Self-Confidence Sigil ⏫

Merry meet!

Here is a sigil for a boost of self-confidence. It can be drawn on a piece of paper, carved into a talisman, sewn into an amulet, or simply drawn in the air with a wand or fingertip :magic_wand:

May it help you to take the initiative and accomplish your goals :trophy: :star2:

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Blessed Be! :arrow_double_up: :sparkles:


Aww thank you Bry for sharing this! :hugs: I am definitely going to consider this self confidence sigil! :innocent: Also you are very kind my friend, for sharing the other links too. Love you darlin’ :kissing_heart: :heart:


It’s my pleasure, Solasta! :heart: :blush: I hope that if you do decide to use it that it can be helpful for you. All the power to you! (And lots of love as well :hugs::two_hearts:)

Blessed be! :sparkles: