New Crystals (and mini challenge)! 👀

After looking through so many great crystal shops and sites earlier this year I was so excited to order a bunch of new crystals and fun things.

Sad to say, the mail here (between the pandemic and the unreliable courier) has been a nightmare and 8 packages were lost in transit :scream::package:

Took over a month and a crazy amount of phone calls, emails, and visits to the post office to get a refund from the courier :sweat:. Domestic orders seem to arrive without problem (go figure) but it’s safe to safe I’ve been limiting international orders for the time being.


I caved in about two weeks ago and couldn’t resist placing a small order with a UK crystal shop- I didn’t want to say anything before it arrived (just in case) but they are here!!! :partying_face:

Crystal challenge! Can you guess the crystals? :laughing:

Answers hidden here....
  • Rainbow bracelet: citrine, carnelian, garnet, lapis lazuli, aquamarine
  • Purple and yellow: Ametrine
  • Purple and white: Amethyst (worry stone)
  • Orange bracelet: Carnelian (given away by the pamphlet :laughing:)
  • White and yellow: Citrine
  • Greenish black with red specks: Bloodstone
  • Red with stripes: Red Jasper
  • Dark black-looking stone: Blue Tiger’s Eye
  • Orange: Carnelian

I am so happy with everything I ordered and even more happy that it all arrived safely! :confetti_ball:

What I really wanted the most was the Carnelian- a great stone for Libra season, and also creativity and motivation. Like my recent spell may have hinted at, I always need more of these things! :joy:

For anyone interested, the shop is called The Psychic Tree and is based in the UK. Shipping within the UK is free under a certain amount, and is very reasonable for the rest of Europe. They have a strong ethics promise where they pledge about both the authenticity and moral responsibility of their stones :+1:

Hooray for crystals! I studied up on Carnelian, but I’ll be spending this week learning more about the others :books:

Blessed be to all! :gem::sparkles:


I’m thinking Bloodstone, Fluorite, Citrine, Rhodonite or Rhodochrosite, Black Onyx or Jet or Black Tourmaline, Carnelian of course :), Amethyst… Maybe some Red Jasper?

I haven’t looked at the answers yet lol.


Definitely amethyst! Red jasper carnelian obviously lol, the black…maybe black tourmaline, bloodstone, citrine . The bracelet, idk but I’ll guess. Aquamarine, citrine, carnelian, amethyst and that’s all I got. I love your crystals! :heart:


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
You’re doing it again!
:heart_eyes: That’s my favourite online shop at the moment!!! I’m ordering from them constantly- it’s where I get all my chip bracelets :see_no_evil:
I love their little guide books - I’m obsessively collecting them and adding them to the crystal section of my grimoire every time I order a new one :joy:

Is that the chakra bracelet?
Ametrine, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Citrine, Carnelian, Carnelian bracelet not sure about the red and black ones.


Ive ordered from here once! I loved it :slight_smile: well I see carnelian, amethyst, bloodstone?, Citrine? I cant tell what the black one is and the other 2 red ones. And then a mixed chip bracelet


Wow @janelle, @christina4, @marissa, and @Limeberry ! :clap::heart_eyes: I know seeing the crystals through a picture on the computer is much harder than looking at them in real life- I am really impressed with all of you! You all got way more than I would have been able :laughing: Bravo to the crystal masters! :grin::two_hearts:

That is too funny we found the same shop :joy: This was my first order with them and I already love them too- I caved in because shipping was so cheap (a few other stores in the UK cost more to ship to Poland than the cost of the actual order itself- boo!). The little book is so helpful and cute :open_book:


Found these at the drug store yesterday and just had to have them as I just pass them off as a regular key chain no questions asked lolimage


Oooooh pretty :heart_eyes:


Ekkk Psychic Tree are FAB :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: I order from them loads!! Enjoy!


Yes they’re the only online crystal shop I use! :grin::grin::grin: Just ordered a stack of insense too :heart:


They are beautiful! I’m horrible at naming them. Only the basics like amethyst. I ordered some during the pandemic and need to keep their labels with them because I won’t remember what they are. Lol…


Right?! They’re the best! I always order incense from them too :joy:
Just had some crystals delivered today if anyone fancies another guessing game :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Ohhhhh @Katt- nice find! :star_struck: A beautiful Turquoise and lovely Tiger’s Eye- and they come with such cute charms too! Will you add them to your altar space, or maybe put them on a bag or backpack to carry their good luck with you? :gem::blush:

Hahaha I must be the last one to find out about the Psychic Tree, @mrs - they really are awesome! And shipping was so fast too… hmmm, I just got this order and I have to admit I’m already planning another order again soon :laughing:

I’m in the same boat, @walter! The little cards are my lifeline for all but the most basic crystals :sweat_smile: I’m at the point where I can remember the names of the crystals I have, but when it comes to memorizing properties? Woosh~ :laughing: But I’m practicing this week! I’ve found watching YouTube videos really helps- the visuals and sounds really help the information to stick :+1:


carnelian, back onyx, blood stone, amethyst, citrine, amber, Red jasper, garnet, lapis, quartz, turquois. the green stone on the bracelet has me stomped it could be moss agite or man made jade but I think the the white is throwing me off


@TheTravelWitch i actually put them both on my key ring, I was thinking about cutting a few stones off to put on my alter as well as making something I can wear or carry on me


Well done, @elizabeth7! :clap: Gosh, everyone is so talented at identifying crystals- I am so impressed! I need to study more :joy::+1:

That sounds like a great idea, @Katt! There are a lot of stones on the keychains so I think there are plenty to wear, add to your altar, and still have enough to keep as keychains. Enjoy! :gem::two_hearts: