Recommendations for Etsy or Amazon shops for Witchy Goodies

Blessed be, ladies! So, I am back and forth on Amazon and Etsy shopping for some goodies. Are there any stores on either site that you guys would recommend?


@Sissie We do have this link for recommendations & we have several Etsy shop owners in the forum/coven :infinite_roots:

@MIssa has an updated shop post: My Etsy Shop (Midnight Marz Crystals) :shopping:

Recommendations! Shops, Books, Resources, etc

@SilverBear has a website with resources & a shop & I believe she is on Amazon & Etsy along with YouTube under The Eclectic Green Witchery. I will let her clarify that information, because some things may have changed.

@MeganB has “Round The Cauldron” on Etsy & YouTube.

If you search the forum for recommendations or the recommendations category, there may be more that I am not aware of or that slipped my mind. I hope this helps.

Also, I tend to see if I can use something I already own or the Dollar stores, thrifting, local stone or metaphysical stores can all be great resources too before going to Etsy or Amazon. Obviously, completely up to you how you get your goodies, but there may be something you see somewhere that just says, Pick Me Up.


Thanks for letting me know. I live in a small city so things tend to either be out of stock or unavailable. I do shop at one metaphysical store here but bc they’re the only one here the items go fast. I’m a bit impatient so I try to do in-store shopping if it’s available instead of waiting or paying extra for faster shipping. Joann’s and Michael’s have a lot of different options as do the dollar stores. Thanks for the suggestions @Siofra_Strega :wink::kissing_heart:


Oh, Michael’s is a dangerous place for me be to be in… I want to do all the things & I find so many other things in the decor parts & I have the rewards coupons… just really hits the wallet :rofl: I completely get it. I live on Cape Cod. There isn’t much near me for such things aside from a couple of crystal stores, so I prefer Etsy over Amazon. That’s not to say that my Amazon Prime hasn’t gotten a workout. :joy:

I will have to log into mine & see which stores I have favorited for witchy resources & get back to you. :smiling_face:


Oh we also have an entire post in our #recommendations category of shops owned by coven members :partying_face:

Coven Member Shops :bouquet:


I no longer have the Etsy shop. Everything is now just on my main website. :slight_smile:


Thank you @SilverBear I knew something had changed but couldn’t put my finger on which one it was :joy:


Just joined! :smiley:


Thanks so much beautiful! Don’t forget about me! :kissing_heart:


I won’t! Today is my daughter’s birthday & she has friends spending the night. I will get it to you as soon as I can :hugs:


Hi Sissie - I have been happy with the herbs I ordered from Original Botanica (they also have an interesting blog with spells) and also this Etsy shop: MIscellaneous Magick; the herbs from both were very good quality, better quality than I have found in the three metaphysical shops I visited. Unlike herbs, candles and tools, I like to buy my crystals “in person” but I understand you may not have too many crystal shops in your area. This crystal store is in my area and they do a brisk online business. If you’re ever in the area, their showroom is worth a visit because you can find lots of bargains there!


Omg I love original botanica, the store has everything I love it there


Good morning! Daylight Savings Time threw me all off this morning :rofl:

My favorite Etsy shops: (some have downloadable content)

Lohman Trading Etsy
The Witches Secret Etsy
Morgana Magick Spell Etsy
Midnight Marz Crystals Etsy @Missa
Wild Irish Roots Etsy
The White Light Crystal Etsy
Hecates Boutique - I actually found my Morrigan Bookmark at this shop. They have some amazing items.

I can’t think of any others off the top of my head. I’m not sure if @MeganB still has Round the Cauldron on Etsy, but I like her site there too.


It’s not on Etsy anymore but the link hasn’t changed :blush:


Happy belated Birthday! I send my hugs, wishes & kisses! :kissing_heart:


Thank you, Mary! :kissing_heart:


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