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The wonderful moderators of Spells8 gave me the go ahead to start a wiki :computer: under Recommendations. This collection will cover books, videos, podcasts, etc. We can update the wiki with the best resources discussed by all of you amazing :star_struck: online coven members across the forum.

While best is subjective, the goal is to not overwhelm anyone with a never ending list. :wink: (To protect this important safe place on the web, I will leave this disclaimer: Spells8 isn’t responsible for content outside of Spells8.) I can’t wait to see how this small wiki is edited and used by all of you resourceful people. :slight_smile:


Books :books:

Articles/Blogs :page_with_curl:

  • Round the Cauldron - Articles and Information

  • Althaea Sebastiani - Helps other witches take an objective look at their practices, cut out the excuses, and be more effective with their witchcraft.

Podcasts :headphones:

Shops :shopping_cart:

Websites :globe_with_meridians:

  • Spells8 - A beautiful community of Witchy minds is waiting for you! Find lessons, spells, meditations and tutorials. Join and grow with us! :heart:

  • Theoi.com - Reference guide to the Greek gods and mythology

  • Astro.com - Information on Astrology and free horoscopes.

YouTube Channels :arrow_forward:

  • Book and YouTube Recommendations

  • Spells8 - A curated collections of spells, witchcraft lessons, guided meditations, Wiccan devotionals and more.

  • Angela’s Symposium - Witchcraft, Magic and its relation to religion as well as its philosophical underpinning, Paganism, Shamanism, Eastern and Western Philosophy.

  • Round the Cauldron - Everyday life as a modern witch!

  • The Green Witch - A green witch’s guide for living your very own magickal life!

  • The Witches’ Cookery - Where we cook magical food, infused with herbs and witchy knowledge, make treats for the Wiccan sabbats, discuss paganism or do some witchcraft 101.

Documentaries, Movies, and TV Shows :tv:

Other Random Findings

Not Always Witchy But Path Related

  • ReligionforBreakfast - Exploring humanity’s beliefs and rituals through an anthropological, sociological, and archaeological lens.

  • ESOTERICA - Explore the arcane side of history, philosophy, and religion.

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Great idea! I just added a few items.

Let’s keep adding as needed. If anyone is looking for something and a good recommendation is given, we can add it to the wiki!


Oh this is a great idea. I know that I have “lost” recommendations in the forum before and this is wonderful that they are all in one place now. If I think of anything, I will add it to this. Thank you!


I am very sorry , I don’t know what wiki is can you please help me understand? I would love to check it out. :pray:t2::pray:t2:


Hi Darlene! A “Wiki Post” is simply a post that any member can edit and change. So, if you’ve got a link you’d like to add to one of the sections above, here’s how you can do that!

First, click “Edit” at the bottom of the post. The button looks like this.


Then, scroll through the post to the section you’d like to add your link to and add it! Here’s what that could look like.

Then click “Save Edit”. And just like that, your link is added!


Oh wow! That’s great thank you :pray:t2:


Bumping this for anyone that would like to add resources! It is pinned but sometimes we forget :blush:


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Just added the shop I love to order from. It’s Canadian, so not sure how the shipping is to anywhere outside of Canada. Located in Calgary.


Thanks for adding it to the resource list! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: