:pentacle_tarot: Crea-tarot-ivity : A Motivational Card Spell

Merry meet!

After learning about the Festival of the Muses and researching each of the Nine Muses for this week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - Your Magickal Muse, I felt a creative spark to work with Creative Magick itself! :magic_wand:

So for all creative souls- be you artists, performers, writers, chefs, etc or simply crafty in your Craft- this motivational spell that draws on the complex symbolism and emotions of tarot/oracle cards is for you! :handshake:

Card Spell for Creative Success

Crea tarot ivity Spell

Begone mind block and mental exhaustion!

The tarot is a magickal tool, divination device and beautiful expression of symbolism. Use your tarot deck (or oracle cards) in a new way with this card spell for inspiration!

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You will need:

:flower_playing_cards:A deck of tarot or oracle cards*
:salt: Small bowl of salt
:open_book:Your Book of Mirrors or other Journal

*Note: If you don’t have tarot cards, you can print this deck for free!

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  1. Begin by shuffling your tarot or oracle deck. When you feel ready, select one card- but keep it hidden, do not turn it over yet .

  2. Place both your hands on the back of the card and say:

This is the card I need to see
What is revealed is what I shall be.
Colors and shapes, symbols and art-
My new path is about to start!

  1. Flip over the card and observe. While you may consider traditional card meanings, pay closer attention to both the visuals and your own emotions- how does this card make you feel ? How does this card relate to you ?

Note: Please do not fret if you get a traditionally negative card like The Tower or the Ten of Swords- observe your card for what it is. Your creative energy may need a direction that you did not open yourself to before.

  1. When you feel that you have digested the meaning of the card, take your bowl of salt. While still looking at your card, dip three fingers into your purifying bowl of salt :salt: :bowl_with_spoon:

  2. Bring your salt-cleansed fingers to your forehead. Gently brush your three fingers from your hairline, down your forehead, to rest on your Third Eye Chakra (a power point in between your eyes). Be careful not to get any lingering salt in your eyes.

  3. With your fingers resting on this pressure point, take nine deep breaths :wind_face:

  4. Then, with your mind cleansed and message of the card held firmly in your heart, reach for your Book of Mirrors or other journal :open_book:

  5. Write about the card you drew, the process of the refreshing salt ritual, and any ideas that came to your mind while working the spell. Allow yourself to think freely and openly! :sunrise:

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May your magick ignite your creative energy and may your casting always spark excitement!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


This is lovely! Such a good idea! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much, @Amethyst! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re welcome, dear heart!


Just did the lesson. Amazing.


This is right up my alley!! Love it! :heart: :sparkles:


I love this!


This is great. :blush: I tried it and was surprised about the card that I received and what it meant. :tarot_card: an eye-opener for me. :dizzy: :writing_hand:
Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry for posting this.

Blessed be :dizzy:


@Mary33 I’m really glad you enjoyed the lesson, Mary! :blush:

@BrightBear Hooray! :partying_face: Let that beautiful creativity of yours shine brightly, BrightBear! :grinning:

@Ostara Awesome, Linda- I’m so glad! :two_hearts:

@Debra2 You are very welcome, Debra- thanks for sharing your spell experience! I hope the card you drew helped to point you in the creative direction you needed to head towards. Good luck and many blessings! :compass: :sparkles:


I haven’t done the spell yet, but every morning I draw an angel card for the day. Today my card was creativity. I didn’t think much about it until I saw this post. Lol!


Drawing an angel card is a lovely daily practice, @Ostara- good for you! :blush: And ohhh it sounds like it was meant to be a day blessed by creativity for you, how exciting! Hope you’re having a wonderful day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Merry Meet I start and end my day with the Tarot readings. I am looking forward to performing this. Trust you are having a Wonderful Holiday Blessed Be


This is really great thank you for your encouragement today!

I used three ounces of salt and went counter clockwise *3 banishing the bane the 3times clock wise allowing a protective shield around me🔰
Then I blessed my base my heart and :crown: :princess: crown
I pulled the crystal oracle and got the carnelian crystal which to my support for today to be creative! Orange :tangerine: is a brilliant in color :art: it reminds me of the sun :high_brightness:
“I am bright and creative and unique”
“ I am radiant like the sun :sunny:
Then I see I have been picking up all the pieces to a puzzle in which know I can draw on carnelian when I need to be creative!
Healing is happening and calmness and grounding and stability! I am protected by carnelian it dissolves any of my anxieties and grief and shame! I just found a lion statue and I wanna fix it cause I think I can make it new again! I could draw upon Carnelian to help me integrate my wabi sabi buy turning something that is broken into a masterpiece!


@David8 Merry meet, David! It sounds like you have a lovely tarot daily practice going, good for you :blush: I hope you enjoy this spread if you decided to use it! Thank you very much and same to you- Blessed be! :sparkles:

@Jeannie1 You’re very welcome, Jeannie- I’m so happy the spread worked so well for you! :heart: I cannot think of a more perfect card to draw for a creativity spread than Carnelian- that’s my favorite stone for creativity and motivation! :orange_circle: :two_hearts: I love the idea of fixing something broken to make it into a beloved piece of art- pursue your calling to wabi sabi! :art: Congrats to you on your healing and the stability you’ve found, it sounds like you are doing great! I’m so happy for you- many blessings, Jeannie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Merry Meet and a Wonderful Holiday to all. I will share today I drew Death and am Delighted. I just joined the Coven yesterday on the New Moon and the eve of Imbolc start of the Lunar New Year and 22222.
I am on a path of Enlightenment a New Beginning A total Release of my Old Self a Nourishing card for my soul a New Way of Life.
This card was delivered to me on the Most PERFECT OF DAYS. Blessed Be to All this day Dave


Merry meet @david8 welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven, it is very nice to meet you. I’m Debra I do an Angel Oracle Card every day to start my day after I have said my daily Wiccan Blessing.


Merry Meet Debra a Great way to start your day. Thank you for the welcome it is my pleasure to meet you also.


@David8 Welcome, Dave! :blush: Death is a card that tends to intimidate (especially those just beginning their journey into tarot), but it sounds like you found exactly what you needed in this powerful card of change! :sunrise:

Everything seems to be aligning for you- congrats on the new you, embracing your new way of life! :sun_with_face: Wishing many blessings to you as you embark on the next step of your exciting journey :sparkles:


Merry Meet welcome to the coven,
I fixed my Lion Statue
I tried to fix it and be creative! He’s like me like scar face Lol

Nice to meet you!


Wow, the lion is looking awesome, @Jeannie1! :star_struck: I think the scar gives him extra character- he looks fierce, ready to protect you! :lion: :sparkles::heart: