beforehand!

Wow, yes- I imagine your rib tattoos hurt quite a bit! :astonished: A friend of mine has many tattoos all over her body, but she said that the most painful one was the mandala she got on the tops of her feet :foot:. From what I’ve heard the pain increases with proximity to bones… so I think getting a spine tattoo would be a pretty uncomfy experience!


Lovely tattoos and I love the idea of a compass on your wrist! :compass:

My best friend has a compass and it’s really cool!:smiley:

My most painful tattoo was on my foot/ankle, the one on the back of my neck I barely felt, the one on my hip/stomach was sore and the one on the inside of my arm was fine.

I am a bit strange however, and quite enjoy the pain, almost like it’s a mental challenge to overcome it :joy: big deep breaths and happy thoughts will get you through :thought_balloon::heart::unicorn::hatched_chick::dog2:


I know exactly what you mean :joy: I feel like improving my mediation practice has definitely helped though, especially when it’s a long 6-8 hours session. Focusing on my breath does wonders :star2:

I’m getting my back done at the moment, and I have to say that the spine doesn’t hurt that bad for me. The worst part is the lower back - pure agony :fire: but of course pain is very individual!


Summary: ribs never again back of neck barely felt. Foot not bad. Back of calf x2 (one I did myself) no feeling at all. Lower back not fun but nothing compared to ribs. Shoulder blades not too too bad. In conclusion ANYTHING is less painful than ribs lol


I agree, I had to ask if he was actually tattooing my neck :joy: