Simple Techniques to Develop your Intuition 💡

Intuition is a capability of the mind that can manifest itself without warning. It is the feeling of knowing something but ignoring how we know it. It is a skill that we all possess. Practice helps to develop it. The most important thing is that it allows us to reach conclusions without a starting point or clear reference in sight. Using our intuition holds the key to personal success.

Intuition works on 4 planes:

1. Inner voice. You can probably hear an inner voice that communicates with you in a loving and compassionate way. To stimulate it, it is convenient to ask “what should I do in this moment?”. Stay silent and listen. Once the answer is received, write it down.

2. Dreams. During sleep, we free ourselves of some anxieties, but the mind keeps working. It is a perfect time to receive insights, but because the one in charge at night is the right hemisphere of the brain, the answer will usually comes in the form of symbols. To answer a question through the intuition of dreams, it’s convenient to ask a question before going to bed. For example, say: “I am the presence that asks, wants to know, and knows”. In the morning, ask yourself, “what is the answer to my question?”. The first impressions that come to mind (images of a dream, words, people) is the one that carries the answer.

3. Emotions. Many times the best way to choose between several options is to go with the one that just feels better. Ask: “Is it okay if I do this?” and check the sensations at heart-level. Our physical body works just like a pendulum during divination. One way to know if the answer to our questions is Yes or No, is by simply observing your breath. Ask a couple of questions to which you already know the answer first, so that you can calibrate your breathing, observe it. Your breathing when telling the truth will be deep, clean, soft; When lying or avoiding the question it will change, become difficult or heavy.

4. Other physical sensations. The stomach, the nervous system, the throat, are areas that amplify our intuition. Many times we avoid a person or a place because it makes us feel bad physically. That is fine, it’s our intuition manifesting physically. It could be a fear caused by the ego. Before making a decision based on physical sensations it is a good idea to practice some meditation or visualizations.

Guided Meditations for Developing Intuition :person_in_lotus_position:

:candle: Purple Candle Meditation (click to watch video)

A guided meditation to open your third eye and listen to spirit guides with the aid of a purple candle.

:crescent_moon: Moon in Gemini Meditation

Another exercise to bring awareness to the third eye, the energy center for knowledge, imagination, and intuition. When the Moon is in Gemini, we can enter the airy realms of imagination that Gemini adores.

:droplet: Poseidon Devotional

A prayer to Poseidon to petition for his abundance, to let him fill us with trust and confidence in our inner knowledge and intuition.

Easy Exercises for Intuition :muscle:

:crystal_ball: Exploring the Witchcraft Courses on Spells8 you’ll find video lessons such as How to develop your intuition.

The Sacred Place: A Visualization Exercise to Develop Intuition :mountain_snow:

  1. Close your eyes, relax.
  2. Imagine that you are going on a very narrow path. On the sides you see very tall trees, a very leafy forest with closed vegetation.
  3. At a certain moment you arrive at a clear, open space. There is a circle of stones. Sunlight illuminates this place. You sit on the floor.
  4. Take a deep breath and ask a question about something you want to solve. Listen to the answers.
  5. A certain presence is approaching. Welcome it and repeat your question. Listen for their response.
  6. You can come here whenever you want. Leave by walking back the same path you came in.

Easy Meditation to Develop Intuition :person_in_lotus_position:

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight, your feet well supported on the floor and your palms facing up on your lap.
  2. Let the weight of the body rest well on the chair. Pay attention to every part of the body. Let the chair absorb tension, worries and distractions.
  3. Inspire deeply, filling the abdomen with air. Hold the air for a few seconds and release it gently.
  4. Relax each part of the body from head to toes, feeling how the tension is dissolving, being absorbed into the earth.
  5. Imagine a sphere of light hovering over your head. The sphere of light enters your body through your head and fills every cell in your body, each and every one of them as if they were millions of stars, returning to the Universe, cleansing and purifying everything that you come in contact with, you become light, you are protected.
  6. Now focus on a glowing object before you. It is a crystal. Pay attention to its shape, its color and its brightness (this part serves to free the mind from internal dialogue).
  7. Release the crystal towards the Universe. Clear the space before your eyes and let images, ideas and sensations appear freely.

Exercise With Geometric Images :small_red_triangle:

Intuition is an activity of the right hemisphere of the brain. The visualization of geometric figures too. Therefore, one skill can stimulate the other. This exercise can be done during meditation or at any other time.

  1. Imagine a white screen in front of you.
  2. Project a geometric figure (a triangle, a circle, a square, etc.) and keep your attention focused on it for a couple of minutes.
  3. Switch to another figure and do the same.
  4. As you make progress, try to make it more complex: for example, imagine a circle inside a square.

Localization Exercise :round_pushpin:

Where does the center of intuition reside? What part of your body receives intuitive information? While in reality the consciousness is not located in any part of our body, what we do have is an organ that is known to be related to intuition: that is the pineal gland. Stimulating its function dramatically develops intuition:

  1. Visualize that in the center of your head there is a sphere of light.
  2. Try to determine its color, its texture, its appearance.
  3. Gradually expand its size until it fills all of your head.
  4. Now reduce it until it adopts the size of a small grain.
  5. Re-expand it but now visualize it growing bigger beyond your body.
  6. Keep expanding and contracting it for a few minutes at a time.

Exercise to Connect with the Environment :earth_americas:

Take the time to simply grasp what the environment shows you. Pay attention to the information that your 5 senses are giving you. Allow your consciousness to capture and react freely (with pleasure or pain) to what it perceives. Simply remain present. This exercise has several beneficial effects:

a) It increases your ability to perceive through the senses.
b) It allows you to affirm your presence in the world.
c) It strengthens your psychic abilities.
d) It connects you with everything, bringing the awareness that All is One.
e) You will notice an increase in your intuition, a sense of peace and you will find more easily the value in every little thing that surrounds you.

Extra Tips for Developing Your Intuition :white_check_mark:

  1. Each morning take some time to meditate. This prepares your conscience to receive information.
  2. When you feel you don’t know what to do, change your routine. Take a walk, call someone you haven’t seen for a long time, eat something out of the ordinary, etc.
  3. Play with your senses. When faced with a difficult decision, try asking “what does it smell like?”, “What does it taste like?”, “What does it sound like?”.
  4. Learn to identify how “Yes” feels in your body, and how “No” feels.
  5. Imagine how each situation feels inside your body.
  6. Evaluate the level of satisfaction that each decision gives you.
  7. In case of having to decide between two options, imagine that they are two doors. Try to see what the doors are like and what’s behind them.

I really like this info @Francisco it’s quite interesting! Thank you!!


Interesting that this is my “Latest” category because I am slowly working on relearning my intuition from anxiety… harder than it sounds by the way… these will be great to try. Thank you for putting this together!


You know this post is great, just love it thanks @Francisco ! To be honest mornings like today where i didn’t do my little morning ritual of meditating, drawing tarot cards to see how the day will play our and worshipping my deities by lighting candles becomes unpredictable and not always in a bad way…
What does this have to do with my intuition you may ask? Well i tend to block out my intuition even now i know it is the key to success in many spells and how many decisions will play out, however i try to keep up my morning routine to just ‘listen’ to my head and heart. Amazingly when i draw tarot cards and listen to my intuition, it can feel like deja vu like i sensed it before or been there before. Now all i need to Concore is trusting my intuition…


thank you for this info i will make sure to practice this and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!


Thanks @christina4 @Susurrus @TheMuslimWitch! I’m glad you enjoyed this (old!) post :slight_smile:

I think the biggest lesson from trusting my intuition and following my gut is not to rely solely on other people’s spells or traditions (although they are a good start), but to look for what’s inside of you. We are all different and we create our Magic on a present tense basis.

To me, hundreds of thoughts and ideas come at once and it’s hard to know what my intuition tells me because of all the noise. But that’s what meditation and being in the present moment are for, and why they are so important.


This is what I am learning how to separate & protect my own empathic energy too. My anxiety is like that & exactly what meditation & techniques to stay present have helped me be able to decipher on my own. Now I have to learn to trust it… whole other can of worms… for so long I had lost the connection & put up blocks & didn’t trust anyone, myself at times. So I’m doing this like I’m starting from scratch. :smiling_face:


It was a good one that I came across while looking for things for the newsletter :laughing: I figured it deserved some appreciation!