Coven Member Shops 💐

We all know that shopping small is an important part of many of our practices. When we can shop from and support our friends and coven members, we definitely should!

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Gathered here for your browsing pleasure are shops that are owned by our coven members. If you’re looking for book recommendations, YouTube channels, podcasts, and the like, check out our Witchy Wiki Resources instead.

(Disclaimer: Please note that while the following shops are owned by fellow coven members, Spells8 is not affiliated with or in partnership with any of these shops and cannot assist with any purchases made from third party sites. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting your fellow coven members!)

TheEclecticGreenWitchery owned by @SilverBear

Image from The Eclectic Green Witchery

Books by Smriti

@Solasta_Amore has some poetry books available on Amazon!

Hearts Of The Divine

A Palette Of Paradise

Empower Apothecary owned by @Amaris_Bane

Image from Empower Apothecary

The Black Moon House owned by @starborn

Black Moon House by Starborn

Image from The Black Moon House

Wild Things at Beadopotamus owned by @Artemisia

Facebook (must have facebook account to access)

Beadopotomus by Artemisia

Images from Wild Things at Beadopotamus

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So go forth and shop small business first!

Is your shop missing from this list? Comment here and I can get it added for you.

Do you want your shop removed from this list? Let me know!

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A note: we all know handmade items tend to be more expensive. This is not an invitation to comment or critique someone’s shop, prices, or products. Be kind and respectful, and if something isn’t for you, then kindly move on.

:warning: Moderator Note: All shops updated from active members: October 13, 2023


Just bumping this post to bring it back! It’s always fun to browse the Coven shops for new witchy goodies :shopping: :blush:


Whaaaaat?! :black_heart: :heart: :silver_heart: I need all of them.

I’m going to have to stop procrastinating in getting my shop up and running. It’ll give me more of an excuse to make things. :joy:


Ohh, yes please! I look forward to whatever you put up in a shop!


I figured I would bump this post for new members - also, it’s getting closer to the holiday season and we have many amazing witches here to support!


Oh yeah… I’m here. :astonished: Thanks for adding me, @BryWisteria! :black_heart:

Not gonna lie, it feels amazing to be sitting on the same page as so many amazing, wonderful witches. You all are inspiring and beautiful souls. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

I’d better get my butt moving and finally put some spell jars up. :joy:


Aww, it’s so well deserved though! Your work is amazing and you are absolutely worth of being up there with everyone else :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s my pleasure! :heart: Thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures and talents with everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you!!!

I am at the moment offering cute Halloween postcards and digital Halloween Wallpaper with my Kawaii Style!

I hope you enjoy the video with music and everything because…
well… I love it! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I congratulate all the creators of the coven, what a tremendous amount of talent surrounds us!!! :clap::star::clap:t2::star::clap:t3::star::clap:t4::star::clap:t5::star::clap:t6:

Thank you @BryWisteria and @MeganB


@GraphiteWitch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: :sparkles:


The holiday season is quickly approaching! :heart: For those looking to shop small business, consider supporting your creative coven members!


So proud of all of you! :hugs::blush::heart::people_hugging:


I have some new items in my shop if anyone is interested. Since moving I haven’t focused on the making more on the marketing and selling. Been busy in my shop this month. I have some other items that I made but haven’t listed yet. I need to do that after the new year.

Blessed B.


Congrats on the bustling business, @Magdelina- it sounds like everything is going well with your shop! :heart: Thank you for the heads up about the new stock, I’ll have to take a peek :eyes: :two_hearts:

Blessed be!


While my shop isn’t exactly witchy, I do on occasion create and offer items that are! Currently, I have lavender wands and lavender herbal bundles available.

Since these are limited-time items they won’t be available through my etsy shop or my direct shop website.

They are up on my business facebook page

(not on FaceBook? send me a DM and I’ll give you details)


They look beautiful :heart::heart::heart:


Look gorgeous :sparkling_heart:


These are gorgeous, Artemisia! I’ve got your shop added to the list of Coven Member Shops above. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents and lovely crafts! :heart: :blush:


Hello! Would you be able to add my shop here? My husband was in an accident last year that left him disabled so he and I have been making jewelry together as a new hobby that he can do indoors. Our shop is

Thank you in advance!