Witchy clothing sites

Hey all! What’s everyone’s favorite sites for witchy clothing & accessories that don’t break the bank?


Welcome @Cellophaneflowr!

That’s a good mission to be on- I hope the coven can point you towards some fun witchy clothing shops!

I have a rather eclectic sense of fashion myself- my wardrobe is pieced together from clothes I acquired up during my travels. The witchy shops I patron are more herbal/crystal based and don’t really have clothing lines :sweat_smile:

But I do know that @MeganB and @Silverbear are both very talented witches who I believe sometimes carry clothing in their shop inventories:

You can also check for clothing shops mentioned in the Recommendations Category or visit Coven Member Shops to see the talents of the coven.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


I’m a big fan of thrift shops for this look. Ive scoured so many shops and always come away with more than I need~and not just clothing. I shop online at dollskill once and awhile (if you stalk their sales it’s worthwhile) and I like Killstar and also sourpuss clothing online (again they have good sales) mostly everything I like ships from the states so if you are American you’ll have a way easier time!
In Edmonton I do have a few local shops that carry the stuff I love but it’s really pricey. There’s Mars and Venus Emporium as well as Rowena.
But honestly even the Hot Topic has good stuff you just have to be a bit picky.
I love shopping and having a diverse wardrobe so I can wear what I’m feeling :black_heart:


I can imagine that your wardrobe looks absolutely magickal, @AliceInWonderdab! :tshirt: :sparkles: Thanks for all those witchy clothing recommendations! :star_struck:

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I have a LOT of clothes :grimacing::joy_cat: I’ve always been a theatre kid and to me clothes are meant to be worn like costumes~and what I end up in depends on so many factors.
Another site I tend to shop at a lot is Vêtements homme & femme, shoppez la mode en ligne | SHEIN
There’s A LOT to look at it can get overwhelming at times but they really have EVERYTHING and ANYTHING a person could want.



Here’s some links to make things easier :black_heart:


As a fellow arts kid and ex-Ren Faire worker, I love this! :grin::two_hearts: Clothes can be everything from a form of expression and pride to a protective shell that helps build confidence :muscle:

Thanks so much for the links- they’re very helpful! :sparkles:


Yes all of this is awesome!! My cousin works many Ren Fairs throughout the US and I always ask him to keep an eye out for anything cool, if he can get a discount haha! But this is all great info to look into. Keep em coming!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::fire:


I love Shein, and they are so affordable I can shop every two weeks to add to my wardrobe. Customer service is excellent as well.


OH! I can’t believe I almost forgot about

You can use the code wonderdab15 to save as well!!!

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Cool!! Thanks to everyone for your wonderful suggestions! So far I think I like Shein, I’m definitely looking for more of a boho style than a goth style. I’ll check this one out too! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::tipping_hand_woman:t2:

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