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The wonderful moderators of Spells8 gave me the go ahead to start a wiki :computer: under Recommendations. This collection will cover books, videos, podcasts, etc. We can update the wiki with the best resources discussed by all of you amazing :star_struck: online coven members across the forum.

While best is subjective, the goal is to not overwhelm anyone with a never ending list. :wink: (To protect this important safe place on the web, I will leave this disclaimer: Spells8 isn’t responsible for content outside of Spells8.) I can’t wait to see how this small wiki is edited and used by all of you resourceful people. :slight_smile:


Books :books:

Articles/Blogs :page_with_curl:

  • Round the Cauldron - Articles and Information

  • Althaea Sebastiani - Helps other witches take an objective look at their practices, cut out the excuses, and be more effective with their witchcraft.

Podcasts :headphones:

Shops :shopping_cart:

Websites :globe_with_meridians:

  • Spells8 - A beautiful community of Witchy minds is waiting for you! Find lessons, spells, meditations and tutorials. Join and grow with us! :heart:

  • Theoi.com - Reference guide to the Greek gods and mythology

  • Astro.com - Information on Astrology and free horoscopes.

YouTube Channels :arrow_forward:

  • Book and YouTube Recommendations

  • Spells8 - A curated collections of spells, witchcraft lessons, guided meditations, Wiccan devotionals and more.

  • Angela’s Symposium - Witchcraft, Magic and its relation to religion as well as its philosophical underpinning, Paganism, Shamanism, Eastern and Western Philosophy.

  • Round the Cauldron - Everyday life as a modern witch!

  • The Green Witch - A green witch’s guide for living your very own magickal life!

  • The Witches’ Cookery - Where we cook magical food, infused with herbs and witchy knowledge, make treats for the Wiccan sabbats, discuss paganism or do some witchcraft 101.

Documentaries, Movies, and TV Shows :tv:

Other Random Findings

Not Always Witchy But Path Related

  • ReligionforBreakfast - Exploring humanity’s beliefs and rituals through an anthropological, sociological, and archaeological lens.

  • ESOTERICA - Explore the arcane side of history, philosophy, and religion.

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Great idea! I just added a few items.

Let’s keep adding as needed. If anyone is looking for something and a good recommendation is given, we can add it to the wiki!


Oh this is a great idea. I know that I have “lost” recommendations in the forum before and this is wonderful that they are all in one place now. If I think of anything, I will add it to this. Thank you!