Guess the crystals! Another mini challenge! 🤣

@TheTravelWitch and I, in sync as ever, received our crystal deliveries a day apart :joy:
Mine just arrived this morning- who can guess what they are? All from the fabulous

Click here for answers

Give us your guesses below!
Aren’t they lovely? :heart_eyes:

Do you have any of these crystals? What do you use them for? :heart:


Left side starting from the top…

  • Red Jasper, :thinking:?, :thinking:?, Howlite, Hematite

Right side starting from the top…

  • Its a chip bracelet of some sort…green aventurine?, Amazonite?, Citrine

They are so pretty! Nope! I wouldn’t have guessed! Lol


I recognize the hematite, citrine, and maybe carnelian. And is that a malachite chip bracelet? That’s about it for me.

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Definitely hematite, howlite,idk the light pink one, rhodonite or rhodochrosite,probably red jasper.amozonite, aventurine and one of my favorites, citrine! Each crystal is meant for many different healing properties. When I have time, I can look into my notes and let you know.


I got Citrine right away (my studying is paying off! :joy:) and recognized Hematite but could not for the life of me remember what it was called until I read your handy answer list. My mind saw the shiny rock and kept saying “mica!” even though I knew it wasn’t mica :sweat_smile:

That aventurine chip bracelet is GORGEOUS :eyes: I have a small orange/red aventurine and it is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s time to add some lovely green aventurine to the collection :thinking:

Beautiful treasures, @LimeBerry! Thanks for sharing your pretty crystals and the fun challenge :raised_hands::two_hearts: