Esoteranimation: 'The Midnight Gospel' on Netflix

I recently started watching this Netflix series with my wife. It’s really mind-opening :eyes:

One of the episodes (ep. 3) even has a Ceremonial Magician as a guest. Other episodes have meditation experts and even Caitlin Doughty from Ask a Mortician is there!

It’s an extremely trippy cartoon that delves into meditation and mindfulness from a very modern-day perspective.

I super recommend it! Here’s the trailer and a review from

The Midnight Gospel is the newest animated series developed by Netflix. It is the brainchild –or should I say Moonchild ?– of Duncan Trussell, standup comic and host of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast, and Pendleton Ward, award-winning creator of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time .

In his podcast Duncan has had an impressive list of celebrities ranging from scientists, spiritual teachers, psychonauts, philosophers and ritual magicians to discuss all sorts of esoteric topics with him, in a light-hearted and approachable way.

You get discussions about the nature of reality, spiritual practices, the search for the divine in all of us, meditation techniques, ritual magic, death, reincarnation and enlightenment to name just a few. Animation for the initiates, if you will.


I’m shocked that I hadn’t heard about this show until now- thank you so much for sharing, @Francisco! :blush: I love the bright colors and crazy energic of the animation- you can really see the echoes of Adventure Time in the style!

I love when artists/creators present deep and meaningful messages in mediums like cartoons. It gives an interesting show so much more depth, while keeping the tone light and approachable. It’s shows like these that someone can watch every few years and always find something new! :heart_eyes: In this regard it reminds me of one of my all-time favorite shows Avatar: The Last Airbender. Every time I rewatch it, I find a new message and moral guidance that I hadn’t picked up on before.

I can’t wait to see more of The Midnight Gospel- thanks again for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Totally agree with that! It’s funny that kids are learning some of the most important lessons from cartoons, while adults may be seeking forever for these answers!

I also started watching Avatar recently, but haven’t become totally engaged with it yet…!

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This is very deep, and I think you are absolutely right! In my experience a big blockage for many people seems to be that they think because they are grown up, they have stopped learning. While age does bring wisdom, I think it’s important to never stop learning and growing- and to always nurture an open mind! :brain::sparkles: I’m glad that cartoons are introducing new concepts and keeping things accessible for all ages to enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope Avatar hooks you in soon! :laughing: One of the best things about it is falling in love with the characters and watching them grow and learn over the course of the series. Enjoy! :grin: :sparkles:

(I knew this conversation was here, somewhere!!! @Francisco you are a certainty)

I started, watched and finished ‘The Midnight Gospel’ the same day it premiered on Netflix… I was waiting for it - and I LOVED IT!
It speaks of themes I truly believe are super important for a correct development of the mind, no matter how old you are.

My bf on the other hand hated it, so I tried to understand why…
and it was the animations that got him off… too cruel and detached by what was actually being told, he said.
Which is true while the graphic tells you a story - the voices are telling you a completely different thing - but as absurd as it may sound, I actually really liked the cruel images associated with words of peace, introspection and mindfulness.
I will do a re-watch asap, I was taking notes during the first episodes, then I just got carried away by it :laughing:

@TheTravelWitch Brianna have you watched it in the end? What do you think? Did you liked it? :sparkles: :black_heart:


LOL it was the same with my wife! But she liked the animation. I think it was the dialogues that threw her off… It’s hard to keep up with everything they say!

It’s a really good show and I recommend it again to anybody who hasn’t watched it yet.

I also started watchin Avatar: The Legend of Korra which I like a lot more than the first Avatar. I think it moves a bit faster which helps!


Ahhhhh oh goodness no, not yet! :laughing: I’ve been pretty busy the past two months- looking back, I realize that although I’ve been reading more and I rewatched a few things (Lord of the Rings movies never get old lol) I haven’t watched a single new show! :open_mouth: There were times when I could get through a series in a week… I miss finding new treasures! And with both of you recommending The Midnight Gospel, I know it’s for sure worth a watch! :sparkles:

Ahhhhh another great show!!! :heart_eyes: Legend of Korra is one of my favorites. Enjoy, Francisco! :grin: