Coven Member Shops 💐

We all know that shopping small is an important part of many of our practices. When we can shop from and support our friends and coven members, we definitely should!

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Gathered here for your browsing pleasure are shops that are owned by our coven members. If you’re looking for book recommendations, YouTube channels, podcasts, and the like, check out our Witchy Wiki Resources instead.

Round the Cauldron owned by @MeganB

A combination of fiber arts, guided meditations, and tarot readings.

Image from Round the Cauldron Shop Website

Sip N Peace Meditation owned by @MelaninWitch

SIP N PEACE MEDITATION provide services such as Guided / Mindfulness Meditation Sessions, and Chakra Healing. I want to guide you to living a Healthy and Happy Life. I want to provide quality service. My Clients are what makes this business successful so I will cater to the needs of my Clients.

Image from Sip N Peace Meditation Website

Love of Luna Art owned by @haley

Art Infused With Intention & The Moon

Image from Love of Luna Art Website

BHistorical owned by @chelsey1

For the Historical and Mystical at Heart

Image from the BHistorical Shop

MidnightMarzCrystals owned by @Missa

Crystals | Photography | Painting

Image from the MidnightMarzCrystals

Crazy T’s Knotty Yarn owned by @Magdelina

Unique and eclectic gifts for everyone on your list

Image from the Crazy T’s Knotty Yarn

Your Village Witch owned by @malinda

Goods from the Earth in all of their beautiful forms.

Image from Your Village Witch

TheEclecticGreenWitchery owned by @SilverBear

Image from The Eclectic Green Witchery

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So go forth and shop small business first!

Is your shop missing from this list? Comment here and I can get it added for you.

Do you want your shop removed from this list? Let me know!

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A note: we all know handmade items tend to be more expensive. This is not an invitation to comment or critique someone’s shop, prices, or products. Be kind and respectful, and if something isn’t for you, then kindly move on.


Thanks for the shout out!

Excuse me while I go browse everyone’s wares!



I create spell jars, wee portable altars, (customized options also available) sigil magick and more :black_heart:


OMG I literally was just talking about this with my husband that we should be sharing our wares we make with each other. What better way to support one another than buying gifts and such from friends. :slight_smile:

With that here is my website and Etsy store. I add things weekly so if you don’t see something just wait, I do have it I am sure lol.

You can also find me on Facebook somewhere and Google.

I create one of a kind gifts, wearables, purses, essential oil blends, some witchy wares (coming soon) etc. I also sell yarn!!! I have a small collection to choose from but I do invest every few months in yarn that I feel is good for my shop (I try to find the best prices on one of kind or hard to get yarn. I am a yarn snob so I only use and sell what I like.) For coven members I can and will do custom orders but those take time.


Oh yay!!! I love the art of crochet I wish I’d learnt from my grandma


Awesome @Magdelina I’ll get your link added!

Do you have a link @AliceInWonderdab or should people just directly message you?


I’ve always worked on sort of a people will come to me when called~but I’m working on a shop link. Please do feel free anyone and everyone to reach out to me for a more in depth list of my offered skills. I’m an eclectic witch that follows a more traditional path with principles weaved from many avenues. I work with energy and auras. I love to create and craft and would love to make something magickal for (the proverbial) you!


I’d love to add your shop link when you get it set up!


I make one of a kind jewelry from stones and findings that I find in old jewelry factories in Rhode Island.

Personally Yours - Unique Upcycled Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry and Embroidery Files


Got you added! Thanks!

Gorgeous work, too :heart:


Thank you Megan!


I have a shoppe too - I’d love to add


I love adding shops to my favorites. When I am looking for things, I will check those out first to see if they have something I am looking for. I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop myself, but I have to figure out what it is that I am going to be selling. I guess I could sell a little bit of everything that I make, but there’s a lot. :heart:


I’m in the same boat~I have a little of everything…I’m not sure if Etsy is the way I want to go~but then I’m also not sure what is


I make so many things & I am in the very beginning stages of looking into opening a shop. So I’m looking at Etsy & I know you can sell on Amazon but I’m not sure if it’s the same. Kind of going through my options right now as well.


Got you added!


TYVM!!! I appreciate it.


Your shoppe is amazing


Thank you so much! I work so hard to get quality products up there! I appreciate the feedback!