Recycling wax and containers

Hi, I am building a business that aims to reuse wax and empty candle containers from tealights to jars, I have begun receiving donations of used empties, some locally from nearby and also via the post from further afield. I am going to offer our community an option to purchase candles made from recycled wax, for spell work, rituals etc.
If anyone would like to get involved, donate used candle products, possibly used packaging materials for reuse in posting candles, please respond.


I appreciate your efforts, it takes time to properly collect the wax and clean the jars to be recycled. Thank you!


It sounds like you have a wonderfully eco-friendly system going, @jamie3! Thank you for sharing your services and dedication to keeping the planet healthy :recycle: :heart:

This post is a good start to get the word out- if you also have a website/etsy/other link for your service, you are welcome to share it here too! :blush:

Blessed be!


I’ve been distracted by moving house but am now offering recycled coloured tealights, suitable for your spells and any ritual or altar work, using used tealight holders and wax, contact me via facebook or blog for now, [](h


I am currently finding the best way to do this at home, avoiding rinsing liquid wax then clogging my drainpipe when it hardens! :grimacing:
A handheld steamer and a rack outside on the yard, then brushing up dried wax residue from a plastic sheet underneath seems most suitable I think. Any advice appreciated plz


Congrats on the new shop and your lovely repurposed products, @jamie3! :raised_hands: :earth_africa: :heart:

@MeganB has kindly created a collection of Coven Member Shops to make supporting coven members easy. Would you like your shop to be added to this list? :blush:


[ ]
These are the only places to reach me and place orders at present until I have sufficient products to open an online store.

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I am offering Coloured candles using recycled holders and wax, in packs of 6 made to order, choose your mix of colours, I’ve just started making and selling them and use recycled items where possible.


Congrats, @jamie3! Seeing the effort pay off is a wonderful thing. :slight_smile:

(I hope you don’t mind but I moved your picture of the candles and the offer of them to this post to keep things tidy.)


I would love to have you added to our list of Coven Member Shops when you get up and running!