Calling All Crystal Lovers~ Any Recommendations? 💎

Warm greetings to all! :heart:

I was doing some online clothes shopping yesterday and on the sidebar, the traitorous site kept suggesting crystals and gemstones :woman_facepalming::gem:

Where I used to live in Massachusetts, there was the cutest little witchy shop called Seed to Stem in Worcester, MA. They sell plants, crystals, stones, incense, bones, jewelry, and so much more- I really love this shop!


Seed to Stem is right near the delicious Birch Tree Bread Company that makes fresh bread, pastries, and uses local ingredients :yum: .
I miss both of these shops terribly! I highly, highly recommend stopping by for anyone passing through the area :+1:

Unfortunately, where I currently am in Warsaw there’s no crystal or stone shops (at least none that I’m aware of) :cry:

Since I’m without a good brick and mortar shop here, I’m considering trying my luck online. I’ve gotten crystals and stones from not-so-reputable sites before with varying levels of success. Sites like eBay, Amazon, Allegro, and Aliexpress have all been hit or miss- I’ve found a few treasures, a few duds, and few pieces that were questionable :face_with_monocle:

So, I’m calling out for recommendations for online crystal/stone shops! :gem::sparkles: Hopefully with shipping to/within the EU!

Does anyone have a site they have used in the past- that they either loved or hated? Please let me know! :pray:

Blessed Be! :heart:


My suggestion is to try searching for mineral and gemstones rather than using the term “crystals” in your search.

Ebay and Etsy both have sellers from Europe. Here’s a reputable gemstone trader from Germany:

This is another good store, from Czechia:

And here’s another German store that has good quality stones:

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Thank you so much for the recommendations, Francisco! :two_hearts:

When I search for “gemstones” I get all the local jewelry stores- as much as I would love to add some diamond rings :ring: to my stone collection, that’s not in my crystal-buying budget for the time being :joy:. I’ll definitely give a search for “minerals” a try- I didn’t think of that term, thank you! :heart:

All three of those stores look great- and with shipping to the EU, perfect! :sparkles: It looks like the Czech store has some beautiful jewelry at very reasonable prices :eyes:.

Thanks again! :pray:

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I have been selling crystals on
I do not have everything listed on my etsy, so if you let me know what you are looking for (as an example, I got same fab obsidian pillars recently) I can shoot you photos!
I am in Connecticut, and my favorite weird little shop is actually a dinosaur fossil shop in Montville, Nature’s Art. Their crystal selection is wild! One day I will be rich and own a dinosaur fossil!



Thank you so much for sharing, @chelsey1 and @marissa! :heart: I went on a crystal shopping spree a few days ago, and I’ve got these sites bookmarked for the next time I’ve got a crystal craving! :grin: :two_hearts:

I really appreciate all of these wonderful recommendations :gem: :sparkling_heart:


Awesome! You should upload photos once you get them! I cant wait to see :slight_smile:

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I will! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Unfortunately, the mail has been really unreliable lately due to tightened customs and border restrictions :confounded:. Although it seems like things are slowly opening back up here- fingers crossed my new treasures will make it here safe and sound! :crossed_fingers: :grin:

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